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  1. That's why I got 100% back. FCC is useless unless you can actually use it. Not worth it.
  2. Definitely read current policy as others said its very dynamic and changing. I believe as others said currently they are giving 110% FCC now NOT the 125%. I just got my funds returned, cash is KING! FCC to much of a pain for 25%, 10% is even worse, and at the end of the day its just a piece of paper until you can use it. When can you use it, well hopefully soon.
  3. I'm happy I got all cash back from my cancellations, the hell with FCC, too damn complicated. You literally need a full-time job tracking it.
  4. Love the SPA also, but you would not catch me in SPA until there is a vaccine (reliable/safe) available.
  5. This is why I took 100% cash back, FCC's are nothing but trouble on a piece of paper.
  6. I agree with you, more capacity means cheaper cabin prices for the same voyage.
  7. I just got the last part of my AK cruise scheduled this past June, the reason it took so long ended up to be a problem on the CC company side, as NCL issued the refund way back in June. So always consult the CC company, in my case the specific charge was refunded to an old CC#, my card change numbers since than, same cc company just a new number.
  8. Definitely want to cruise again (and will eventually), for me there has to be a vaccine though, and I don't see myself wearing a mask all day on a cruise. So I guess I will have to wait. But for sure when cruising starts again masks will be required for the foreseeable future.
  9. Sailed this ship in a Forward Suite. While is considered a HAVEN suite it is separate from the Haven "PROPER" area. We actually dd a cabin crawl during this trip and had the chance to see a few different Haven suites. By far our group thought that the Forward Suites are the best bargain for the buck. They are huge, with a massive bathroom. You get a window out front and a balcony on the side (although this is a small balcony for sure but more than big enough for 2 people easily) You still get access to all the Haven proper areas. If you don't
  10. I'm with you here, my next cruise is Bermuda in June of 2021, even that one is not a definite, and i don't mind postponing if i must, but i need a working SAFE vaccine before i step on a cruise ship.
  11. Bird is spot on here, you had your choice. I took my cash back instead of FCC. FCC is a useless piece of paper until its used. 100% of 100% cash back is allot better than 125% of nothing!
  12. This is why i took my cash back FCC is useless piece of paper until you can "actually" use it.
  13. My mistake sorry, i looked at my pictures again, it was the Gem. My foot does not taste very good LOL.
  14. Its not possible for the Jewel to be there, i drove home from Florida last Wednesday 7/8/2020, i saw it parked at a shipyard in Jacksonville. None of the engines were running.
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