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  1. As long as we keep pushing #ZeroCovid, I suspect many folks are going to be disappointed when their cruise gets cancelled, vaccinated or not.
  2. Even here in The People's Republic of Maskachusetts, things have returned to normal faster than I ever thought possible. I haven't worn a mask anywhere since April. It's going to be increasingly difficult to justify pandemic theater at sea, when every attraction on land is open at 100% capacity with massive crowds. Oh and there is probably 50/50 chance FDA pulls/modifies the EUA for under 18 on Friday. Germany and UK have both said they are not vaccinating under 18 without pre-existing conditions.
  3. Very few businesses successfully banned smoking before the government did. 90% (maybe even higher) of bars and restaurants allowed smoking prior to the government bans. Vaccinations would be similar if the CDC wasn't sticking their nose in. Carnival made it very clear that if not for the restrictions and red tape imposed by the CDC, they would be vax-optional as well. It's not "free choice", and it's not "free markets", when the CDC if forcing a choice between "prison ship at sea" and mandatory vaccinations. If Disney World can be completely restriction free as of today, so c
  4. Depends on where you are I guess... here in the US we still have many people in prison for "crimes" associated with a substance that isn't even illegal any more. I also remember sitting on my balcony and smelling that substance billowing all over the ship despite the fact that both smoking on balconies and the substance itself were disallowed by Carnival. And people think they are going to keep "viral proteins" that billow into the air the same way but you can't even see or smell them off the ship...
  5. And with that outcome, the narrative that we heard from a few posters: "a single case of Covid onboard will end cruising" dies...
  6. What is the average duration of a stay in "close residential"? I would imagine it's considerably longer than the average cruise duration and thus more supportive of the long incubation time of Covid.
  7. When you "counted incorrectly", no big deal. But when another poster does it, its misinformation or lying?
  8. I've pointed this out before, but I think its pretty relevant to your comparison here. We need to differentiate between short duration and long duration (more than 7-day) cruises. Because of the long incubation time of Covid (2-14 days) most of the positive cases detected on a short duration cruise will be people that contracted the infection at home or while traveling to the cruise. Those who actually catch Covid during a cruise will most likely disembark and disappear into the contact tracing abyss before becoming symptomatic (or able to test postive), similar to air travelers, sporting e
  9. I actually did come out ahead one time on the comps at a land casino... The guy checking the bets and marking them into the players club system thought I was the guy the next to me playing the green and black chips. Got credit for 4 hours at $75 average bet. Dinner was free for the rest of the trip and 2 more trips after.
  10. On the Diamond Princess, Patient 0 had developed a cough the day before he boarded, January 19, and was likely viral shedding profusely at boarding on January 20.
  11. The reason norovirus spreads so quickly on ships is because the incubation period is 12-24 hours. Covid is 2-5 days. On a 7-day cruise you are the short end of barely 2 infection cycles, assuming everyone incubated at the low end. Getting to 50 cases would be exceedingly unlikely on a 7 day or less.
  12. Patient 0 boarded the Diamond Princess on January 20, 2020. It took over 2 weeks, until February 5 to get 10 positive cases. Nobody on that ship was vaccinated. The chances of getting to 50 cases on a 7-day cruise, even completely unvaccinated, seems ridiculously low.
  13. Yep, "Great news, 81% fully recovered from myocarditis, pay no attention to the 19% with a long term debilitating illness"
  14. Because of this myocarditis issue along with the other unknowns from this new vaccine technology, Germany will not recommend the vaccine for healthy children under 18. https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/german-panel-gives-limited-approval-covid-19-shot-adolescents-2021-06-10/ "not currently recommending the use of the vaccine for those aged 12-17 without pre-existing conditions"
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