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  1. Use the ships boots! I am heading back to Antarctica with Nat Geo/Lindblad- traveled down there 3 years ago. I too worried about the arches and calf sizes stipulated for the boots, but ended up using the ships boots and they were great. They are very experienced with fitting people for the boots, and while they may not be your totally perfect fit, they will be perfectly fine for the amount of time that you will have them on. If you have high arches, bring orthotics and extra thick socks. It is certainly not worth it to haul large, heavy boots down there, not to mention hauling dirty boots back
  2. Antarctica by Gabrielle Walker. Very informative and interesting read,
  3. Definitely agree with the orthotics or some type of insert. And remember that you will not be wearing these boots for more than a few hours a day- maybe 2 or 3 at the most. You must take them off once you board the ship after being on land. The boots provided by the ships are wonderful- super warm and waterproof. I usually only wore one pair of wool socks and my feet never got cold. No way would spend the money to buy them or take up packing room in the suitcase.
  4. Interesting. I too loved the zodiac cruising. I will check this all out.
  5. I went to Antarctica three years ago with Lindblad/National Geographic and am booked to go back in January. It was an amazing expedition- small ship (140 passengers), twice daily landings and talks given by world renowned scientists and National Geographic photographers. We had a big mix of nationalities and ages. I can't recommend this line enough- if I won the lottery, I would take every trip that Nat Geo offers. It is such an expensive trip that it is wise to do as much research as possible. And if you are prone to seasickness, be sure and talk to your Dr. as the crossing can get pre
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