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  1. Looks like Nov. 24 has been moved around, too (just looking in my Cruise Planner). Shore excursions haven't been swapped around yet.
  2. When we were on Ruby in May, the Maitre D' Hotel Wine Club tasting (held on the first sea day, in the afternoon) was in Botticelli (the 6-aft MDR), not up in SHARE. I don't recall there being a different event being offered in SHARE, but I could have missed it.
  3. At first read, I thought you meant "carrying on" like "making a fuss" or "complaining." Took me a moment to realize you meant bringing bottles on board! :cool: That's something I've done (bringing bottles on board, not making a fuss) cruising from here in Florida, but wouldn't have even thought of it given our transcontinental flight to the port (and suitcases full of 'Alaska-worthy' clothing). And I'm hardly a wine geek ... I think. :confused:
  4. I don't recall there being an area called Solarium on Ruby, but there was not a covered, climate-controlled pool area on Ruby (which would have been very welcome on our Alaska/Inside Passage itinerary!). That's what I was thinking of when I mentioned the Solarium on Celebrity Reflection. The covered area at the front of Sports Deck 17 was all gated as part of Sanctuary (though the Lotus Spa Pool wasn't gated, it also was open to the very brisk air).
  5. I feel like the minority here, but having done two cruises on Celebrity Reflection and one on Ruby Princess, I found my Princess experience to be closer to Royal Caribbean than to Celebrity. The Ruby stateroom felt noticeably smaller than the same category on Reflection (standard balcony), the food was about the same or slightly worse on Ruby (and don't get me started on the terribly small and repetitive buffet offering), and the wines available on Celebrity were far more interesting to us than on Ruby (where only SHARE had a wine list that truly made us smile). Add in things like Celebrity's no-upcharge Solarium, cloth towels in common-area restrooms, and more engaging programming — we were starved for activities on our Ruby cruise; everything seemed geared toward gamblers, big-spend shoppers, line dancers, or bingo players — and we didn't find Princess up to the "premium" experience we thought we were headed into. But, everyone's tastes and preferences are different....
  6. I have a lighter appetite, too. Portions were about what I'd expect from a restaurant in the U.S. on land. (Not "Cheesecake Factory"-sized though.) I think if I'd had both a soup and a starter, I'd have been too full by dessert. The only restaurant with truly small portions was SHARE, and that was appropriate given it's a six-course meal.
  7. We encountered a similar closure when we arrived at SeaTac the night of Friday, 5/18. To add insult to injury, the 1st Ave S bridge on 509 was apparently closed to through traffic (not sure why), requiring a circuitous route by way of West Seattle to get downtown. Our Lyft was nearly $50 before tip instead of the $35 I'd estimated, and it took longer than if we'd used Link Light Rail. Lesson learned: know your options!
  8. Honestly, for us, they were OK, but not exceptional. (We only ended up in MDR three out of seven nights, though, and could only get in for two lunches.) The first night, I had the Hazelnut Crusted Salmon, which was great, but the accompanying rice was almost completely flavorless. (As a newbie, I had no idea that "Princess Favorites" meant the item would be on the menu every night. I just wanted to eat fresh salmon right away on my Alaska voyage. :cool:) We felt the rice dishes often were similarly bland in other MDR meals, too. DH did love the Duck à l'Orange, finding it to be not overly sweet like he's found on shore many times. They didn't. On Juneau night, the buffet had a themed menu with what I think was mostly Indian (and/or possibly Southeast Asian) food. (The next night – Skagway – was themed more Chinese/Japanese, including fresh-made sushi and sashimi. Made for a good early-evening treat before a late dinner at CG.) I never saw crab legs other than on the menus for MDR and for Crab Shack nights.
  9. There was Prime Rib on the Juneau night, but we ended up at the buffet that night (got back onboard from our shore excursions after 8 and didn't feel like rushing to clean up for MDR). In hindsight, we should have rushed as I didn't really find anything appealing at Horizon Court that night.
  10. Awesome, thanks! Yes, we were in port either with you or with Eurodam every day from sail-away to return ... sometimes both! :cool:
  11. I snapped a few photos as we sailed past Nieuw Amsterdam in Glacier Bay last week. Sharing (hopefully) the best one here. If by chance anyone has a picture of Ruby Princess sailing by that same day, I’d love to see it! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  12. I just posted nightly MDR menus for Ruby here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2639827 — hope it helps!
  13. On Ruby last week, we boarded easily at noon, but they were not allowing pax to go to cabins (fire doors all closed) until closer to 1p. We also boarded aft, and were forced onto elevators to the buffet. Took a while to find our way around barriers to get midship, and then find which dining room was open, as we couldn't get to the cabin to see which location was listed as open in the Patter. They were working so hard to ensure everyone went to the buffet, that the main dining room was completely empty of passengers but fully staffed.
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