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  1. Wendy and I agree on this ... take a taxi ... probably a bit less and your not waiting around until everyone from the plane makes it through customs 😉
  2. Taxis are at the airport when flights arrive. After dark there is a surcharge ... figure $25 to the ship. I believe the shuttle can only be booked when it's part of a package booked through PG. I've tried to book the shuttle when I've booked air myself and was told no can do ... but do check, things may have changed.
  3. I never book a flight to arrive the same evening that the ship leaves unless it is booked directly with PG. Probably not an issue but I like some re-assurance and that is done by arriving early or booking directly with PG. Just my 2 cents worth ...
  4. Best thing about this place is the location ... close to everything Worst thing about this place is the location ... on the busiest street in Papeete. Cheap, basic, A/C, wifi
  5. Please verify but I believe the Paris - Vancouver - Papeete flight is a stop in Vancouver for re-fueling only ... no additional passengers ... but as I said ... verify
  6. Avis and Hertz both will drive you to the cruise port upon returning the car. Avis has an office a few blocks from the docks. Hertz will likely want you to return the car to the airport but will drive you to the docks.
  7. Don't need to buy a 9 for use with a dome ... I use 5's in my dome and it takes great video/stills. The dome will create some stabilization ... I purchased a 5 for $100 on ebay with a batt. Just my take ...
  8. A few from this month ... all taken in my garden. Sony RX10IV Sony RX10IV Sony A7III
  9. Something from 6 am this morning just down the road from my place. Taken with a DJI mini drone 12 feet above the ground. This is the house you see in the first 10 seconds of 'Green Acres'.
  10. Something from this morning in my garden ... Sony A7III
  11. In the garden this morning ... Sony A7III
  12. Yesterday late afternoon ... Sony RX10IV
  13. Little something from the garden this morning ... Sony A7III
  14. Something from this evening ... taken with the Sony RX10IV. So easy to love this camera for traveling. 600mm equivalent, 1/2000, F/4.5, ISO-1250, EC +1.0 ... cropped in 50%
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