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  1. Wow! I guess i'm not a very good tipper...lol! But if you have a bus load of people, say 40, and at $20 a person, that's $800 in tips for a day's work...or even half a days work. But, I have wondered if the driver and guide split the tips. Sometimes one will be standing at the front of the bus and the other at the middle door of the bus. Also, last summer we were on a Viking Ocean cruise to the Baltics. I budgeted my tip money and was always sure I had the correct amount of currency (very proud of myself). Then on the last tour it dawned on me that there were two of us, and I was only tipping for me!
  2. We were on the Sun's South America cruise last March. Our daughter had an aft suite and it was included in our Cruise Critic "cabin crawl." You wouldn't believe the spread NCL had ready for us! I don't know who was responsible for it, but it was fabulous!
  3. I write on my laundry inventory sheet "cold water" and have never had anything shrink.
  4. I print one and use it to fill in my info. Then I make copies of the original.
  5. We sailed this in reverse last March. We highly recommend Estancia Excursions in Stanley. They were great and the penguins were beautiful!
  6. I had to laugh at "nothing to do during the daytime hours." We were on the Sun's South American cruise last March. The day we cruised around the Horn, I fractured my ankle; thus, my excursion days were over! One day (while everyone else was on an excursion), I hobbled down to "craft hour." I was the only passenger there and had very personal instruction on making my iguana beaded key chain! BTW, I love the Sun (it was my second cruise on her.).
  7. We ordered a travel set of Mexican train...double twelves. We take them on every cruise and love them!
  8. I want you to record it when he actually catches a fish and tries to reel it in!
  9. We were on the aft 8th deck on the Sun"s 2 week South American cruise. Yes, you can hear the music from the theater. It really wasn't too bad. There were a few daytime rehearsals (I know...I fractured my ankle halfway through the cruise and spent several days in the room). At least the music ends when the last show ends. The aft views from our balcony more than made up for the noise.
  10. I guess we just got lucky when we got our PCC. She is wonderful! Last time I called her (when our perks mysteriously disappeared from our booking), she was not in the "office" but immediately returned my call after her lunch break. And, she took care of my problem and restored my perks.
  11. I know it's not a Haven room...but on the Sky, my daughter and son-in-law had a suite. We had the connecting balcony room. Much to our excitement, we got all the perks of the suite. Since we had the same last name, it was now considered a "family suite!"
  12. Since there is not a Moderno on the Joy, does anyone know if another restaurant is included on the Platinum dining voucher with LaCucina?
  13. Our last cruise was South America in March. We were really surprised at the lack of diners in all of the specialty restaurants.
  14. We were in this suite on our March 2018 Canary Island cruise and it was not in this condition. Did you point the problems out to your room steward, butler or concierge?
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