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  1. It is my belief that SBC/OBC is extended from PG on some some cruises, they are not a 'gift' from your TA 😉 .... Nice that you have a big OBC from PG. You should be able to book ship excursions 60 days out with no problems 😉
  2. They've had the place fenced off from the road so I haven't been there for a few years and it was several years ago that we walked all the way done form the beach. But it does appear there are a few structures still in the water like a pier, walk area .... might be some good snorkeling there.
  3. Yes but then again the small local vendors have their prices in XPF .... if they convert to Euro they will likely give themselves the better exchange. Remember they need to go to the bank and exchange ... it's like a convience fee 😉
  4. The bus will drop you off at a covered patio / park area, it is right across the street from the IC Le Moana. Walk through the covered area to the beach and head to the right. Yes you can walk all the way to the old Hotel Bora Bora. As long as you stay on the beach or drag one foot in the water as you work your self close to the old hotel you are fine. Yes the snorkeling is pretty darn good under some of the old OWB's. Just don't walk up on the property.
  5. Don't believe everything you read ..... I would say a 50/50 cloud cover would be average. Occasional rain and the broken cloud 50/50 cover for most of the day.
  6. The beach goes all the way to the other point you see in the distance, probably 1/2 mile long. There is a parking area 😉
  7. Never hurts to reserve ..... you can always cancel. Most vendors don't charge ahead of time, a few do but most don't. If your on a large ship I'm book the Hilton soon as they only allow so many day use people in ....
  8. If you have a car it's pretty simple but I was thinking the aquarium when you return on the ship ..... get away from the crowds, IMO the aquarium is overlooked and a great place to hang dfor the day .... and reasonable 😉 The day pass at the Hilton is nice ..... not cheap but it's a great place to hang for the day .... includes lunch.
  9. I never see that you asked 😉 If your going to book ship excursions and don't want to go all day I'd tell you to do BRB-1603
  10. My next 4 PG cruises ..... March 2020 December 2020 March 2021 December 2021 Have done numerous PG cruises from November - March ... only once did it rain more than an hour .... but then the weather world wide is off a bit lately .... my disclaimer, but still have 4 planned 😉
  11. Matira Beach is the only public beach that is easily accessible. Normally there is a $5 bus to and from the beach area. Some shade areas and there are several eateries available within walking distance. If your on a large ship it could get a bit busy but it's a long stretch of beach, just start walking to find a place that isn't crammed with people.
  12. Big Kahana speaks ...... I would take the ferry over and pick up a pre-booked car from Avis/Pacificar right across the street. Rent fro 4 hours which will give you enough time to circle the island and take in some of the major 'tourist' stops. You drop the car off and walk across the street and board the ferry. As mentioned the ferry terminal on Tahiti is next door to your ship. As you will have the tourist spot checked off on Moorea you will be able to pick a place / excursion when you return on the ship and just relax. That is one big ship so it will be very busy when your on Moorea so think private excursion or veg at a day use facility like the Hilton. Or pre-book a car rental but not so early that your fighting to get off the ship with all the ship's excursions getting off first. Have a car rental place pick you up directly from the tender location around 9:30 am. Then go over to the Lagoonquarium on the east side of Moorea. Off the beaten trek, the crows won't be there and relax for the day.
  13. I would contact Rannui lagoon tours or Pure Snorkeling. Both are known for 'hand holding' when asked/needed.
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