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  1. That maybe the problem, the update for the app maybe setup for IOS13 , unfortunately iPhone 6 doesn’t support that.
  2. When you access your booking , click on the flight icon. Hit the green button that says add/ modify flights. Input your info . You won’t lose your booking unless you hit the red button that says cancel flight.
  3. I agree , it always seems to be the lowest price when they first open up the bookings. The only time I saw a major drop in price was when we flew to Rome. The drawback to booking that far out is most airlines will tweak their schedules to fill the planes . Especially Delta......
  4. Wouldn’t it be funny if you knew they were cheating , then got their sheet to score....and they ended up with a 5 instead of 20. How would they justify it?
  5. Has anyone ever seen a second ship at Princess Cays ?
  6. Try googling the carnival site . It shows the Ecstasy at Princess Cays on the 26th.
  7. Not sure where you are getting info on two ships being at Princess Cays at the same time. But I’m pretty sure the Regal will be the only ship there on November 25. As far as the other dates , think about the logistics of what happens when a ship calls on the island . All food and drinks is placed on tenders and brought to the island . So if a second ship showed up , where would they set up? And then how would they charge you ? Would they have separate bars that you had to go to? And then the lines to get back to your ship?
  8. The Carnival ship is at Princess Cays on the 26th and Half Moon Cay on December 5. I don’t believe Princess Cays could handle two ships at once.
  9. There is some law that will not let you go from San Pedro to Vancouver and then stay on the same ship to Alaska . As strange as that seems......You can get off and board another ship the same day though....... Which also seems strange
  10. My final payment is next week , I will post how it went
  11. Thank you , that worked!
  12. Y Basically just went on the website , it’s pretty easy to do
  13. It’s American airline ......
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