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  1. rflan22

    Sky - Just off, Ask away

    MDR was relatively casual, saw many shorts and polos. My wife thought the ship was cold so she normally wore pants. I did see 1 guy get turned away wearing a sleeveless shirt. No issues with spring breakers at all. I see i am responding after you have already sailed, interested if you had problems with anything?
  2. rflan22

    Sky - Just off, Ask away

    Only thing i ever saw in the Italian Restaurant was the Pizza. Was usually pretty empty in there. Its in a strange location as part of it is a walkway to get from the pools to the AFT on the Port Side. FYI on Paddle boarding, this books up fast. These sold out a week prior to our cruise.
  3. rflan22

    Sky - Just off, Ask away

    I did not see any sushi restaurant, but i was not actively looking for one either. So my assumption is no, but i could be wrong. Quick general tips: Bring an extension cord for rooms, only 1 outlet in our oceanview room. At GSC they use Tender Tickets, they announce that 1 person from each party should go to Dazzles to report their group size and receive their Tender time. However, if you go with your full group and are ready to get off immediately, they will put you on the next available Tender.
  4. rflan22

    Sky - Just off, Ask away

    Just posted the drink menus, i did not take the pictures, but these are the same as they were on the ship. Anything listed as included can be mixed, ie, Captain and Coke is included. They also DID NOT scan room cards for drinks, simply just asked for it and it was made. So i do not believe they enforce any type of # limit, because they did not track it in anyway. I heard that they will cut off people who are clearly trashed, but i never saw anyone in that condition.
  5. rflan22

    Sky - Just off, Ask away

    I did not keep the Dailys, but this thread has ones that look very similar. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2539744&highlight=sky We did make GSC and the weather was perfect. Really likewhat Norwegian has done with it, and with the Sky being a fully open bar, allthe bars on the Island were included which was fantastic.
  6. Just of the Sky yesterday, any questions? Loved it!
  7. rflan22

    NCL Sky - Atlantis Beach Break

    Hey there, i just got off the phone with the NCL shore excursion team. I was hoping to book the Atlantis & Beach Break excursion because we have shore excursion credit to burn. The lady said the bus leaves @ 830 at the Dock, and we must be back on the bus @ 1 for the return bus, there are not later buses....Is this true?? Ship doesnt depart until 5 pm, so we would still have 4 extra hours. If it is true, whats the harm in just taking a Taxi back later on our own? And could we take a taxi from Atlantis to the Watlings Rum Distillery?
  8. Apologies for lack of spaces in post, pasted in from Word and for some reason the spaces disappeared.
  9. Hey friends! I am fresh off the Conquest and am willing toanswer any questions you may have. Ill do a real quick review ~ The Ship: We loved it! Everything was great, from the foodto the service to the cleanliness. Not 1 single complaint. I see a lot of postsabout how she needs updated, and sure, she could use some touch ups here andthere, but nothing that affected our trip at all. If you are upset about a fewknicks and scratches here and there, you need to RELAX!!! Fort Lauderdale: We embarked at a different terminal than I expected,forgive me as I don’t know the exact terminals #’s. When we embarked the ship parallelto the beach. Took us about 35 mins from being dropped off to when we got onboard. While waiting in line the computers shut down so that caused about a 10min delay, so without that it would have been pretty quick and easy. Not toobad at all in my opinion. Debarking, we docked with the ship perpendicular to thebeach, next to the massive RC (Allure of the Seas maybe?) It literally took us5 mins from Ship to shuttle bus. Customs was a piece of cake!! We didself-assist, and we were on Deck 2. They started calling Deck 11 & 10 (wereworking their way down the decks) around 6:50 a.m. We were scandalous and headedto the lobby at that point, and without any questions or lines we simply walkedoff then. It was a breeze!! Grand Cayman: Took a taxi to Royal Palms for $4 each way. $2entry fee. This place was great, very clean and had a lot of open chairs andsand. There was a reef-like area right off the beach that we snorkeled at andsaw a ton of fish. Played some beach volleyball, had drinks served to us on thebeach (was $28 US for a bucket of Caybrews). Highly recommend for peoplewanting a simple beach day. Roatan: Jolly Roger Catamaran booked through Carnival. THISWAS THE BEST!!!!! The crew were fantastic, the water was clear, and the RumPunch was FLOWING!!! Food was fantastic as well. Highly highly highlyrecommend. Dive guide was great too. My GoPro strap broke in the water, and I watchedmy camera drop about 20 ft to the bottom. Dive guide immediately dove down andgrabbed it. Cannot say enough good things about this excursion. Belize: Cave Tubing with Lunch book through Carnival.Believe the tour was operated by Chukka. Was a really nice day, our guide onthe bus was great, he went by Mr. T. (think it was Tyreek). Made the 45 min busride seem like 10 mins. Very nice day and would recommend the excursion!! Cozumel: Did our own thing this day. Got a taxi driver forthe day for $50 a person, and he took us to the Mayan Ruins park and then downto Paradise Beach. His name was Manuel. He was awesome!! Super nice and veryhelpful. Mayan Ruins was pretty cool, we did not hire an inhouse tourguide and just explored on our own. There was a $10 entry fee to get into the park. Iguanas everywhere! Paradise Beach was AMAZING! We did not have to pay an entryfee with our driver, he gave us wristbands that let us in and gave us fullaccess on the inflatables in the water. This also included Paddleboards andKayaks! They do request you spend at least $10 at the bar, we got 2 drinks anda plate of Nachos for $30. Overall, the trip was fantastic and I loved every second ofit. Dealing with a little post-cruise depression as its back to reality today. Let me know of any questions you have either about theConquest, Ft Lauderdale, or any of the ports. Id love to help out!!
  10. rflan22

    Bed Configuration

    Regarding the bed arraignment, when you book through Carnival you are able to choose how you want the beds arraigned on the website prior to boarding. Im not sure how this is done through a TA, but you can definitely request your arraignment prior to boarding with Carnival. I would suggest calling Carnivals customer service and see if they can look up your booking through your TA and note it on your account.
  11. Hey friends, i had read some pretty poor reviews on the Conquest muster drills throughout 2016, was curious to how they have been recently, are they any better? Are they scanning cards now? Also, what time is it at? I've seen posts that the Conquest doesn't leave the dock till around 6 with the large amount of ships in Port Everglades, even though it is scheduled to leave at 4. Thanks!
  12. How was the piano bar, did you go in the evenings at all? Did it ever look busy? My group is big on Piano bars and am really hoping this one does not disappoint! And this is by far the best review i've ever read through. Knew i could count on an Ohioan for the best!!
  13. Greetings from Columbus!!! Looking forward to the rest, we sail the Conquest in 15 days!!
  14. rflan22

    Royal Palms

    Awesome! Thanks so much!! No mobility problems or kids.