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  1. Hi OP, Members have already replied nicely and accurately regarding the difference between AQ and CC cabins. I really don’t have anything to add on these cabins. But, if your main interest is a larger balcony. A Sunset Veranda (SV) cabin could be interesting for you. It’s normally priced somewhere between a regular veranda cabin and a CC cabin. SV cabins are located completely at the back of the ship, and available on a number of decks. They offer a splendid view on the ship’s wake, however, they are distant from stairways and elevators, as well, of course,
  2. Hi everyone, Just to follow up on my initial post. Everything is back to normal today. I am just left feeling like the website caught a 24 hours flu yesterday! Thank you for your feedback!
  3. Thank-you very much sdnich and garyl62, for your comments. I had issues with the website yesterday....and possibly also with my eye sight... Following your posts, I rechecked again on my cruise, and the price for the Chef’s table is now shown as $175.14 CDN. (Which seems to better match with your prices) and I also read the detailed information more carefully: the « Wine Pairing available for purchase on board ». So I now have all the answers to my questions. Thank-you to all!
  4. The Chef’s table has been intriguing to me for a while now. Reading your comments makes it even more interesting. Thank you for the information regarding the dress code. It was one of my questions. The other question is wine pairing. We have the premium package, but we would be much more interested in the wine pairing. The price I saw for the chef’s table on our next cruise on Silhouette was $375 per person, (CDN dollar, I believe). My question is: Does that fee include the wine pairing or will I be billed for that option in addition to that cost?
  5. Booked on the June 11, 2022 cruise on the Silhouette, I check my file from time to time to see if shore excursions are available. This morning, my visit on the web site showed a concern, a hope then a confusion. My concern, all my OBC (more than thousand dollars) has disappeared. My hope, a new icon for shore excursions has appeared. I thought, I would be able to browse around and, who knows, find my OBC. My confusion....by clicking on the shore excursion icon....it kicks me out of my reservation back to the general web site. To make sure I did n
  6. Taking in consideration that the first and last days of a cruise are focused on embarking and disembarking.... A four day cruise leaves little time to enjoy the vacation. We did a couple of 7 days cruises and every time we left the ship wanting more. So, like most cruisers on this thread, our preference goes to longer cruises. 9 nights, is very nice, although I tend to prefer 10 to 14 nights cruise, with a couple of days pre and post cruise to discover new areas. We tend always choose a new part of the world to explore. I can’t really pick much longer than
  7. To me it looks like a conflict of interests: The CDC focuses mainly if not only on health issues, regardless of the economical impact. The Florida Governor, is mainly, if not only concerned about the economic issues for him, his state, and his lobbying/fund raising groups. Avid cruisers....just want to cruise and don’t want to take no for an answer... Meanwhile, COVID is laughing. In Ontario, the number of cases is exploding because of the impacts of the new variants. As a result, the province is back in lockdown. In Quebe
  8. I found this topic interesting, mainly for the following reason: Amongst the reasons for choosing a line, nobody seems to include safety, or health, as a comparison point. It seems to suggest, that on these issues, you are all considering cruises lines to be equivalent. (Please correct me if I am not interpreting your comments correctly). Having read quite a bit about incidents at sea, and how a cruise line respond to situations, when they do not go quite as planned, my choices would be taking these elements in consideration: Never: Carnival for a few reas
  9. It is my understanding, that the 125% Future Cruise Credit only applies to amounts of money paid to Celebrity. If the cancellation had occurred after final payment, the FCC would have applied to the whole cruise. I know this for having experienced it. In this instance, since you only have a deposit paid, I would expect the 125% FCC to only apply to your deposit. (This is what my TA told me, would have happened to us, if Celebrity had cancelled our last cruise prior to final payment.) This said, we live in a context where each cancellation is treated on a ca
  10. I am not an expert, but this was my understanding and experience in 2020: If a flight or cruise disruption occurs, Flights by Celebrity will take care of the change and costs: We initially had flights booked for a cruise Hong-Kong to Shanghai. Due to Covid, the cruise itinerary changed to depart Tokyo and terminate in Singapore.....Flights by Celebrity changed our flights, no headaches and no extra costs..... Subsequently, the cruise was cancelled. Flights by Celebrity promptly refunded our fares. Regarding seat assignments. If you book directly with the airline, you ca
  11. For us, so far so good. We only had FCCs for one fully paid cancelled cruise though. We were able to apply our FCCs on an upcoming June 2022 cruise. We were even lucky enough to apply on our June 2022, cruise, the FCCs of my daughter and her boyfriend who were booked with us on the cancelled cruise and could not use the FCCs themselves. So, they gave it to us and it was transferred to us without any issue. All FCC amounts were correctly applied. I am just keeping my finger crossed for that June 2022 cruise to effectively sail!
  12. I agree with most posters. For us, cruising is a journey linking different destinations together....Going on a plane, a train or a ship that has no destination would be paying for a missing link. So, in short, “no.”
  13. The existing context is a gambling game. I agree with what other posted above. The best benefits, if Celebrity cancels first, is either the 125% refund, which does not amount to much or the possibility of a L & S ( which would have been quite interesting, to protect us against recent price increases). In our case, (May 2021, Iceland, Ireland cruise), my TA suggested in mid February, to book the same cruise for 2022, with a refundable deposit, to take advantage of a new promotion and to secure a preferred cabin. If Celebrity had cancelled prior to our f
  14. I hope that cruise will sail as planned, since we’re also booked on it. Like most people on our roll call, it’s our second if not third attempt to do that cruise. It would really be thoughtful for the virus, to finally take a break and give us a bit of warning, when it plans to do so!
  15. My wife and I are in your same age group, however we really don’t have the same extent of cruising experiences. This said, in response to your request, we started on RCCL in 1992 and years later returned to the same brand with our children. We loved our experience on both cruises, but as we are gaining in age and experience, so we decided to try something different. Then due to opportunity and itinerary, we did two cruises on HAL: on the Rotterdam and the smaller Maasdam. Although we mostly enjoyed ourselves on HAL, to my surprise, I found sea days a bit boring. This w
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