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  1. When is the last time you tried? On each of my last cruises, the cabin steward says they need a work order to have it done. Each time it's either the room steward or a maintenance guy that comes and opens it. Each time I had to go to customer service to request it...
  2. From my understanding is that if they open up too many the wind would be too much. Like if the entire side was open the stuff would blow off the balconies. Iā€™m not really sure. Maybe other will chime in...
  3. Make sure as soon as you get on the ship, go to customer service (FTTF Line) and request your balcony partition be opened up. Have one person from the other cabin get in line with you just in case they want their permission. We stayed in one of these with my parents staying next door and it worked out great so we could share the huge balcony. Then the room steward or maintenance person will open it sometime soon. They only are only allowed to open up a certain amount of partitions on the ship so don't procrastinate on requesting this. With FTTF you can show up whenever you want and if the ship isn't boarding yet, you will have an area to sit down that's inside to wait with other FTTF people. You will be called right after Platinum and wedding parties. Hope this helps! Any let me know if you have any questions... -Gary
  4. Thanks so much for the incite! This is exactly what I was looking for! I want to show the other cruisers a great time without having to book a Carnival excursion and being let down again... We did one in Cozumel and could have just done it on our own instead of having 50+ other people crowded around us and constantly getting kicked and bumped into lol. That was a waste of money and took the whole day.
  5. How long do the gift cards normally take to be shipped? Just ordered a bunch but the final payment is due on the 16th... Kind of nervous that they won't arrive in time. I'm sorry if someone already covered this but there are soooo many pages to scroll thru on the thread lol Thanks in advance! Gary
  6. Sorry if this has been asked before... We are traveling as a group of 8 and would like to do our own day of snorkeling. We are all pretty fit and don't have any restrictions of what we can do. Or any excursions not thru a cruise line that take you out to a great reef that isn't mobbed with 50 people that kick each other because the water is so congested. Could anyone recommend a good place like a beach where we could taxi to that has decent snorkeling off of a beach? This way we could go snorkeling and have a beach day. We do have our own equipment but wouldn't hurt if the beach has rental. Thanks in advance! Gary
  7. I've had good results on https://www.cruisedeckplans.com
  8. We have assigned dining. With Carnival your assigned to that same table every night. Is it different with Princess?
  9. You aren't kidding! This info is very appreciated...
  10. That sounds so much more organized than Carnival... Thanks for the tip!
  11. Wow! This is great information! Will have to ask the maitre'd if we can get that window seat... Great input for sure! We love to brunch and have breakfast with random people. It's nice to conversation about where they are from and what they have planned. I find you get the most incite from those experienced cruisers... We have one of the AFT rear facing balconies, so the dinner would be super cool. We do like the paid specialty restaurants. Well worth the small extra charges... Thanks again! This is why I love Cruise Critic!
  12. Thank you everyone for your quick and valued responses! I think I am going to request a table of 6 for now. Maybe when the ship is up and running we will see the setup of the 2 top tables to see if they spaced them out more. Any other suggestions or tips/tricks for a 1st time Princess cruiser would be much appreciated also... Cheers!
  13. Hey Everyone! Brand new to Princess... We have always sailed Carnival in the past and are honeymooning on the Sky Princess on a Scandinavia & Russia Itinerary in May 2020. We are excited, but the vacation planner was asking us about requesting a table size. We enjoy dining with others but would not mind dining by ourselves (if that's what you would recommend). We prefer that same time dining each night, we picked the later dining time (think it was 7:15 pm) Need some advice as to what size table you would recommend. Carnival has always been good at placing us at a table with like minded and age appropriate couples (we are mid 30's). Does Princess also do this too? I wouldn't want to be seated with small kids or maybe elderly guests. We get along with everyone but no offense, it's our honeymoon and want to have some laughs and good conversation. We always had a 4 top table when cruising by ourselves. Thanks in advance, and take it easy on this Princess Newbie šŸ˜‰ Gary & Kristan
  14. Electronic craps? Is there a better way of winning Iā€™m not aware of over regular craps? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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