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  1. If you are a Captain's Club member of Classic or above and get the discount, you have to call to upgrade in order to have the discount applied. If you upgrade online, the discount does not show. It is the same price per day, $10.00 + $2.00, to upgrade onboard but you can’t use the Captain's Club discount. In the past some people would have a discount show in the cruise planner pre-cruise but there doesn't seem to be any current discounts for the Classic to Premium Upgrade. 🍹
  2. Hi! If you could...can you ask if the Main Dining Room dinner menu (besides the Classics) be ordered in Blu? I know many people say it isn't possible on S-class ships due to location but I have also read that people have been able to order the MDR menu as well. I'll be on in a few weeks and since it's the same ship and close time frame...perhaps it depends on who is running Blu/waitstaff. ??? There are some nights the Blu menu does not appeal to one of us/all of us in my traveling party so if items can or can not be taken from both menus, it would help when deciding which nights we eat in specialty restaurants. 😉 Thank you for taking time to post information and pictures. 😃 Continue having a wonderful time! 😃 Thank You! 🍹
  3. Hi! Sunday and then Friday. This is how it was on the (current) previous 9-night ABC sailings on the Equinox. I'll be on in a few weeks so I asked someone who was on the sailing. Have a wonderful cruise! 🍹
  4. AquaClass had Priority Boarding pre-cruise shutdown. Currently, no. 🍹
  5. I was looking forward to the Iced Tea. I wonder why? If someone didn't like it, they could request to not get it. More visits to Cafe al Bacio then. 🍹
  6. I agree with the iced tea. It is not good... at all. Thankful for Cafe al Bacio...I go multiple times during the day and order: Black Tea Iced. 😉 🍹
  7. "Thank You" to everyone that is posting while on the cruise. 😃 Have a wonderful time!!! 🍹
  8. Hi! It looks like you are having fun. I have a question if you don't mind. Was the first Evening Chic Night on Saturday or Sunday? Thanks! Have a great cruise!!! 🍹
  9. I enjoyed Q-sine (the original Q-sine concept) a couple times on Silhouette & Reflection. For my upcoming Equinox sailing I noticed they recently changed the available Le Petit Chef options. The original Le Petit Chef is there and it appears to be the new one as well, Le Petit Chef and Family. It wasn't like this a couple of weeks ago (It was originally Le Petit & Le Petit and Friends). I knew the new menu was going to be on the Apex but it seems it may be working it's way to other ships. They also originally had Le Petit Chef at the second half of the cruise but now it's showing on the first half of the cruise. The new menu also has a different alternate menu. We're on the same upcoming sailing so if the new menu is actually offered, you can try it. 😃 🍹
  10. Have a wonderful, safe cruise!!! I'll be on an upcoming 9-night on the Equinox. Happy to see the longer cruises are about to start since so many of us were nervous about that pesky 7-day rule a few months ago. Looking forward to everything you'll share. I like information and pictures so thanks for taking time out of your vacation to share with the rest of us. 😃 🍹
  11. I am being cautiously optimistic with Bonaire. For my sailing, Grand Cayman was replaced with Nassau since Grand Cayman is closed until early 2022 so even though Bonaire is currently closed they don't have an "earliest date to be open" like Grand Cayman...that gives me hope they will open. Rather than lock themselves into a date, they are leaving it open ended. ??? 🍹
  12. Hi! The cruise port is currently closed but when I looked about a month ago, there was only 1 sailing in August, which is still the same as of today so I thought maybe they weren't planning on cruise ships arriving now anyway. There are cruise ships scheduled to arrive in September & October. Bonaire currently has a mandatory negative test to arrive, even for vaccinated people. It was 72 hours prior, now it's 48 hours. Officials raised their own alert level to 2 the end of July, which has restrictions but not a total lockdown and they will assess as needed. There is a travel bubble between the ABC's but the requirements have also recently changed. There are many questions and theories based on how other port openings, closures and restrictions are/have been handled but the answer to Bonaire is unknown at this time...as for the fall sailings. So much can and will likely change from now until your cruise, my cruise, etc... I have noticed on Celebrity protocols regarding the Caribbean islands, when they note if you can explore on your own or via ship "bubble" tours, Bonaire is not mentioned. They mention Aruba & Curacao but not Bonaire. Perhaps it's because the cruise port hasn't opened back up yet after the cruise ship lockdown and/or Celebrity ships aren't scheduled to go to Bonaire until September. ??? I hope Bonaire is open as I am looking forward to it on my Celebrity ABC cruise, I mean it is the "B" after all. 😉 🍹
