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  1. My Better half did use a Canon 80D but since has changed to one of our Sony RX10IV as it is a more capable camera 😉
  2. A little fun today at the lake .... Sony RX10IV ... the little camera that delivers
  3. This is a no brainer ... things are very unpredictable in FP right now. A cruise could depart and in a few days be recalled back to PPT. I totally get it ...
  4. My next PG cruise is Spring 2021 and I'm hopeful that we will be on the PG with much of the crew/officers we've gotten to enjoy over the years. What to look for moving forward is any updates from the French Polynesian government that could effect the decision making in regards to tourism over the coming months.
  5. Never intended it to be understood that way .... what I recall saying/meaning was when a thread is no longer productive or becomes hostile I'll cease to respond and simply go hangout on a different forum.
  6. Several lovely photos from several .... enjoyed
  7. paulmichael on post #3 has it correct ...things are very uncertain in FP right now due to covid.
  8. https://www.tntv.pf/tntvnews/polynesie/societe/mesures-sanitaires-le-president-et-le-haut-commissaire-sexprimeront-vendredi/?fbclid=IwAR1jJgzPximLCGgSAFvJ8-cTIqP7SSpDU3FeilxVr8tCSa1qxIMbGBM3gOs
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