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  1. My first ocean cruise was the Canal on NCL Jewel. My daughter and son-in-law had an aft suite. That's the only way to go through the canal, in my opinion. We had a beautiful view, standing in the shade and privacy of the balcony. The bow of the ship was available for viewing...they were standing in the hot sun, four or five deep. Hopefully, we will be returning to the Canal via the Jewel in 2022...same room!
  2. We were on the Joy this last September for the Alaska cruise. We loved the ship, especially the huge hot tub in Spice H2O. We had a wonderful aft balcony and I recorded over 12,000 steps on our first sea day!!
  3. It would depend if you have already been on the western Caribbean cruise. If so, I would opt for the southern route.
  4. I also vote for the Sun. We have travelled on the Sun twice (neither to Alaska) and did the Joy in Alaska last summer. First, I loved Sun and think the smaller ship might be able to get into places a larger ship can't. And your mobility limited in-laws would appreciate the smaller ship. I walked 13,000 steps on our first sea day on the Joy! I also second the balcony vote and would recommend an aft balcony...you just can't beat those views!
  5. We stayed at the Mediterranean Inn, 425 Queen Anne's Ave North and loved it. I loved the "neighborhood" feel of the area. It is within walking distance to the Space Needle and only a 10 minute Uber drive to the pier.
  6. We went through the Canal on the Jewel and have also sailed twice on the Sun. You will love the ship and the trip! I know you have already booked your room, but I always recommend an aft balcony for the canal. You can enjoy it in the privacy, quiet and shade of your balcony.
  7. We visited Baltic ports on a Viking cruise 2 summers ago. Viking arranged for the visa...no problem. Our tours were booked through Viking, so no problems there. And, why do you need a hotel in St. Petersburg?? You have your cabin on the ship! It was a great cruise!
  8. We seem to have lost the OP! I have a friend on the Coral currently and he reported a wonderful day in the Falklands and internet will be spotty to nonexistent for several days.
  9. We did this cruise (in reverse) last year. I would highly recommend Estancia Excursions in the Falklands for penguin viewing. It was a highlight of our trip. Also, it will be very cold going around the Horn and viewing the glaciers. Enjoy your trip!
  10. We were in 12360...bed is by the balcony. Huge (deep) balcony.
  11. My daughter and son-in-law traveled in 8077 (we had the connecting balcony aft room). It is 2 separate rooms separated by a door, but I'm not too sure how comfortable the couch would be to sleep on. And, yes, it was above the theatre and could be a little noisy. It had a really roomy balcony. My daughter and I traveled in Oct. 2018 in forward suite 8202. It has only 1 room.
  12. We did Alaska on the Joy this past September. My only complaint is that the ship did not get close to any glaciers. If I was going in 2020, I would look at the Sun's trips. They are longer than a week and include several days of glacier cruising.
  13. Check out the Seattle Port Valet. They will have the info about it on your ship. You put your luggage out in the hallway, someone picks it up, and you don't see it again until you get to your home airport! We used it when we disembarked from the Joy in September. Oh, yes, it is free!
  14. Even though the desserts were wonderful...we didn't care for the Q. I started thinking about it later...why would I order BBQ on a cruise ship? Where is it smoked?? And, we live in Oklahoma with some of the best BBQ around!
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