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  1. Pelican and Blue Finn definitely keep showing up in our searches. As of now, however, Carnival doesn't actually have any official sunset sail as part of their official excursions. Seems odd. It's been a couple of days since I checked on the Carnival site, maybe they will add one. But, yeah, Pelican and Blue Finn seem to be widely recommended and respected. Thanks for confirming. Need to check into Blue C. Have heard less about them.
  2. Thanks. We are also a table of 8. As it turns out, it was a glitch in the system. We're all booked for 6:00 pm "early" dining. 7:00 would probably be ideal, but that's not a thing. lol. We like having the same table and staff throughout the week. Creatures of habit. lol. Thanks.
  3. Sailing Carnival Horizon September 7. Itinerary includes a late arrival and departure in Curaçao. Looking for a great sunset sail. Would welcome any recommendations from experienced travelers.
  4. So, my cruising crew of 7 just realized that we don't have any option other than anytime dining. Called Carnival, and was told that the "early and late dining" is not an option on our cruise (Sep 7). Both dining rooms are apparently being used for "anytime dining." Very unusual, at least in my 5 previous cruises with Carnival. There was just enough hesitancy in the operator's voice that I'll probably call back a time or two to confirm this.
  5. Thanks @JaniceB and @cmichael1279! Appreciate the feedback.
  6. Hey all. Sailing Carnival Horizon in September 2019. I've been on 5 Carnival Ships (Conquest class mostly), so this will be my first "new" ship. Excited. A few questions: On the Conquests class ships, there was a "seafood" place for fish & chips and ceviche (and bouillabaisse) upstairs from the lido buffet. I know there's an a la carte "seafood shack" on the Horizon, but is there any place that serves ceviche? Is the "make your own bloody mary" bar still a thing? What times does Blue Iguana open for breakfast? Thanks in advance! George
  7. Silly question... coin operated or can you use your S&S card?
  8. Great amount of interesting detail in your review. Much appreciated. Sailing in 285 days. Not that I'm counting or anything.
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