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  1. FreestyleNovice thank you so much for starting this thread! Loved the Encore thread & looking forward to all your posts. Finally something about cruising to get excited about 🤗
  2. I sailed on her in '93 one of my first cruises, what a ship! So different than any I'd been on before or since.
  3. Yeah I didn't find your post until now, it's not that old & already on page 2! Corona is taking over everything 😞 thank you for the review (and the reason I go on CC to read others thought!) I've been on the Escape 2x & right now it is my favorite ship. I'm glad you had a good time, it seems as if you guys really relaxed, good for you. Thanks for taking the time & don't take the no responses personally, people are worried about their upcoming cruises (me also) & I think it right now it's all they can think of.
  4. @Minoushka I also have had the pleasure of sailing with Djamel & loved him. Can I ask if you know what promotion he got? Does this mean we won't be seeing him on the seas?
  5. @JamieLogical thanks for the info - you always know what to say 🤗
  6. what if you called to see if they'd offer you OBC but have an upgrade bid in? Would the OBC (if given) null your bid?
  7. We did it for my MIL on her first cruise - I agree with SpainAlien, it was cute but the cake was too much and you could probably do it yourself cheaper. Of course then you have to figure out how to decorate with him not knowing. Honestly, if you want to do something & not have to worry, I would say go for it if it's in your price range. My mil still talks about it & was really surprised & happy, she even has the bon voyage sign still & takes it out to show people when she talks of her first cruise. Have a great cruise!
  8. I enjoy reading everything you write @sunsetsoon you make me smile
  9. Thank you for the review - going in May & reading some stuff makes me nervous, then I read something from people like you & I feel better. &8 days & I can't wait!!! Glad you had fun
  10. Please don't say it's over!!!! I'm sure you can think of more stories to tell us - how were the officers, what was your favorite drink, how was the weather - anything just please don't stop writing!!! 😁
  11. I'm sorry for the tough year you've had, but totally get your thinking. We are going in May & that feel eons away lol. But thinking of cruising always makes me happy, as does coming on CC & reading about others trips and also checking out youtube videos & wishing I was there 😉 Hope this year is a better one for you & your family, have a great cruise!
  12. Loving your review!!! You really are a great writer, you should definitely do podcasts as another CCer suggested. Can't wait to hear more about your adventures. I wish I had as much energy & love for life now as you do lol!
  13. thank you so much for the info! Going in May, 1st time as platinum & was trying to decide where to eat, will probably do Cagney's over Le Bistro but undecided about the other meal. I appreciate you giving your feedback. Glad you had a good time 😊 Can I take "another Encore cruise" to mean you liked the ship?
  14. Thank you so much for your final thoughts & your great review. And for taking so much time to help those of us annoying you for info lol. Your review was honest & informative, has me looking forward to my cruise more & I am less apprehensive about it. As you said, there will be good & bad & maybe I won't want to go back on this ship, but I'll still have a great time because I'll be on vacation so not worried about the things I can't control. Thanks again for everything!
  15. such a great review!!!! loving the pics & all the info you've provided, getting me so excited for my cruise... hope you're having fun in between all this "work" you've been doing & I have to agree with the poster who said NCL should be paying you for this!
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