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  1. Did I see both Pursuit and Journey both anchored off of Amalfi a few days ago? Anyone got a picture of this? A spectacular anchorage with two lovely ships. Had to comment after much abstention, have to very much agree, Dimple really is fab!
  2. On Pursuit at the moment. Schweppes tonic readily available. Will report back if I manage to find fever tree. Was on in Nov in select locations. Enjoying a lovely cold beer in Zakinthos with great view of port and Pursuit at anchor in the distance 😁 🍺. Being well looked after too. Happy days!
  3. Flat white is an Australian import. Enjoyed many a good flat white whilst in Sydney. Becoming very popular in the UK for reasons mentioned above. Mosaic coffee the best at sea! So much so, the Pursuit has not even bothered with Nespresso. The room service coffee is awful though. Not unique to Azamara. RS Coffee on Silversea and Seabourn also terrible. Why can’t cruise lines sort this issue out? Would really prefer not to have to do the coffee run whilst on a top cruise line.
  4. Ok, I realise this is an Upgrade thread not a loyalty thread so will keep this brief. In a competitive world where loyalty is highly prized by most businesses, it seems odd to me that LCV is not treating its biggest spenders better. Maybe introduce free upgrade vouchers for those customers who reach a certain level of spending per year? This allows for better recognition of the big spenders, and allows for those who are loyal, but with smaller budgets, or less free time, to still climb the loyalty tiers at their own pace. I would be very worried if I were Azamara, that loyal cruisers and big spenders are on CC talking about going elsewhere!
  5. The question is, if one tips extra does one receive better attention? A twenty here or there to get ahead of the queue/ line? I’ve seen it in action, and on ‘ ultra’ luxury lines too. My very British morality doesn’t like it, but it does happen. A fact of life, or poor behaviour? I’m very happy to give to the crew fund, but if Mr/ Ms X is tipping staff to beat the system then I’m being a mug, right?
  6. Lioncub


    Do they also do Sushi at lunchtime in the Colonnade as part of the buffet selection? Or can one have a bento delivered to you? Same issue, one likes the other doesn’t.
  7. I agree, would be nice to see a few more premium Gins and a few flavoured ones too. Love Whitley Neil’s Blood Orange! The big question is, do they have Fever Tree tonic onboard? It does make me laugh though how much we brits love our G and T, just go over to the Azamara boards to see much discussion on this! I will be quite happy with Hendricks and a slice of cucumber or grapefruit with FT. Logistically I can see it being a bit of a nightmare, various gins, dozens of garnishes and don’t even get me started on the shape of glass to use!! I think our Americans cousins are probably starting to realise how big gin has become in the UK at the moment.
  8. My overall impression of Pursuit was also extremely positive. The Den is a great space and very popular early evening. All is well at the Pool with four tables by the bar and the new cushions very comfortable. Service was always friendly and genuine. The overall decor modern and classy. Both specialities have a much improved feel. The new layout in the Living room worked well and was popular at all times of day. Entertainment was good, with the house band being particularly excellent. Especially their Jazz sets in the afternoon. Captain Toledo is a great addition to the AZ family. Amanda and Lee also great in there roles as CD and ACD. Our V2 cabin was bright and the beds very comfortable. Cabin service discreet and efficient. Oh, and Fever Tree was available on request, heaven! Some niggles though. Though the lack of the Sunset bar does allow for more outside seating, bar service does really suffer. No service outside of meal times, and frustratingly slow and inconsistent during service. Drinks have to be garnered from the pool bar outside of restaurant hours. Loved the new Pizza station in Windows but did miss the Chefs station for a dish of the day. Also would like to see a dedicated Sushi station. When it did appear it was always mobbed! Aqualina menu needs a refresh and the tables for two in both specialities really are too close together. Still the best gym at sea, but would prefer Life Fitness equipment not the Technogym stuff. A few more machines also needed, especially cross trainers. As always the best crew at sea, but with one exception. One very rude member of the reception team. She, let’s call her Y, has a reputation and needs to be dealt with as she is letting the side down. Overall Azamara Pursuit is a fabulous addition to the fleet and pushes up the standards we have grown accustomed to. Can’t wait for her sisters to get the same treatment. Very much looking forward to my next cruise on Pursuit.
  9. Well done everybody! While we can’t claim Cruise Critic power made this happen, I’d like to think our efforts didn’t hurt, and maybe even focused minds. Thanks for not letting this thread die!
  10. Any news about these cushions? Though they may not be getting much use this week. Safe voyage Pursuit, crew and pax alike.
  11. Would this be a bad time to ask about sun lounger cushions?!😏🎃🦁
  12. This definitely has overtones of ‘the dog has ate my homework ‘ about it. Pleased that the powers that be are on to it, let’s hope though they arrive before Miami. That would be just my luck! Could be worse, I could be on a river cruise [emoji57]. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  13. Good news indeed! Though any chance of putting a rush on it for November? [emoji57] Sent from my iPad using Forums
  14. Thanks for checking re cushions. Journey is indeed in Marseille. I suspect they maybe sheltering from the Mistral that is currently blowing. Windy App is showing an avaerage of 30+knot winds and 4m waves. I suspect they may have had a rough night of it! 🤮 Sent from my iPad using Forums
  15. Starting to agree with you [emoji26] p.s does DFS mean Don’t Forget Sunbed-cushions?! Wish I had a hotline to Captain Carl, now he would get this sorted!!! Sent from my iPad using Forums
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