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  1. tomnirene

    Alternative restaurants

    thanks, everyone, for your opinions. Sounds like I can skip the Pinnacle Grill and perhaps spend my money on martinis instead! And, yes. Melodie, I can't get the goat cheese souffles out of my head (and taste buds), even though it's been about three years since I last had one.
  2. tomnirene

    Alternative restaurants

    I've had the good fortune to dine at Normandie, Celebrity Summit's alternative restaurant and it easily exceeded most of the best restaurants I've been fortunate enough to enjoy in Southern California. Looking forward to our Alaska cruise on the Volendam in June and am wondering if anyone can compare their experience at Pinnacle Grill to Normandie.
  3. tomnirene

    Only 3 Mariner Tiles for 2008 ...

    I'm newto HAL, after cruising with Princess and Celebrity previously. Can someone tell me the story of these tiles, their significance, etc.? Thanks.
  4. tomnirene

    Juneau restaurants?

    Anyone have recommendations for restaurants in Juneau that would offer a "fine dining" experience for a 60-something father, his 21-year-old daughter, and her boyfriend? Something with a great view, excellent food, good service, and maybe off the tourists' beaten path? Or should we just go to the Red Dog? Thanks!
  5. tomnirene

    Sample menus?

    Does anyone know where to find sample HAL menus? We're off to Alaska on the Volendam in mid-June and need to plan our eating activities accordingly. Thanks.
  6. tomnirene

    Fewest biting bugs, least humid?

    We went in late June and, if anybody would have suffered from humidity or mosquitoes, my wife would have. Never got bitten--never had a day that was too steamy. Have a great time, whenever you go!
  7. tomnirene

    Peak season for Hawaii/Tahiti cruise?

    We were on the 6/22 TP sailing. Hawaii wasn't part of the itinerary so can't comment on weather there, but weather in French Polynesia was [B]perfect![/B] Highs in the low- to mid-80s during the day and 70s at night. Only had a couple of minor showers and humidity was no problem. If it had been, DW would surely have let me know and she never mentioned it.
  8. tomnirene

    What is your MOST favorite thing to do in Tahiti?

    Agree with jdechter. Did the land/snorkel/picnic and had a great day. Second choice would be the Aqua Safari (helmet dive) on Bora Bora. Did a lot of great snorkeling on several islands, but this gave us an "up close and personal" encounter with the fish! My slightly claustrophobic non-swimmer wife thought it was the greatest thing ever.
  9. tomnirene

    tp report

    Tahitisweetie- We did the land tour and, yes, I remember the red diaper incident. You looked stunning! We were there with our teenage daughter, sitting at a table on the right side of the group. None of us got wrapped up in the pareos. You might have seen us climb into a boat toward the end of the picnic and go off with Marc's assistant for a private tour of the nearest restroom (outhouse, actually). And to prove what a small world it is, we were sitting at our table with another family with three sons, all of whom had gone to the same university our daughter attends. Kind of amazing! You have a return trip scheduled yet?
  10. tomnirene

    Marc's tour is still number one

    We took his 4-wheel/snorkeling/picnic tour. Enjoyed touring the island and having Marc share his knowledge with us. What a nice guy! Snorkeling and picnic were outstanding too.
  11. tomnirene

    tp report

    Tahitisweetie, Wanted to thank you for the great review, especially since I find out now that we were on the same cruise and you reminded us again of what a great time we had! We were also on Marc's tour in Huahine. Were you on his land tour with us in the morning? What a great time we had that day! Right now I'm sitting here looking out my office window at smoggy Los Angeles and wishing I was back snorkeling with the sting rays. Now, what are we going to do to top that cruise??
  12. tomnirene

    Marc's tour is still number one

    We booked about a month before our cruise, but may have been pushing our luck. Noticed we were the last name on Marc's handwritten list when we met him at the dock. You may want to check back with him periodically. This is a tour you don't want to miss!
  13. tomnirene

    Inside Passage-port Or Starboard?

    We had a balcony on (Heavens!!!) another cruise line and found breathtaking scenery on both sides of the ship. And we had some backtracking going into and out of some ports, so if we didn't see the scenery from our balcony going in we would see it going out. In any event, this is one cruise where you'll [B][I]definitely [/I][/B]want a balcony, whichever side of the ship it's on.
  14. tomnirene

    Tahitian Formal Nghts

    Anyone know when the formal nights are on TP Cook Islands cruise? Thanks.:)
  15. tomnirene

    cashing traveler's checks on casino

    And where is cash available off the ship? Easy to find an ATM or...? Thanks.