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  1. To be honest I'd possibly risk it (taking into account the 'bonuses' offered) as we were fortunately only a few $K in the hole but as my wife's career future looks shaky (to say the least as she's a dentist with Type 1 diabetes and thus one of the last likely to return to work) we'll be holding on for our refund as the future may not be too rosy.
  2. Excellent news, might be worth considering a FCC now we know they should survive.....
  3. Yes I received the following: Thank you. Your refund request form was submitted successfully. Please allow 90 days for us to process your request. Norwegian Cruise Line Pre Cruise Guest Relations
  4. Many thanks everyone, we're giving it some thought.
  5. Probably an unusual question, if I requested a refund (about 85 days to go before it gets paid) can I change my mind and take the FCC (+bonus) instead or am I now locked in to the cash refund?
  6. I don't think I can legitimately do that whilst a refund is offered / being processed.
  7. Actually in the UK but pretty certain that the rules / policies are pretty similar. Hopefully I won't need to find out!
  8. I mean regarding the standard, cdidn't get what I paid" for that Mastercard has.
  9. Probably a badly worded title but my question is as follows: I paid the deposit and final settlement (in other words, everything) by the same credit card and if I now request a refund back to the card (after 13th April) now that my cruise has been cancelled what happens if NCL goes bankrupt in the 90 day waiting for the refund period? Will I get refunded by the credit card company under their protection policy?
  10. Seriously I think (hope) that once it's all over (this initial outbreak) that mass testing will actually show the vast majority of people have had it (without symptoms or barely symptoms) and it will in time become amalgamated with the flu, and then it will become something that hundreds of thousands die of every year and we'll just learnt to 'accept' it, as we have the flu. I'm not saying it's right, just my prediction. In the meantime, I'm waiting for NCL to cancel my 30th April cruise as I want a cash refund as FCC no good for us for personal (and distance) reasons.
  11. We do have that 'special relationship', even if the French managed to trick you into foolishly wanting your independence 😉
  12. Wow, hadn't even thought about that, Miami to London flight with Norwegian Air.... Hmmmm
  13. I hate to say it but once US testing gets going properly I think they'll be a HUGE jump in the number of infected, so far minimal testing = minimal infections
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