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  1. Hello!  You will have a wonderful time in Alaska.  My husband used a scooter for 15 years to travel everywhere.  We mostly went on cruises.  We bought Pride Go Go scooters.  I could take the scooter apart and put the three parts in our car trunk.  He used the scooter to get on and off the ship in ports and ride all around the ship.  We also flew with the scooter everywhere.  The airlines will not charge you to take the scooter.  You can buy one instead of renting.  I suppose it depends on whether you need a bigger model than the Pride Go Go.  Good luck and have a great time.

  2. 4 hours ago, TruckerDave said:

    As someone who has done this exact route (only in reverse) more times than I can count (I load at a chemical storage facility in Bayonne called IMTT about a mile or so past the cruise terminal) I would (and do) take I80 east to I287 south. Then take rt24 east to I78 which takes you right to Bayonne.  Actual milage wise my route vs the GSP route is a wash, but 78/24 takes you south of downtown Newark while 280 goes right through the middle.    I wouldn't get hung up on traffic patterns,  one sat can be clear sailing while the very next one can be gridlock due to whatever.  Heck, it can even go from cruising along at 60mph to dead stop in minutes. up there. 


    Thank you very much for your reply, Dave.  I'll look at the routes on the map.  Gridlock is why I'm driving in a day early.  🙂


  3. Will someone please tell me the least difficult way with less delays to drive from Stroudsburg, PA to Cape Liberty on a Saturday?  I have searched and found some people recommending route 80 to Garden State Parkway (no trucks) to 95 to 78 or route 80 to 280 to 95 to 78.  I haven't driven to Cape Liberty in a few years and wondered if traffic patterns have changed and if people are finding better ways to get from 80 to the port.  Thanks alot.

  4. Hi Wendy,

    I just RIGHT clicked in the address bar on the top of the Venice map page. One of the choices is Copy. LEFT click on the word Copy.


    Then I LEFT clicked in the message box on Cruise Critic . Then the cursor is blinking. RIGHT click and you will see the word Paste. LEFT click on Paste and the link will show up in the message box where the cursor was blinking.


    Hope this helps.

    PS This is how it works on my computer. I'm not sure about Ipads.


  5. My scooter is a four wheel Go Go Pride and I love it. I drive a good size car (Buick) and I can put the scooter in my trunk without taking it all apart. I remove the seat, fold the steering part all the way down and with help lifting it fits in the trunk with the lid closed. Be sure to set it so it won't roll.

    I have driven right up to the door of the planes and it is a blessing on long distances in airports. Be sure to let your airlines know you are bringing a scooter as they have limited space for scooters.

    I now need a way to bring my walker with my scooter. You can buy a special seat but it is just under $200. When I am home I have a wagon that hooks on my scooter and it is wonderful.

    I would still book an HC cabin for the added safety features and ease of mobility if you can. The special needs departments are very helpful and I have never used a specialized agent.

    Most important.....HAVE FUN and enjoy your travels.




    Hi 4boysnana,

    We have a go go 4 wheel also. What kind of wagon do you hook to your scooter and how does it attach to your go go?


    Also, you can attach your walker to the back of the seat with some bungee cords. I'm assuming it will fold up. It can rest on the top of the rear wheels case. When you get to the door of the plane, take the walker off the scooter and send it with the scooter to the hold of the plane.

    We also attach suitcases to the back of the scooter with bungees and it is easier to get through the airport.

    I love to hear ideas about adapting the scooter so that it will carry more stuff.

  6. We are staying at Candlewood Suites Jersey City the night before a cruise out of the Manhattan Cruise Port on Sunday. What is the best route to drive to get to the port? Google recommends:


    driving from Candlewood Suites Jersey City 21 2nd Street, Jersey City, NJ07302


    Take Marin Blvd to I-78 E 4 min (0.9 mi)


    Follow I-78 E to NY-9A S in Manhattan, New York 22 min (5.9 mi)


    OR should I drive through the Lincoln Tunnel?


    Candlewood Suites Jersey City 21 2nd Street, Jersey City, NJ 07302


    Head west on 2nd St toward Washington Blvd

    Continue on Washington Blvd.


