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  1. wondering if Crystal Motzart still offers as an included excursion a dinner in a Michelin Star restaurant in Vienna on its Danube cruise?
  2. owen15cruiser

    Crystal Motzart Fixed Window Cabin

    Yes, thank each of you for your responses. They have helped in our plannings!
  3. owen15cruiser

    Crystal Motzart Fixed Window Cabin

    Has anyone had any experience booking a fixed window cabin on deck one of the Motzart? I understand that these are partially under water. Does the limited view make much of a difference?
  4. owen15cruiser

    Changing dining reservation on Serenity

    thank you for the info!
  5. owen15cruiser

    Sport Coat

    husband feels as though he should wear a sport coat in main dining room at night.;however he has been told that he should wear at least a dark suit for formal night. He does not want to shlep two jackets as we will be in Istanbul a few days before we depart. could he get away with nice white shirt, nice tie, and navy blazer on formal night? Or would this be offensive to others?
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    has anyone returned from Istanbul lately? Are Americans safe?
  7. Would anyone know how difficult it would be to change from late dining to dining by reservation once on board?