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  1. Can someone please tell me where the television is located in the balcony VD cabin on the Eurodam. Is it on the wall in front of the bed or on a shelf in the corner by balcony door..
  2. Trying to find fishing tour for December 17. In port 8am-2pm.
  3. Has anyone done the fishing excursion by HAL In Grand Turks? If so do you think it is worth money ? How many people on boat i ask them they will not give me info. Do you think we can wait till we get there and find fishing tour? Is anyone on the Koningsdam on December 15 going on fishing tour on any of the island. If so please let me know willing to join private group. Doing fishing for gift BF who has never been on a cruise. He is a avid fishermen we are from Virginia . Any help will be appreciated. Thank you
  4. Hello are their any hotels that you can see the cruise ships as they come into port?
  5. Sailing on the Koningsdam on December 15. We will be in Grand Turks on December 17. Looking for a fishing excursions for my husband and my self. We are can either join a group. Or if you done this before tell a reasonable boat. Ship excursions sold out. Thanx
  6. Any info on cabin 7666 on adventure of the sea
  7. I have booked cabin 7138. I know it is a wake facing cabin. I want to know if the veranda is completely covered from sun.
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