  13. Thanks. I have heard different answers regarding this and most people say what you did, the S-class kitchen location for the MDR and the location of Blu. 🍹
  14. Hi! Thanks for your review. I'll be on the Equinox in AquaClass in a few months. Blu Questions: 1. Did you happen to notice if the dinner menu for each night on the app (pre-cruise) matched up with what was actually on the menu each night on the ship? 2. I know there have been different answers to this over the years depending on the ship but was the MDR menu (other than the Classics) available in Blu if you wanted anything from it? Thanks! 😃 🍹
  15. The upgrade option should show in your Cruise Planner when you log in to the website (not the app). If you are a Captain's Club Member, you'll get a discount on upgrades. If the discount doesn't get applied in the Cruise Planner, you have to call. If the Cruise Planner isn't showing the upgrade option, then call Celebrity and there is a code they put in that will then have the beverage package show and then you'll have the upgrade option online. 🍹
  16. Hi! Thank You for posting information and pictures for all of us while you are on vacation. I'll be on the Equinox in a few months so I especially enjoy the current Equinox trip reports. Have a wonderful trip! 😃 🍹
  17. I forgot to mention the taxes & port fees went back to the credit card at a different time from everything else. Yes, I think they were totally overwhelmed. I knew (well hoped) everything would be refunded/credited accordingly but it was a task keeping track of everything and just wanted it taken care of. I look back and when my beginning of May 2020 cruise was cancelled, I was looking at end of May cruises as possible cruises to book. 😆 🍹
  18. Well, that's not very fun. Hehe. The OBC seems 'free' but I would guess most MGM gold holders would agree that OBC of $125 was definitely spent at the casino in order to 'earn' that status but it is/was a nice extra perk. It still shows online with MGM so I would definitely make it a point with Celebrity and MGM to get it added. I know they have to verify your status and for when it's valid until so perhaps that could be a 'glitch'. Once I called in September for a May cruise and I had to wait until after October to add it on. It clearly states it has to be done at the time of booking but there is leeway based on my experience...even though I give my MGM # when I book and then call. 🍹
  19. Hi! My cancellation by Celebrity was at the very beginning of the cruise shutdown. The cruise was 125% FCC and the airfare was 100% back to my credit card which took 5 months and constant calls. 🍹
  20. I 'quoted' you but it didn't take when I commented. My reply should be above this post. 🍹
  21. Hi! I posted a few times on this thread. This is my experience with the MGM $125 OBC if you are gold with MGM (earned through MGM not reciprocal Gold from your Celebrity or RCCL status)... For MGM gold people, you are entitled to $125 OBC for each cruise you take with Celebrity or RCCL. I booked my Celebrity cruise with a travel agent (or can be direct with Celebrity). My booking isn't because of a discount or free cruise due to my MGM status. At the time of booking I gave my MGM # (along with others in my travel party) and told the agent about the MGM Gold OBC. The agent, multiple times with bookings does nothing about it (claiming she can't get through to anyone). So, I call the # I have in an above post and add this to the bookings myself. I have never had a problem. Once I call the MGM/Celebrity phone #, I then have to call the travel agent and tell her to 'pull it over' to the reservation and at that point the OBC shows in My Celebrity Cruise Planner. OBC from my travel agent doesn't show until right before the cruise but the MGM OBC shows immediately. Obviously for Platinum and Noir, the OBC is a higher value. Hope this helps for those in the same situation as me/clarifies the MGM OBC. 😃 🍹
  22. Click on: Manage Reservation Then Below the picture it will say: Manage Your Reservation...all the way to the right in line with this is a drop down arrow. Click Arrow to show a list & Choose: Before You Board Luggage Tags is under Pre Board. Mine aren't available at this time (which it says). You can click: Print Xpress Pass ...and they show there as well but this is to view/print. 🍹
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