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  1. Bring extra prescription medications. Our 7 day cruise lasted 11 days. Fortunately we docked in Cozumel and I was able to buy it there.
  2. Thanks Soremekum-I will tell my gf to try to update but I think she is ready to upgrade phones before her next cruise. Thanks Hallux-you said Sadly, it showed no upcoming cruises 😞 Bu since I don't have anything booked it's to be expected... 😁 Thanks LBD-I will check into that next week and maybe for my 3-1-20 cruise on Oasis I can try it out and report back.
  3. Well.. that's going to be above my pay grade. Tablet it is! Thanks
  4. Thanks for the replies, nice to know that I don't need the app to log in. Both tablets are android. It is on my android phone, no problem with that. My gf has an iphone 5 and she cannot get the app. Leaving on the Oasis on Sunday. I read that the cabins have smart tvs. Any chance I can stream from the tv with voom?
  5. I have tried to install the Royal app on 2 of my tablets. The play store says that the app is not compatible with either one. I was planning to stream and surf on them. Does anyone know why the app won't work? Thanks in advance for any help.
  6. Right, only need to send one with a couple of blue towels. 😉
  7. Thanks for the pics. It is lovely. I will only see it in daylight.
  8. Chris, your new video is so good! I love your enthusiasm. Can't wait to explore the Oasis on Dec. 8.
  9. Hi Chris, In the states the brand name is Bonine. You are right, it works great.
  10. Great news! I will have 2 Chris sightings before the end of the year. Next Monday and Dec. 8.
  11. Hi Chris, We just returned from the Mariner with 2 days at Coco Cay. As we are comped gamblers we missed the sea day casino time but enjoyed the ship and meeting you! The casino did not open until we had set sail from Coco Cay, around 5:15pm each day. We stayed in Nassau until 9:00pm but the casino opened at 7:00pm. It closed around 3:00am that night. The compass stated that there was lunch in the dining room on day 2, however we did not go. I hope that RCI and the Bahamas can agree to allow the casino to open earlier at Coco Cay when the ship is there for 2 days. Sea
  12. I don't know if Scarlet pearl is affiliated but possibly it just acquires the cabins from Carnival for promotions. I know several land based casinos give cruises to players but most of the time you have to physically go get the certificate. I don't know if I would have had to go to the casino as I didn't call the phone number provided. It was a nice casino, I lost there but hubby and friends won a little. We all did okay at Boomtown but the atmosphere would not be to everyones liking. I did like the free soda dispensers though.
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