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  1. Hi Kathy, This is Bonnie from your evening trivia team on the 2018 WC. Don't know if you have kept in contact with Marilyn and Rodney, but they will be joining you on the 2020 WC. They are already in Ft. Lauderdale also. Wish I was joining you for another trip around the world, but I will have to settle for the Grand South America and Antarctica this year. Hope you have a wonderful voyage. Safe travels!
  2. Our tour Italy Tours.EU to Florence and Pisa was excellent. We enjoyed the small group experience. Seeing the statue of David was the highlight of my vacation and I was able to enter the museum without waiting in line to purchase tickets, by adding the optional skip the line purchase. Our guide, Virginia, was well versed in the history and culture of Florence and did a great job of leading us through the center city to see the highlights. Two hours was just the right amount of time on a hot summer day to prevent getting too tired to enjoy the tour. An hour of time was built into the schedule, for lunch on your own and shopping time, in Florence. Our driver, Elenia, was very helpful in explaining the plan for the day and making sure that we were comfortable in the van. She also pointed out sites along the route and explained what we were seeing as we traveled. The use of a microphone by her was appreciated so that those of us in the back seat of the van could hear her over the air conditioning. If I am back in Italy again, I will be sure to use Italy Tours.EU.
  3. LOL! I actually tried to swat it off, the first time I saw it move up my screen as I scrolled down!
  4. Hi Kathi, I really enjoyed your posts/blog. I followed along with your trivia questions and wondered how our last year's WC evening trivia team would have done with these questions. There were some days when I knew most of the answers and then other days where it was a complete bust! lol Now that you have had a day or two to get settled back into "real life", I wondered if you have had time to reflect on your trip. As I kick into high gear planning for my SA and Antarctica next year, I was curious if there were things you thought were a must do/see and other things that were don't bothers. South Georgia is not on our itinerary and we have 3 fewer days, but most of the other ports are the same. Also, did you take any tours through DoRightBrazil? If so, would you recommend them. I have already booked our Falklands excursion through Estancia, to Volunteer Point. Looking forward to seeing the King penguins. Was the smell terrible? lol Glad you found new friends and reconnected with friends from prior cruises. Hope your WC next year is wonderful. I will be reading your blog again (at least whenever we have wifi available on the Volendam) as we circumnavigate South America. Welcome home again! I am sure these next nine months will fly by for both of us! Bonnie
  5. My husband and I were on the WC last year, but we did not have the opportunity to meet you. Since we can't cruise this year, I am looking forward to your blog and others, to travel vicariously through the reports. Trivia was one of my favorite activities during our cruise. I played with Sandy and Jack and sweet Anna. I hope you have a wonderful cruise and safe travels. Can't wait to hear more!
  6. Hi Kathi, I am really looking forward to your blog, as I know that it will help me plan for the same trip in 2020. I am really interested in your choice of excursions and getting ideas about what to pack to meet the diverse weather conditions unique to this cruise. I hope that you will be posting some trivia questions as well, so that I can practice for 2020. Already signed up for your blog and will be following your live posts. Hope you don't mind if I share your blog link with our Volendam, 2020 roll call. Have a fabulous cruise!! Bonnie
  7. I believe this refers to items on the menu that carry a surcharge, not the cover charge normally paid for admission to the specialty restaurant.
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