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  1. The PG is pretty consistent about arriving at 7:30 pm. No guarantees of course but it's always been around that time. We've gotten off that evening and headed to the airport. I would recommend making a taxi reservation from the ship's desk. There is a fee for this but it's worth it to know there will be a taxi waiting for you. I've also gotten off the ship and enjoyed the food trucks and entertainment and then came back on-board around 11 pm .... no problem. Things are a bit different now with C-19 so who knows what to expect at this time.
  2. Dubai is a good example of a current policy that seems to work. tourists visiting the country will be required to present a recent Covid-19 test negative certificate done within 96 hours of departure or undergo testing at the Dubai airport. Emirates rapid blood test was designed to provide results in as little as 10 minutes. Travelers who tested negative were cleared to fly — and provided with a clean bill of health. This is quickly becoming a common requirement for entry to many countries.
  3. What does make sense is if they will require a test after your there (self test) .... why are they requiring a test 72 hours prior? Seems smarter to just give us the test prior to boarding the flight to PPT preferably at the gate. There are test where the results are known within a few minutes. Still believe the whole thing will likely change considerably this early fall.
  4. FP government on last report said they were going to re-consider the protocols around September 1st but as we know everything is inconstant flux right now but my guess is if the C-19 doesn't flare again over the next month or two things will become less restrictive as FP economy is suffering big time ... I can't imagine this continuing very long if C-19 doesn't return to FP. My guess is the next steep will require us to produce a not from out doctor in the last 10 days that we show no symptoms, checking our temperature before boarding the plane/ship. But likely no need for a C-19 test nor wearing mask .... just a guess.
  5. Great price ... heck, my price was $539 on United R/T for March but as you mentioned the prices were gone in about 10 minutes and back to $900 and higher. Yes it seems that united offers a few of these highly discounted price on many of the flights over but then once there are gone on a certain date they are likely to not return. Good for you Petoonya
  6. Depending on when your cruise is scheduled you may want to hold on for updates. The FP government has made reference that they will re-think the restrictions on the beginning of September .... will it change? Don't know, depends on what happens over the next two months but it could ... hopefully removing some of the current restrictions. If there is a big increase in active cases in FP I would think it will ... FP depends on tourism and the longer the restrictions stay in place it isn't a good thing for FP. All of the private vendors I've been in contact with have continually confirmed or excursions but than again I'm not scheduled to be in FP until March and December 2021
  7. Facts .... 1. Only one active social media page 😉 2. I've never received a completely 'free' trip for promoting cruises on the PG. Do I get a break on the cruise portion for my 100's and 100's of hours I spend answering questions and putting together groups? Well of course, I've never hidden that fact. But nothing is 'free' ... I do it simply because of the passion I have for the PG and Polynesia in general. 3. I'm not a travel agent, I can't book anybody ... just a love to help people get the most out of their trip of a lifetime 😉 Must go to work .... I don't make money off of social media ...
  8. I've got to point out the obvious ... Do you think I would promote other RE Brokers on my RE web page? Sure I promote PG as I believe it is the best way to visit paradise ... but in reality I promote small ships in French Polynesia though on my one active social media page I do talk about what I know best, the PG and the resorts of French Polynesia but always willing to share advise to anyone that has already booked with another cruise line. Some reasons I I think PG is the best way to experience FP ... 1. Absolutely the best crew on any ship in French Polynesian waters 2. A ship specifically built to cruise in French Polynesia 3. The perfect size ship, not to small not to large. Small enough to be personable but large enough to deliver many of the amenities you find on larger ships. 4. An all-inclusive adventure 5. The local Polynesian host and experts who are on-board 365 days a year 6. Calls French Polynesia home ... unlike most other cruise lines that 'visit' French Polynesia. I could go on and on but you get my point.
  9. Jazz .... when I go over to the Windstar forum I find several current concerns by those that are already booked on Windstar or re considering to book. Nuff said.
  10. There is a huge difference ... I'm not over on the Windstar forums promoting PG. Please do tell us where I promote any social media pages on CC. I never have and I never will. BTW, I make no money on my social media page. I make money from being a RE Broker and a professional photographer. On my active social media page I answer questions for people that are on other cruise lines or staying simply at a resort. Do I promote the PG? Well of course but just like I do here on the South Pacific forum when a question is asked I simply give accurate advise no matter if they are on the PG or any other cruise line. Heck, I actively promote when asked by people to consider smaller ships when they are considering a cruise to French Polynesia and by name that always includes Windstar. Nuff said ...
  11. I need to point out the obvious, well at least to me. Jazzbeau ... you are the host of the Windstar forum. The PG crew which is the heart and soul of the PG Cruises is still the same, a large portion of the crew has been on-board for over 10 years. The fact still remains that other cruise lines are still chasing PG, the front runner for years in FP waters. If everything goes to plan PG will have 3 ships in the South Pacific over the coming years. Two of them will be new Explorer class ships holding approximately 25 - 275 passengers each. The addition of the new ships will allow for new 'off the beaten trek' itineraries. I could see itineraries that include the Gambier and Austral island groups. Unlike most other cruise lines who sail for a 'season' the PG is home year round in the pristine waters of French Polynesia. This is another reason why PG is the leader in FP cruises. Interestingly I was giving some thought to take a cruise in FP on Windstar when the fares went so low. Some of Windstar's biggest fans were urging me to do so and with the cheap fare I was ready to have the experience simply to compare the ships so I would be better prepared to discuss the differences from first hand experience. But then the cheap fares disappeared, darn. I have two PG cruises scheduled for next year so I no big loss 🙂 The PG is the first to start cruising again in FP, I'm sure everyone will be eagerly awaiting to read the feedback. Much of the world wide cruise industry is watching to see how it goes for PG.
  12. Officially the PG will start sailing with international guest on July 29, 2020.
  13. A suggestion First of all I typically always book my airfare myself. However, I usually never book to arrive in Papeete the same day the cruise leaves unless I'm sure there are other passengers on the same cruise ... on the same flight and they booked through the cruise line. This is a play it safe way to book your own airfare. I was able to snag $539 R/T on United from SFO - PPT 🙂 Many times it is cheaper to book the IC Tahiti on a 3rd party site as a one night price. I've been able to get for $260 which includes breakfast for 2. Typically the room is ready early, maybe not 9:00 but early. I just leave the bags with the hop and enjoy the pools ... then grab the room key.
  14. The Tahiti Nui Hotel has been known to take luggage but they will charge a fee. Of course the airport has a luggage place as well. There was going to be a new storage place in the new cruise ship facility but it hasn't been built yet though they cleared the land for it. My guess that will be several years off due to the C-19 situation.
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