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  1. I can't even get to the screen to look at alternative cabins. I spoke with HAL and they said there are loads of vista suites available. I checked the website today and its still doing the same thing. Very strange. Can't believe its an IT error at this point. Must be intentional by HAL, but why? And why not alert the user that this option to select your own cabin isn't available online, even though it says it is by giving you the option to "edit" the preselected cabin choice.
  2. Interesting. Glad its not just me. I doubt its a web site problem, because they surely could have fixed that quickly. Might have something to do with this cruise being under review for who knows what; and/or the Zaandam being reconsidered as the ship for this itinerary, or something else..... but how that relates to cabin choice is beyond me.
  3. Getting availability is no problem. Its when I get to the part to select a specific cabin by changing the cabin they initially assign to you when booking through their website. It says I can go ahead and edit it and select my own cabin, but then when I try it goes "white screen". I've tried multiple web browsers (inc. Chrome) and the same thing happens. Can you choose a specific vista suite cabin for the 9/4/21 Zaandam? Thanks!
  4. The HAL website continues to not allow me to select an alternaive vista suite for the 9/4/21 Zaandam cruise, even though it says I can. When I get to that point in the process (editing the preselected cabin, which is an option offered on the screen), the screen goes totally white. I've spoken to multiple agents at HAL and they have given me different answers as to why, including they would report it as a malfunction, to the cruise is pending revision, to other reasoning. Whatever the reason, seems really strange to allow the customer to go all that way and offer that choice, and just leave
  5. Good point! I'll keep my eyes out. Verandah deck seems like a better alternative for a vista suite then the navigation deck vis-a-vis less noise, even with the activities below if we find the correct cabin location. Thanks,
  6. Could mean that this itinerary and/or ship will be changed as part of the HAL reassessment.
  7. Nope. Still doesn't work. It does not let me select a cabin on the Verandah deck, even though thats an option.
  8. We were looking into booking the 7 day Zaandam 9/4/2021. HAL website lets me get all the way through the booking until I try to change to the Verandah deck to select a room and then the screen goes white. Called HAL and they said it was because they were redoing all the itineraries after selling the 4 ships. Anybody have any insight into what this means for the 7 day Montreal to Boston cruises in 2021? Different ship to be used? HAL person had no idea on a time frame. Thanks,
  9. Thanks! No problems with the Explorers Lounge close by immediately below?
  10. I was also thinking over the Shops would be quiet because they close at night. Thoughts?
  11. Thanks. Very reassuring. I was about to give it up. 🙂 What's the Kings Room?
  12. We are optimistically considering an August 2021 cruise on the Zaandam, but are concerned that all of the Vista Suites either have common areas above or below. Does anyone know of any of the Vista Suites on the Navigation or Veranda decks (only choices for vista suites) which have no noise issue with the areas above or below? Thanks,
  13. Does anyone have a copy of the latest room service menu for the Joy? Thanks,
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