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  1. I suspect there will be plenty countries that will also insist on these measures before allowing potentially infected people to travel.
  2. No worries then but I suspect you will have to wait some time before being allowed to cruise again. I feel fortunate to live in a country that took this seriously from the start and has virtually eliminated it unlike others that have 10's of thousands of deaths or the USA which is tracking for 300k deaths by Xmas. If i'm not certain all steps including mandatory vaccinations or antibody tests for all passengers and crew I will cancel our booking. I've already lived through one lockdown and don't wish to do it again. As I said before I seriously doubt Singapore will let
  3. We'll see won't we but at least if people haven't had vaccinations shouldn't they produce a passport of sorts that show they have antibodies or should it just be open slather for all comers given that people from all over the world will descend on Singapore to board the ship. The Singaporeans will have a bunch of tough restrictions in place for anyone entering their country and I for one will be happy to comply.
  4. Hopefully this will quell many peoples fears regarding travelling in the future and whilst I understand that some won't want a vaccine that's their choice but it's also good policy to separate them from those of us who require one. If your an anti vaxxer you're probably going to have to wait a few years before travelling anywhere. Wife and I are booked on Princess cruise ex Singapore oct 2021 and she was worried about sharing a ship with possibly infected Americans being allowed to travel but I believe this passport will sort that out.
  5. I can't see any cruises operating out of Australia this year given Covid19 cases are increasing.
  6. Hi guys just popping by the boards to see if there is any positive news re Covid and cruising. Six years sounds like a stretch though I could easily see 2 years. Wife isn't impressed I retired this year and we had planned more cruises but for now it's stay at home, can't even take off to Port Stephens for a short break. Could be worse we could have the virus I guess.
  7. I guys, wife getting seriously restless so I thought I chase up cruising prospects again but alas the news is quite dire for those of us who are itching to get back out there. It seems without an effective vaccine in place that has proven to work cruising to foreign destinations is out of the question for at least another 2 years. We may see bubble cruises much earlier Home port to Home port no stops but I really can't see any long distance ocean cruising on the horizon.
  8. I personally can't see any cruise ships sailing within 6 months and probably much longer given the current Pandemic. There will no doubt be class action lawsuits against some companies and most ports would be gunshy regarding cruise ships until a vaccine is widely available. The recent bump is stock prices should be viewed with caution then IMHO.
  9. I think it's extremely doubtfull cruise ships will be allowed to operate until a vaccine is found and passengers can prove they have recieved it regardless of what Trump or anyone else wants. Hope many ships are now just floating in the oceans riddled with Covid19 right now? In Australia we have ships off our East and West coasts with the virus onboard and the government wants them to go away but I suspect they won't and will continue to just transfer people off the ships as they get sick indefinately.
  10. Quite possibly yes given that authorities will make them liable for ANY issues arrise as a fresult of Covid19. Gone will be the goodwill that is in short supply right now, just look at Australia telling ships to bugger and go somewhere else with your infected ship. Unless given the all clear by the authorities cruisers will be on their own next time they step foot on a vessel.
  11. https://7news.com.au/lifestyle/health-wellbeing/coronavirus-hit-cruise-ship-docks-in-perth-following-medical-emergency-c-76596 Looks Australia is taking all the passengers off then flying them home to Germany. 7NEWS understands an elderly man with a life-threatening illness was removed from the ship and taken to Fiona Stanley Hospital. The ship’s remaining passengers are still on board. At least four ambulances remain stationed outside the ship
  12. The Australian governement has banned all overseas travel for Australian citizens as of 2 days ago. I seriously doubt any cruise ships will be running for at least another 6 months after what has happened.
  13. It's certainly an interesting story and I expect that WA would do the right thing regarding sick passengers but it appears they don't want to be resposible for the whole ship. https://www.dw.com/en/coronavirus-australia-demands-german-cruise-ship-leave-its-waters-immediately/a-52920202 "Its home port is actually Germany...This ship needs to leave immediately. I want the Commonwealth to make that happen," McGowan told reporters in Perth. If the seven ill passengers need to disembark for treatment, they will need to go to a government facility, such as a defen
  14. I'd have to disagree we have over 130 right now linked to just the Ruby Princess and there are other cases here in Australia linked to ships that have been here before. The MSC Magnifica was allowed to refuel but sent on it's way with plenty of people onboard reporting respiratory issues. I think currently there are quite a few ships will ill people on them at sea looking to offload passsengers.
  15. The whole situation is quite dire regarding cruise ships and I hope all vessels are parked up for a few months ASAP given the health risks involved. Apparently the Navy is about to chase a cruise ship the Artania from Australian waters off the coast of Freemantle and we have more due to arrive in NSW. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-03-26/passengers-on-artania-cruise-ship-off-wa-test-positive-covid-19/12091884
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