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  1. Gee, isn't it great the PG wins so many awards every year 😉
  2. I live along the beautiful Central Coast 🙂
  3. If you want to see more on the interior go on a 4X4 or ATV tour .... the ship has excursions for this.
  4. Thank you for the kudos .... yes there is a review/information thread, hope you like pictures and suggestions 😉 https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2457726-my-review-suggestions/
  5. Both are good choices .... thought the Grande Dame of Tahiti is the IC. The pools at the IC IMO are superior. Both have nice rooms. IC has two markets within walking distance. A small one to the left when leaving and the largest on the island 2/3 mile to the right when leaving. Not sure about a market close to the Manava ... that's what Google maps is for 😉
  6. Depends on the class of service and the plane you end up with . I'm not sure which one ATN kept, maybe someone knows. I always say why worry, in 8 hours you will be in paradise. The older 430's actually have a bit wider seat in economy 😉
  7. We have about $50 NZD left over from our last trip ..... we'll just use it next year on the next trip 🙂
  8. Depends on where you are staying .... and how you booked it. If your going to book yourself I would tell you to stay at the Conrad Hilton as their boat shuttle goes between the tender drop off and the resort. If you are on the PG and you book through PG for the Thalasso the transfers will be taken care of. The Pearl is a bit more of a challenge. The resort has a shuttle but usually drops you off on the main island just across from the resort, then there is a land shuttle/taxi that can be arranged to come and get you in Vitape and vice-versa. Of course things may be different if your on a different ship.
  9. I've heard rumors for the last year but I don't give much attention to them .... if it happens great, if it doesn't nothing changes as you can't get better than the awards the ship already receives almost every year. Most go on the PG for the destination and the fabulous crew .... that doesn't change with a new ship 😉
  10. I typically don't tip in FP unless it is a small local excursion vendor. Most of the cafes already include the tip in the price you pay 😉 Depending on the night PPT can stay up late, especially on the weekends where 2am can be the norm.
  11. Many new awards for our favorite little ship .... contrats again Paul Gauguin Cruises. This week the Paul Gauguin won the jackpot at the World Best Awards .....
  12. March 7, 2020 I'll be boarding the Paul Gauguin with a group but heading the opposite direction ... the Cooks. Back to Fakarava .... I believe Ato's day rate for a private excursion is $700, don't hold me to it but I believe that is correct. So if you don't get enough that is an option. Your 8 months out so my guess is you will get a load. This reminds me of another run to the Cooks and I had put together 12 people for a private lagoon excursion. I told everyone in my group not to mention what we were doing on-board. Of course people couldn't keep their mouths shut. Long story short several on-board went to the excursion desk and wanted to go with the vendor I had found. We ended up with around 50 people, my 12 and another 38 from the ship. It ended up being a mess as the vendor was not set up to handle 50. Ever since I've made it very clear to every vendor I use that the group is private including the BBQ. Yes they can use other boats going to other places in the lagoon but the group is to be private and the boats must have shaded. So back to your Fakarava excursion .... might be a good idea to arrange your excursion to be private and you get the group together on the roll call 😉 I've attached a few from the Blue Lagoon on Fakarava .....
  13. As mentioned by Petoonya check out Fare Suisse and book for two nights, figure $100 - $125 USD each night. You will also save on transfers or a taxi as Benni will come and get you and take you back to thew airport. Fare Suisse is within walking distance of everything downtown. http://fare-suisse.com/ I've checked .... no one seems to offer late checkout unless you pay for it.
  14. Update ….. no day rooms at the IC Tahiti unless your cruise line has an agreement and then you must book it through the cruise line. Only other way is to book a room direct for a 24 hour day but there is no guarantee to have a room in the morning, you might not get until 3pm.
  15. Here you go …. the arrow marks the spot for the free boat shuttle to the pearl farm. Bur you need to get yourself to the location …. car rental
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