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  1. When we sailed a couple of weeks ago they asked for the card. Wouldn’t even take the NYS excelsior app. But maybe that depends on the person checking? I would bring the card to be safe
  2. Go for it! We sailed on the Breakaway October 10h and loved it. No masks as everyone is vaccinated, though crew members wear them. They are sailing at about 50% capacity so never a line or crowded anywhere. We felt totally safe on the cruise and I really think you will too. have a great cruise and stay well
  3. When we went 2 weeks after you they did not check time for testing. They allowed us in as long as we had Bermuda TA docs.
  4. You can show up earlier for testing though, it’s not in the same building. The terminal for the ship is Pier 88 but testing (was) at Pier 90. You can drop off your luggage with the porters at pier 88 (I believe they start 8:30-9:00) then walk down to pier 90 for testing. You can’t go into terminal until your assigned check in time
  5. The Escape is my favorite ship, love the atmosphere. I enjoy Spice H2O and also the District Brewhouse, great place to hang out. They have something like over 90 beers on tap and more in bottles/cans so if you like beer, great place to try some new ones (and they serve other alcohol also). They usually have a piano player/singer that both times I’ve been on the ship, different performers, have been awesome.
  6. I agree with you all and was shocked when he told me. I specifically asked if he had called because I said I’d never heard of studio receiving upgrade bid. But I think @MsTabbyKats may be correct, they’ll take whatever money they can get lol
  7. Have a friend on the Breakaway this week, he had a studio was able to bid on an upgrade to balcony (and won). Didn’t think possible but maybe because of the low amount of passengers they are allowing for now
  8. @Sthrngary I recently cruised in the Haven for the first time: won an upgrade bid. I felt prepared because of this topic and all your advice. Thank you for that and I look forward to your upcoming cruise thoughts. Stay well. Have a great cruise.
  9. Good luck! I’ll keep my fingers crossed 🤞🏻
  10. Hopefully you hear soon! Keeping my fingers crossed for you 🤞🏻Have a great cruise
  11. My bid was $1700pp with what I originally paid, plus the bid, it was about 1/2 what they were going for and as much as I was willing to pay. First time bidding wanted to check it out
  12. Lol so sorry! Sailing 10/10 I’m so excited I forgot my dates 🤪
  13. Sailing Breakaway 10/3 received my upgrade today. Was in balcony, hid on Haven, won the 2 bedroom. Feel guilty as it is just my DH and I but got into the bidding process and bid on everything Haven. Was a fair bid but got accepted. With getting 30% off this booking originally, not a bad deal.
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