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  1. Nothing for 2019, but we already have 2 booked for 2020!
  2. We are on the Sun now and I miss those comfy chaise loungers in the Spinnaker!
  3. How many lemon drop martinis can you drink in a day?? Would it justify the price (or just the gratitudies if you selected the drink package as your perk)?
  4. We enjoyed this cruise on the Spirit last March. You didn't miss much in Casablanca. We took a 5 hour tour that seemed more like 8 hours. Unfortunately we had to miss Funchal because of rough seas, but it was replaced with a stop at Gibraltar with a wonderful selection of tours.
  5. The Viking dining is freestyle. The speciality restaurants are by reservation. Dress code is similar to NCL (we wore almost the same clothes). There is a drink package. We don't drink so I can't give a comparison.
  6. I have sailed on both Viking and NCL (Jewel, Spirit, Sun). You forgot to add that there are no annoying photographers on Viking! Also, that retractable roof over the pool was fantastic. Swimming while it was cold and rainy in Bergen was a treat!
  7. We were there on the Sun a month ago. I had to check our pictures...and there was another ship there.
  8. My daughter and I did the convertible car tour. Be sure to wear a hat and bring your sunscreen!
  9. I'm reading reports that there are lots of folding chairs...in the buffet and other areas. Have you noticed? Thanks.
  10. I just did a random price check on a Viking Romantic Danube cruise in May 2019. A veranda is only $200 more than a French balcony. I love my veranda and feel it would be $200 well spent.
  11. We were on the Grand European tour in 2016 and enjoyed eating dinner on the Aquivit Terrace. But, as I look back at it, there were never many people eating there. Maybe us and one or two other couples. Perhaps Viking feels this new concept is more cost effective and will attract more diners.
  12. We just returned from a NCL cruise to the Canary Islands. 6 hours before we were to begin our flights, we received that dreaded message "your flight is delayed." We could rebook, but there were simply no options available. Fortunately we were able (just barely) to make our connections and arrived in Barcelona on time. From now on I will always book at least 2 days in advance!!
  13. Bathroom is open to the bedroom. There are curtains to pull for privacy for the bed. The toilet room is angled so it is private.
  14. I am sitting right now on the Spirit in Malaga, Spain, suite 10508, with my balcony doors open enjoying the breeze. Concerning privacy...when I stand on my balcony and crane my head, I can see up in the bridge. My daughter is in 10512 and can see up in the bridge and the corner of Galaxy of the Stars. I assume since we can see them...they could see us.
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