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  1. I have 2 cruises currently booked. The first is to replace our Mardi Gras cruise that was canceled for December and we rebooked for Oct. 2021. Then I booked NCL Encore for Feb. 2022 to use our Cruise Next certificates that expire in 2022. Money was already invested in both, so no harm in getting them booked early and getting the rooms we wanted (Aft Balcony on Mardi Gras and Large Balcony on Encore.) I highly doubt I will ever book another cruise without a balcony. The only way I'd want to be stranded on a ship for a few weeks.😁😉
  2. We stayed 4 nights in Medora. The campgrounds in the NP were not open so we stayed at Medora Campground for 3 nights and the Red Trail Campground for 1 night as we added the last night a week prior and Medora Campground couldn't accommodate us for another night. Having stayed at both I would have booked our entire stay at the Red Trail Campground in hindsight since the sights were much nicer. We took my son's car to go through the NP North and South Loop. The kids rented bikes in Medora and road the trails around there and my daughter and her boyfriend did some golfing at Bully Pulpit golf
  3. No. We were at the same park a couple of years ago with my mother and it was much busier. Having said that we were there mid-week this time (not sure about last time).
  4. So far we have been on Epic, Escape, and Getaway. Of those Escape was my favorite followed closely by Getaway. We will be trying Encore in 2022.
  5. We rented a motor home and drove out to ND to visit DS and sight see at Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Came home and booked a cruise in October 2021 to replace our Carnival Mardi Gras cruise that just got cancelled for December and another one for February 2022 on NCL Encore to use our Cruise Next certificates that expire in October 2022. No other vacations are currently planned. We were lucky enough to sneak a trip to Las Vegas in at the end of February right before everything shut down.
  6. We happened to get back from a Las Vegas vacation at the end of February before everything shut down. We just got back from a trip to ND to see our DS. We rented a motor home so we could travel as safe as possible. We made a side trip with DS to Medora, ND to see Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Got my camping itch taken care of for a few years. Came back and rebooked my December Carnival Mardi Gras cruise that got cancelled just before we left to October 2021 and booked a new cruise on NCL Encore for February 2022. I'm sure we will try to get some kind of land vacation in before our Oc
  7. Since I posted this our Carnival Mardi Gras cruise in December got cancelled. We just returned from our motor home trip and I rebooked our Mardi Gras cruise for October 2021 and then booked a NCL Encore cruise for February 2022. While I enjoyed getting a chance to visit with DS, my camping fix is done for a long time...I really want to get back on a ship.
  8. We rented a motor home and are about to head to ND to visit DS and doing some biking/golf/camping in Medora. It may be our only chance to see him this year. He was going to be coming home to be in our best friends son's wedding in September but they just decided this weekend to go with a small wedding in Vegas and renew their vows and have a reception September 2021 instead. So now DS will be heading to Vegas instead of coming home to MI for a visit😔
  9. We currently have a cruise booked on the Mardi Gras for December. I have a strong feeling it will be canceled and even if it doesn't we will likely push it back to October of next year. In it's place we have decided to rent a 35 ft motor home and are heading out to ND to visit our DS next month. DD and her boyfriend will be coming with us. The plan is to pick DS up in Minot and head out to Theodore Roosevelt National Park and Medora for some sightseeing, biking and golfing. This, IMHO, is the safest way to travel right now. We don't have to stop anywhere to use public restrooms since we
  10. Did not choose to share a table before Covid-19. Will not choose to share a table after Covid-19.
  11. First, to get to a really nice affordable AI I would probably need to fly there. Flying is definitely not appealing to me any time soon. We can drive, which we don’t mind doing, to many different cruise ports. Second, an AI could never rock me to sleep like a cruise ship can. An important part of being on the ocean. For me, my favorite place to enjoy the ocean is on a cruise ship with a large balcony room. My favorite place to enjoy land would be to head to the canyons and mountains out west in a motor home. Those are my 2 favorite places to be. I’m not a beach pe
  12. First, I doubt I will ever book and inside or oceanview room again. It will be at least a balcony with an Aft Balcony being preferred. If I am going to be stuck on a ship I want to be able to get some fresh air and see the ocean. Second, I will start carrying my prescriptions in their bottles with at least 2-3 more weeks more than my vacation plans. Third, not any different, but we will continue to dine with just our cruising companions. Fourth, when going to public events we will be more diligent in finding areas to sit that away from the crowds or we wil
  13. Our next cruise is booked on Carnival Mardi Gras in December. Aft Balcony.
  14. We have an Aft Balcony booked on deck 14. Currently working from home and dreaming of December.
  15. I always go to check my credit balance the last night and then go to the casino and down load that amount into my casino account before I cash out my casino account with the casino cashier.
  16. Same here. I am waiting for my funds to become available before purchasing CCL and NCL stock.
  17. We are booked in December so no plans for us to cancel. However, friends of ours were scheduled to sail on March 22 and are cancelling today. They are cancelling because of the fear they could get quaranteened on the ship for 2 weeks not for fear of getting the virus. Quite frankly if this was next year at this time, after I retire in January, we would be looking to book a cheap cruise.
  18. Two things I already bring which is extra medicine (although I may need to rethink that in future and pack more than a 1 week extra supply) and my iPad loaded with books for reading. The other thing, which I usually never bring, is my work laptop so I could work from the ship. However since I will be retiring in January that would only be an extra item to bring on our next cruise in December...won't be needing it after that.
  19. Our first 2 cruises were on Disney. Our kids were 4 and 7 for the first one and 7 and 10 for the second. We went with friends who had kids the same age. These cruises were expensive but great for kids that age. It also got us addicted to cruising. Our friends, who were cruise veterans, planned both of those cruises. I switched to Carnival for our 3rd cruise when I found a fantastic deal. I didn't realize before that how inexpensive could be. We did a few more Carnival cruises before trying NCL. It was slightly more expensive than Carnival but we wanted to try something dif
  20. After 20 cruises, most to the Caribbean/Mexico, DH and I find port days on the ship to be most relaxing. We still get off when we sail to a port we have never been to or a port we really enjoy and when we sail with family and friends, but if it is just the 2 of us and we are at a port we have been to a few times already we look forward to a quiet day on the ship. Usually we spend some time in an empty jacuzzi or laying out in places where the sight and sounds are all ocean, just like the beach, without the hassle of getting to the beach or dealing with all the people or sand at the beach. I
  21. First thing I do when I get home from work is take of shoes/socks/sandals and go bare foot. Same thing happens on a ship. I'm still alive to talk about and never gotten sick over it. If only I could do it at work too. I do slip my feet out of shoes under my desk every once in a while where no one can see my shoeless feet. Socks stay on though.
  22. Port days are my days to break out the swimsuit and find empty jacuzzi's and lounge chairs in the adult only areas.
  23. In 2001 friends of ours convinced us to try it. They had gone on a few Princess and Royal Cruises and liked it. Our DS, 7 at the time, and DD, 4 at the time, were the same ages as their 2 boys. We decided to do a 4 night Disney World and 3 night Disney Wonder vacation together. We were hooked. In 2004 we asked all the kids if they wanted to go back to Disney World or do a 7 night cruise. A 7 night Disney Magic cruise won out. After that all our kids got going into sports and we were all working full time it made it too impossible for us to schedule longer trips like this together again
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