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  1. On March 8, the Food and Beverage Director, Vic, leaves for vacation. Metin takes over that position and Richard Janicki will be back as hotel director. Also, February 25, Claire Booth will be leaving and Lorena Tapia will be back as Cruise Director. Yahira just came on January 27 so one would think she will still be here but nowadays you never know.
  2. Also being cruisers who now do long cruises and tend to make friends on every ship we go on, we have many people emailing us, calling us Mommy and Daddy. When we see them again, we are greeted with very warm hugs from both male and female crew and officers. The Breakaway and the Star each had someone at guest services who, when they saw us, immediately upon finishing with their current customer on a busy embarkation day, came around the corner to give great big hugs to both of us and calling us by name. On the Breakaway, a male server saw us from a distance walking through the Garden Cafe and was not afraid to yell Mommy from across the room as he came to us. Very recently we received an email from another "son" (server) on the Breakaway who is coming back from vacation shortly before we are going there this summer and asked us what he could bring us back from India. I could give many more examples but I have already made this post very long. I also agree that this subject should not be continued, even though I felt compelled to answer the first post. Forgive me.
  3. Hi Mike and Pauline, Djamel does remember you. He will be on the Star the dates you asked about, barring any unforeseen changes. As so many people are posting about Steven Jacobsen, I would like to add my opinion. We sailed on the Jewel for 79 days the end of 2017 and went back for another 40 or 42 days early this year. We think he is great. He is very approachable. We have seen him helping to seat people in the theater and clean tables. We have seen him go to a room steward where the steward was working and read a Hero Card to him. We think he is amazing. Marcia and Mike
  4. Hi Mike (and Pauline). We are currently on the Star on a turnaround day. I don't know who the concierge is as we are not in a Haven. HD: Djamel Benatmane F&B Director: Vitor Nunes Exec Housekeeper: Orlando O'Neill CD: Simon Akinwolere Guest Service Mgr: Ronan Ramos Exec Chef: Noriel Alicaway Rest Mgr: Manoel D'Silva Bev Mgr: I Gede Arnawa Group Serv Coordinator/Access Officer: Patricia Perez Marcia (and Mike)
  5. Breakaway as of 9-day sailing beginning on September 5, 2018. HD - Mario Markovic Ass't HD - Evangelos Markozannes & Dia Ambida (recently promoted) F&B Director - Shailendra Sawant Exec housekeeper - Olden Forbes CD - Roberto De Pasquale (leaving for vacation end of cruise) Guest Service Manager - Gina Yunzal Exec Chef - Kevin Green Rest Manager - Furtosa Gonsalves Bev Manager - Petrus Emilaire
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