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  1. Hi Chris, We just returned from the Mariner with 2 days at Coco Cay. As we are comped gamblers we missed the sea day casino time but enjoyed the ship and meeting you! The casino did not open until we had set sail from Coco Cay, around 5:15pm each day. We stayed in Nassau until 9:00pm but the casino opened at 7:00pm. It closed around 3:00am that night. The compass stated that there was lunch in the dining room on day 2, however we did not go. I hope that RCI and the Bahamas can agree to allow the casino to open earlier at Coco Cay when the ship is there for 2 days. Sea you next month Chris!
  2. I don't know if Scarlet pearl is affiliated but possibly it just acquires the cabins from Carnival for promotions. I know several land based casinos give cruises to players but most of the time you have to physically go get the certificate. I don't know if I would have had to go to the casino as I didn't call the phone number provided. It was a nice casino, I lost there but hubby and friends won a little. We all did okay at Boomtown but the atmosphere would not be to everyones liking. I did like the free soda dispensers though.
  3. I just booked shows for Dec. 8, 2019. I noted there was no aqua show listed. Anyone have any thought why the show was not listed?
  4. To my knowledge you cannot match casino status among different lines and I won't try to convince someone who wants to pay for something free. However, I did contact urcomped for an explanation of what you heard. So for anyone else following this thread here it is. I'm happy to address the misconceptions 🙂 "I read that if you book through URcomped you will not be eligible for direct mail offers from the cruise lines so I would rather pay more the first time and not lose out on future offers. I don’t want to limit myself to what URcomped has on offer. I also prefer to deal with the cruise line directly. If anyone has different experience I’d love to hear about it." We can book casino players through our comp system as well as redeem direct offers that you may receive from the cruise line as well. It has not always been this way but we have worked out a great system with our partners to be able to redeem any offer that you would get in the mail or via email. " Maybe it depends on your host or level of play. I’ve heard from urcomped customers who say that whatever offers are loaded on their urcomped accounts are not honored and since they don’t get any offers directly they are limited to urcomped unless they book their annual prime or cruise earned certificate. so for example, they log into their urcomped account AFTER taking a urcomped cruise and a certain category comp appears on their offers for a specific sailing - BUT when they request that category comp they are told they have to pay for the upgrade from a lowered category... no explanation other than offers are not guarantees... On the other hand, if someone gets direct rccl offers, their offers are actually based on what royal will give them so long as they provide the offer code. No guessing, no bait and switch, and no middle man... anyway just my personal preference of bird in the hand.. but of course I’m sure there are many people with more positive experiences and I’m glad you are one of them!" I think I understand what they are asking but could be misreading it. After someone has taken a trip with us, the offers they see in their URComped account are based on the play data from that trip. It takes anywhere from 30 - 60 days for us to get that play report and in the meantime the qualification level stays at the initial comp level we estimated the player at based on their uploaded offers. A lot of times, what people will do is request to book another trip before their play data is added to their URComped profile and their comp level ends up being lower based on their play and they do not qualify for a full comp or the offer they see online. I try to remind all of my players to wait to book another trip after we get the play data back on their 1st trip. Additionally, rates change all the time with cruise lines. We try our best to update them all but it is tough to always have the updated prices on several hundred itineraries. I appreciate you going to bat for us. Those on the fence about using our services don't know what they are missing 🙂 Mallory URComped
  5. I will forward what you heard to UrComped for an explanation as none of that has been my experience. Of course maybe our level of gambling has something to do with our satisfaction. In any case, if I become dissatisfied with UrComped I can always book directly with the cruise line and the offers will appear by email, snail mail or on their site as I will no longer be a customer. Just for fun you might want to look at their facebook page.
  6. I would not have recommended UrComped if I wasn't completely satisfied. They get your offers and better offers and post your offers to the site when you log in. You are not missing anything and most times they can get upgrades and sailings the cruise line won't offer you. You can pay the cruise line directly if that concerns you. I have even made changes directly with RCCL when I needed to. They also have access to several cruise lines and land casinos, once qualified you get comped on a wide array of options without having to pay more the first time on each line/casino. I don't work for them, I am retired and travel a lot and have found them to be the best deal for casino players. I currently have 4 booked cruises with them, 2 balconies and 2 Jr. Suites that I am sure RCCL would not have given me. I am going to try Celebrity and MSC next, for free!
  7. Send copies of your land or cruise offers to UrComped. I received a lot of offers and upgrade prices were very reasonable.
  8. Great offer! It would take one like that to get me back to Carnival. Funny thing, I was casino hopping in Biloxi in early July and spent about an hour and a half in the Scarlett Pearl casino. I got a mailer the other day for a free inside cabin on Carnival from them. I was a regular Carnival cruiser until the offers went south so I moved on. I suggest you get with UrComped and send them a copy of your offer. It is amazing how many offers from different cruise lines you will receive. Have a great trip!
  9. We are just off an "extended" cruise with RCI. Take this for what it is worth but the staff said the damage at Coco Cay would require about a month to repair. Not to say that there won't be stops there, but some of the activities may not be available.
  10. I wish all casinos would ban the practice of people playing other's side bets. I don't like to say no at a friendly table but it is distracting. If friends want to do it I have no problem. Thanks for the odds on the BJ side. A guy playing with DH in a BJ tournament played the side and hit the lucky ladies once, almost guaranteeing him the win, (he won the tourney) so maybe in that format it is a strategy. Enter for $25 to win $500.
  11. Similar story on one of our Carnival cruises, guy shows up appearing to be very drunk. He plays erratically then asks to up his bets on two spots. Casino agrees. He is doubling down on 12s and 13s and winning like crazy. DH and I assumed he was counting cards or had a partner and was just acting drunk. He took them for over $100,000. The worst part, he never tipped the dealers. Carnival began giving us weak offers so we switched to RCI via UrComped. I am happy with their comps and how they are upfront with what comps you can receive. The upgrade prices are great. They also add special deals in addition to their stated comps. I haven't sailed NCL in years. I would like info on their comps from a personal perspective. I may try MSC and Celebrity sometime because UrComped has some cruises listed with them. Favorite Las Vegas casino is Green Valley Ranch with a side trip to Southpoint. Beau Rivage in Biloxi with a side trip to Boomtown. I would enjoy reading your report very much. Which ship will you be on? I have never had a huge win on the tables, (a few on slots). Do the casinos you have frequented give a W-2 on table wins? I am sure your report will answer a lot of questions and would be appreciated by the forum members.
  12. I am a newbie to Royal and have received 2 different answers to my question (seems par for Royal, lol) Our first and only Royal cruise was in early March of this year. My husband and I both reached prime so we received free cruises. What I would like to know is if we turned Prime on the last calendar year do we receive free casino drinks for this year. Thanks to anyone who can clear this up and save me some money on the drinks package.
  13. They kept St. Kitts which is farther away than St. Thomas. Is it because they make more revenue on excursions etc. in St. Kitts?
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