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  1. Yes, it is a savings- definitely. Our bottle lasted all week, and our bar tab at cruise's end was a lot lower than I thought it would be.:)
  2. They ran all our carry-ons through the x-ray machine, and I saw them hand checking a lot of bags. (Including my husband's). I doubt we could have smuggled any on, but perhaps it's different on other ships.
  3. We had a freshly filled ice bucket in our fridge, and it was replenished daily. You can ask your cabin steward for more if needed. We ordered OJ from room service and used that for mixer.:)
  4. You know, even though it's quite a bit more than shore-purchased alcohol, it comes in larger bottles and really does help save money. It's also nice to be able to go back to your cabin and mix your own drink, without having to wait (and pay) for drinks from room service.
  5. I haven't received an e-mail confirmation, but I checked my online statement and it shows the charge applied on 8/12/05. I printed it out just in case the set-up doesn't materialise.
  6. I ordered a bar set-up with Jose Cuervo tequila and it was $58 total. They don't have mixer for margaritas, so I plan on just bringing some with us.:)
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