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  1. Celebrity Mercury around the '97-'99 time frame. 7 days. Vancouver to Alaska. I loved the cruise but don't waste an Alaska trip on a 10-12 year old. I didn't appreciate it then, but I had a great time in the arcade.
  2. I'll cruise as soon as my schedule allows. I was supposed to be on one in Alaska later this month. I am booked on one for January 2021 in the Caribbean, and rebooked Alaska for June 2021. I don't think my schedule will allow for any cruises prior to January, but if it does, I'll try to be on one.
  3. I'm thankful HAL finally made it official, but the 125% FCC will not be a savings. I looked at my same week next year, and it is more than 25% price increase. This is over the original price I booked at, not the very low fares posted recently. ETA: didn't realize next year's fare includes the "Have it ALL promotion". That's part of the large price increase.
  4. If you are on facebook, please ask HAL on their page what their plans are for Alaska in May and June. You could also ask why they removed the travel advisory about Canada closing from their website. I am not on Facebook, but have heard corporations react to comment on their social media quickly.
  5. As in HAL is not speaking with people wanting to change their currently booked plans?
  6. When I spoke with HAL, they told me it could be 6 months before I got money back, if I chose to cancel and have my deposit refunded.
  7. Wow, that's shady. I'm new to HAL, this was going to be our first with them. Not sure I could be more disappointed in how they are handling this.
  8. I would just like a response from HAL. I think not canceling these June cruises is dishonest because they know they will not happen. I understand they don't want to lose my deposit right now, but I will have a hard time trusting them with money for future cruises. I don't even want my deposit back, I just want to reschedule a future cruise, but if I don't have clear options on April 18 (when final payment is due), I'll probably just let them keep the $99/pp and I'll do something else.
  9. I'm in the same boat as you 😁, but sailing later in June. I previously put down a deposit of $350/pp when booking. If I cancel before 4/18, I can get all but $99 back (the current deposit amount), but they said it will take 6 months to get the refund. I tried to move my current booking to one later in the summer, but was told I would forfeit the perks I currently have because HAL has not officially acknowledged that my cruise is impacted, even though it clearly won't happen due to the Canadian ports being closed. Celebrity has already canceled all Alaska cruises through July 1. What is HAL's hold up? I know they won't to hold onto all of the money they can, but not giving a clear picture of future plans makes me want to just ask for all of my money back, except $99, instead of a FCC. They would definitely make more than $99 of me on a future cruise, and they could hold my money longer. I am really confused by their current stance.
  10. I'm guessing FCC will be tied to each person individually.
  11. Does anyone else have an Alaska cruise booked this summer? With Canada closing their borders to cruise ships until July 1, there isn't much HAL can do about cruises scheduled before then. Celebrity has already canceled their cruises, but HAL is taking a wait and see approach, at least publicly. I just got off the phone with them. I was trying to move my booking to a week in July. They are advising me to not change the booking at this time. I asked where are they going to sail to if they can't stop in Canada. They are not sure at the moment.
  12. Thanks. I did not realize that and was debating what to do prior to final payment next week. Looks like I can wait another month. I think the other members in our travel party are becoming more hesitant everyday.
  13. It seems like every organization is playing follow the leader right now. No one wants to be accused of not taking every precaution. I’m guessing every line will implement a similar policy. ETA: this will be very difficult for people who are doing land based travel prior to the cruise, which is very common in some areas, such as Alaska.
  14. Hello, Our party of four will be sailing on the Westerdam June 21, 2020. 7 days in Alaska, Seward to Vancouver. This will be all of our first time on HAL. My wife and I are experienced cruisers on Celebrity, Royal, and Disney. My in-laws have been on one prior cruise, Norwegian, years ago. I am very excited to try out HAL.
  15. I've never been on HA, but I'm booked on the Westerdam in Alaska this summer. Are these tiles you can buy in the gift shop on board? Do they change each year?
  16. We have fun decorating our door. Y'all are missing out. I'm probably my bothered by your sense of style on Forma... I mean Chic night than you are by my door decorations, so we're even 😂🤣
  17. What's so miserable about that? 😂😂
  18. lbfluffy, how was your stay?
  19. Their prices fluctuate a lot as the staterooms start to fill up. It seems like the last quarter of rooms per category are significantly more expensive than the first quarter booked, if the cruise is still a ways off. When people cancel at final payment time, the rates will likely drop again.
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