    Take Paterson Plank Rd, Willow Ave, NJ-495 E/Lincoln Tunnel and NY-495 E to W 41st St in Manhattan, New York 21 min (5.9 mi)



    Maybe someone has a better idea? I have never driven in NYC.

























































































































































































































































































































































    Turn left onto W 41st St











    Drive to NY-9A S



    4 min (0.9 mi)






















































































    Manhattan Cruise Terminal


    711 12th Avenue, New York, NY 10019























































































































































    Manhattan Cruise Terminal


    711 12th Avenue, New York, NY 10019

  7. Yes the light rail is the 21st century version of the trolley and runs on the street. It is new since I lived in that area and is a wonderful addition to the public transit options in the densely populated NJ towns across the Hudson from NYC. I've taken it to Cape Liberty several times. It was super easy with luggage. With the senior fares and a friend picking me up with her car service, it only cost me $10 to get to the port in Jan from the hotel in Newark.


    Here is Exchange Place in action on YouTube. This whole Newport area has been developed in the last 20 years, so you will find it to be a much more ADA compliant.


    Thanks for the You Tube video. Looks doable for us. Can you buy a senior fare ticket in the machine?

  8. I think you're on the right track. Candlewood suites offers $10 parking, so if they have an accessible room it might be possible to drop your spouse off near the Hyatt and return quickly. The light rail stop is also right on the street in front of Candlewood. It would be easily accessible with a scooter, so you could pay the $2.10/pp and ride to Exchange Place which I know is accessible because I was there with two rolling suitcases in Jan.


    According to the light rail system map, both harborside and exchange place stations are accessible. Does the light rail run above ground? Don't want to deal with nonworking elevators. Both of us could take the light rail from Candlewood. I won't leave him alone. Thanks for this idea, Carol.

  9. I didn't even think of the ferry. I will research. Look at NY Waterways from Paulus Hook to World Financial Center. That would be much better than PATH for you.


    I have been looking at the ferry near Hyatt for 911 Mem. Paulus Hook. 4 minute walk from Hyatt, but Hyatt is very expensive. Also looking at Candlewood. 13 min. walk to

    Paulus. These two hotels are closest to Paulus. Now if I can get a better price for Hyatt it would be really easy. Walks are along the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway.

    To see the SOL and Ellis I'll just drive to Liberty State Park and catch that ferry.


    Do you think I'm on the right track?


    Any better ideas?

  10. Thank you, Carol. I'll look for hotels in the Newport area. We need a roll-in shower so can't use hotwire. I'll have to research PATH some more. I don't know how accessible it is. Sometimes elevators are broken and we can't use stairs. So, there is no ferry that we can get on in New Jersey that will take us near the 911 Memorial? I can walk a distance.

    Thanks again.

  11. I spent a weekend in Jersey City in Sep with DH, DD, DS and 6 mo old DGD for a family wedding and we went to Ellis Island and the SOL from Liberty State Park. I thought it was a bit of a walk from the place you buy tickets out to the ferry itself. That's why I didn't suggest that you go from NJ. You would also have to prearrange a taxi to pick you up - you aren't going to find any taxis lurking around Liberty State Park. Taxi to Liberty State Park is going cost at least $50 each way.


    Don't get too excited about picking stuff up at the mall. It's an outlet mall with no drugstore or liquor store. Your restaurant choices are IHOP, Ruby Tuesdays, Applebee's, Johnny Rockets and a food court.


    Hi Carol,

    We want to drive to NJ and want to see the SOL and Ellis Island in Sept. or Oct. We aren't cruising this time. What hotel did you stay in to see the SOL/Ellis? Did you park at Liberty State Park and take the ferry? Is it possible to see the 911 memorial from where we would park using the ferry? I've driven to the port using your directions. Thanks, directions were great! We travel with a mobility scooter. We would stay for 2 nights. I really don't want to drive into New York City. We are driving in on Rt. 78 from the west.

    What is the best way to do this trip?

    Thank you for any help you can give us.


  12. Hi Metrocruiser,

    Sorry, but that website isn't working any more. Must have gone out of business since 2006 when I posted the link.

    We've cruised on Celebrity and Royal Caribbean with a scooter. If you go to their websites, they will have a list of handicapped cabins and the dimensions.

    Search "Special Needs" on the Celebrity site. http://www.celebritycruises.com/onboard-celebrity/cruise-activities-special-needs?cS=Footer&ICID=Cel_10Q4_web_hp_ftr_accessibility


    Royal Caribbean also has a list of ship's cabins on it's special needs page:



    Cruise Critic has an excellent article about accessible cabins:



    There are special needs numbers to call at Celebrity and Royal Caribbean.


    After you choose the type of cabin (inside, outside, veranda, etc) you can look at the deckplans for the ship to see where the cabin is located.


    If you have any questions about other cruiselines, I'm sure posters will answer. You have to do a lot of research to make sure the cabin/ship/cruiseline fits your needs.


    Hope this helps.


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