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  1. No laser tag, no Hooked Seafood on Harmony.
  2. For the price of a RCL excursion, you can probably do a private tour with one of the big 3 Alla, TJ or SPB. Do the private tour, go at your own pace. Walk and see as much or as little as you want to.
  3. True, especially around the holidays, easily $50 pp. But they do serve pre-cut crab legs, oyster and sushi, even kobe sirloin roast is a fairly regular item on their carving station (at least it use to be). For non holiday weekends the trick is get in early and pay breakfast price, and stay for lunch... or get in right before dinner starts and pay lunch price. They don't close between meals.
  4. Any reason for those partial glass partitions on the (mini)tubs? I've always felt a cold draft, and like the op, always gotten the floor all wet.
  5. I know the breakfast menu is always the same... but is the lunch menu the same all week long? Just got off SOTS last week, was surprised to see lunch menu the same when we went on day 1, then again on day 7. Got busy and forgot to ask CK staff onboard.
  6. It was truly an honor to be on the same ship as you. Your live reviews are so good, that I stopped following the weather channel and Royal for updates. Weather forecast originally called for 50%+ chance thunderstorm at every single port. I know it's no Flow, no go for you. I think Allure and Anthem will be in Europe next year. Any chance of that happening?
  7. For sure no luggage valet... the answer I got was kinda strange.... something about having negative feedback with the company 2-3 weeks ago. Either way, currently no luggage valet.
  8. What did you think about the drones integration into the show? btw, was looking forward to ordering the seafood tower in Chops.... it’s gone from the menu.... I must have missed it from earlier reporting.
  9. I told my son that Andrew was a profession flowrider. Now he’s watching the royal activities channel and wanting to do it. I had to break his heart and tell him he wasn’t tall enough, and daddy wasn’t carry enough medical insurance for him to try it.
  10. Andrew, it was a pleasure to finally meet you on the bridge tour today. See you around!
  11. I feel so conflicted sometimes about using a TA vs booking direct. I have had both great, and horrible experiences even when using the same OTA At times I would wait for an "OBC special" from one of the big online TA, doubling the OBC usually gives a 10+% in OBC. Then, I would book the cruise going though a cash rebate site, giving anywhere from 4-12+% cash back after you complete the cruise. Sometimes it's easy peasy, other times it would be countless phones/emails just to make sure the OBC and rebates are correctly given. I'm not sure who in the end is taking the h
  12. If I'm getting between 8-10% in either instant discount, or in OBC by going through a TA, is that considered a good or fair amount? Sometimes the big box online TAs will run double OBC sales, I've gotten 15+% in OBC.... it's just such a pain when you need them to make any kind of change.
  13. There is going to be a JR express on the Explorer Of the Sea, but it doesn't look like it's going to be free either.
  14. Dinner looks great..... but are you using your tablet as a placemat/coaster for your chicke soup? 😱
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