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  1. I have an excellent CC, not pushy at all and does all he can to get you all the discounts possible Cory Rutch.
  2. I call my cruise consultant to do this. It takes no time at all.
  3. He is a busy dude, but the rest will come, i can assure of that.
  4. I was in the same boat as you (No pun intended!) Just got off Dawn a few weeks ago. Great ship! missing some of the bells and whistles of the newer ships. But it is also missing the crowding as well! I would sail her again for sure!
  5. Its a really nice deal especially since NCL had no control over it. Kudos to NCL
  6. Good, maybe they can get the thing working better. LOL!
  7. So does this mean if you have a suite, you can request soda and have it delivered? I see it on the list? Wondering.
  8. I was on Bliss at the end of November. I saw $5 tables with a bonus play for a total of $6. Problem though is BJ's are paid at 6 to 5.
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