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  1. Same exact thing happening to me for our August Odyssey that I cancelled ..
  2. Follow up in case anyone else has this issue or encounters it by cancelling a sailing based on the new protocols. Called and the CSR said that even though I can still see the sailing in My Cruises and am receiving promotional mailings that my reservation is indeed cancelled. They are keeping them active in the system with a notation that it is cancelled until the refund is issued. Now which comes first ... the sailing or the refund?!? ... 🤣
  3. Some have reported that their final payment date has been pushed out to wait for the FCC ... then it becomes a which comes first scenario - cruise, FCC or none of the above!
  4. Yes it was booked through Royal (not a TA) and when I tried to add the cruise it said the cruise was already linked to my account ... Wish me luck ... Off to CSR land and then escalations to get my $$$ back
  5. We decided to cancel our sailing on the Odyssey and since it was a redeployed sailing (from Indy) we had the option to cancel by 6/18 to receive a full refund. I called on 6/17 to do just that and the CSR processed the request. However, the booking still shows in My Cruises and I'm still receiving promotional offerings for it as of this week - Royal Up and Cruise Planner "sales". Has anyone cancelled an Odyssey reservation and if so has it disappeared from your My Cruises? How long did it take for that update to occur? Cancelling a reservation is new to us so not sure of the timing
  6. For our Indy cruise that was cancelled from MIA and moved to FLL on Odyssey there was no link to cancel in the email. This is the relevant section: If you prefer to cancel your cruise, please call us at 888-281-9344 or contact your Travel Advisor by June 18th, 2021. And know, hold times may be longer than usual. If we haven’t heard from you by June 18th, 2021, you’ll remain booked on the alternate Odyssey of the Seas sailing. Should you decide to cancel after our moves are complete, you will continue to be covered by our Cruise with Confidence policy. .... B
  7. Scheduled for an 8 day (8/14) that visits Jamaica, Aruba and Curacao. All of those countries require a PCR test within 72 hours prior to arrival. Wondering how that will be facilitated as it would seem that Royal would have to make that available - though not sure they have the ability to process a PCR on board.
  8. Deck plan shows it on Deck 14 starboard side ... Independence Of The Seas Deck Plan | Royal Caribbean Incentives
  9. We have the Aug 18th sailing for the same itinerary and final payment was last Sunday. Decided to make it but have a backup vacation planned if this is cancelled. If the sailing does happen and the protocols are not acceptable to us we'll use the cancellation under the Cruise with Confidence. We only made final payment because we figured it bought us some time to see if/how things get sorted out with the CDC.
  10. Have stayed on Deck 3 OV many times on Brilliance. Never had an issue with noise unless you are near a crew stairwell. Being on Deck 3 is nice to scurry back to your room for a glass of wine prior to dinner or going back to your cabin after a show in the Pacifica Theatre - bot the MDR and theatre are on Deck 5.
  11. To the question of the OP, the revised mask(less) guidelines for vaccinated people excludes those in congregant settings (shelters, hospitals, prisons, etc.) & IMO the CDC considers cruise ships a congregant setting, which means the mask(less) guidelines do not apply to cruise ships. Not that I agree with such a designation ...
  12. Yes ... from the main page on Royal click the 3 lines on the upper left ... select "Manage My Cruise" and then "Redeem Cruise Credit". https://www.royalcaribbean.com/reservation/future-cruise-credit
  13. My next alleged cruise (Aug) and the Deluxe is $67, which is basically onboard price, and Voom is $16 and the one after it (Mar) is $62 so yeah big jump ...
  14. Booked it too! We had this booked for 2021 since 2019 on the Rhapsody. We also had the Serenade booked out of San Diego for 2020 ... Now sailing Serenade out of Tampa to the Panama Canal seems like a good compromise ... Just 2 more years!!!
  15. Board day 1 with an overnight stay in COZ, departure at 5PM day 2, Day 3 to Costa Mya Day 4 sea day Day 5 Labadee Do a 4 day w/o the overnight in COZ
  16. We were supposed to be on cruise to the Panama Canal right now. We knew it'd get cancelled and decided when it did we were booking an AI in Cancun ... we head out on Valentines for a week. The required testing prior to boarding the flight back to the US is causing us anxiety. The resort is testing for free and will give 14 days free lodging and food if one of us test positive. We're excited for the trip and plan to social distance with a beverage on the beach ... read that resorts in Cancun are only at like 28% capacity so social distancing should not be difficult.
  17. Having actually slept on foam rubber placed on plywood, I concur ... 🙂
  18. Log into your BOA card and click on the View MyCruise points ... then scroll down to Redeem MyCruise points in the Rewards Sumaary section
  19. We had 8864 on Brilliance, which is Ocean View Balcony obstructed view. We booked that due to the larger balcony. We were assigned OVB on the hump for the Indy ... We're not fans of being near the elevators, but having the expanded balcony w/o obstruction will be nice. The price is wrong, but will keep our powder dry sense it seems that is a known glitch.
  20. Appears to have been a condition of their 3 revolving credit lines ... banks want to make sure they get paid first.
  21. May 2017 on Freedom in the Western Med ... was our 20th anniversary celebration and we had the time of our life. Needed a vacation after the vacation because we did not miss a thing! My DW even fell asleep during dinner at Chops - so I finished her fillet for her!
  22. When you get to the screen asking for the guest info click on the left where it reads "View pricing by guest" and a popup will appear.
  23. When you changed using the online feature did you choose a cruise other than one in Option 1 and if so did you get anything other than the popup letter that I posted earlier? I just entered the sailing details (Ship & Date) for the cruise we wanted and then the letter popped up ... no confirmation email or anything.
  24. I found the link for the discounts on the page asking number of guests ... the link is really small at the bottom of the page
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