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  1. Why have I never thought about doing it this way! I am always trying to remember what amount I budgeted for what!
  2. I personally much prefer anytime dining. I’ve done late once, but that’s not for me. I’m not very good at watching time and I don’t care for the buffet, so I like to go whenever I’m hungry. I haven’t had to wait more than 10 mins for a table before. I much prefer a table for two, which I can request whenever I show up. Even when I don’t request it, it’s usually what we get.
  3. Most medical implants are made of non-ferrous metal/ stainless steel. This way MRI won’t bother them (see article klfrodo posted). Even if the metal implant in question is ferrous, after several weeks inside the body, fibrous scarring sets in reducing the risk of metal implants moving (source: ACR Guidance on MR Safe Practices). Depending on the area of the implant and area of the scan would determine how safe an MRI would be. So, no, you wouldn’t blow apart, even if you were not properly screened prior to setting foot near MRI. (I am aware that you probably already know this, but knowledge is power! Also, I dislike that their is a ton of false information floating around about my field.) Typically, the only body part that is x-rayed prior to MRI is the eyes. And then only in patients that have a risk of metal shavings in their eyes.
  4. I don’t love guys burgers, but I still eat them on the cruise. They aren’t that terrible for what they are, which is fast food on a cruise ship. Not a fan of In and Out. My favorite fast food type burger is The Habit. Though I have not had Whataburger.
  5. I don’t separate bar bill from my total folio bill and still haven’t exceeded $500. I’ll probably spend less this upcoming cruise, the almost $500 was with my ex. I have tried the RCCL equivalent at $42.99 pp/ day for 2, and even with trying every single drink that remotely caught my eye, we still hoarded Red Bulls to break even!
  6. Mine says $95pp. In the description it lists an automatic 18% gratuity. I don’t think I’ll be booking it for that price.
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