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  1. You might want to do your research. Those were true exemptions that Sparks was referencing that were posted here and in the media in real time as it was happening and are available for all to "google" if they don't believe.
  2. I I use an organizer like this. Instead of putting one days worth in each bag, I use one bag for each medication, red for morning and blue for evening. I put twice as many in as I would need for our vacation. As I am packing them up I snap a picture with my tablet (which comes with me) of each numbered bag, along with one of the pills and the original bottle with the prescription showing on it. I take 8 pills and vitamins in the morning and 7 in the evening. Taking all those bottles for me would be a huge hassle and space waster.
  3. We always fly in the day before. We have had too many instances where if we had been flying in the day of, we would have missed our ship. In one case we had a direct flight from Michigan to Orlando in June-weather was great. We ended up making an emergency landing in Tennessee due to mechanical issues and were on the ground for 5+ hours. Another case in April flying from Michigan to Miami on another direct flight. We were delayed in Michigan over 6 hours waiting for a replacement plane to show up from Pennsylvania because ours had mechanical issues. Many people on that flight were suppos
  4. Usually, if we have no alcohol package promo (NCL) or Drinks on us Casino Promo (Carnival) our alcohol doesn't come over $100 total for the 2 of us on a 5-7 night cruise. We may get 1-2 drinks per day and usually share them.
  5. That definitely would not have worked for us. We have lived in the same place for 30 years. My husband worked at the same place for 33 years. 25 miles south of us. I worked multiple jobs in the last 30 years. None of them closer 30 miles and none of them in the same direction as DH. On top of that we had one kid in dance 30 miles in another direction and another in soccer and basketball taking him all over the area. There would have been no way for us to share one vehicle. We do, however, drive our vehicles until they are almost dead. We currently have 2003 Mustang/2003 Explorer that
  6. I don't budget but I do keep a spreadsheet that forecasts what our future expenditures will be and our future revenue that goes out a couple of years and I update it as our actual numbers come in so I have a history going back multiple years. We have a certain dollar amount that goes into our checking, savings, and 401ks from my paycheck (DH is now retired) and I have forecasts of all our accounts. I do not forecast bonuses until I get them so they go straight into my savings, as do pay raises, and are always a nice boost to the forecast numbers when we get them. If we find our forecast
  7. I keep an excel spreadsheet for my vacations every year. I have one tab that is a generic packing list with all the necessities for DH and myself which I modify based on the length, temperatures, and type of vacation. I have one tab that tracks my allotted vacation day usage from work and what I have scheduled to take (last year for that as I am retiring in January and DH already is retired). I have one tab for each planned vacation for that year that I put a calendar of the month of our vacations so I can visually see the dates, our itinerary, addresses, phone numbers, confirmation numbers
  8. Same. DD had dance practice 2-3 nights per week so she and I would get home between 7-9 most week nights while DS would have Soccer and Basketball most nights so on the nights she didn't have practice (and even some nights she did) I would be heading to the soccer fields or basketball courts to watch him play. If we had a traditional dinner it would be on Sundays (excluding dance competition weekends). Most of the time dinner was what you could find in the kitchen or what you could buy on the fly. Which is why I normally ate a larger sit down lunch as my break from work during the day. I'
  9. My normal routine is up by 6:00 to be to work by 7:30. Breakfast is normally sometime during that time span. On the weekends and on vacations my internal clock has me up almost always before 8:00. Lunch at home is normally my main meal of the day with a light breakfast and supper. So having a light breakfast before 7:30 means I am ready for lunch at 11:30 and dinner at 5:30 when I get home from work. On vacations I normally eat a slightly larger breakfast a little later then I normally do with a light lunch around Noon- 1 pm and dinner at 6 pm. I couldn't even imagine eating dinner later
  10. We were on Sensation last October with anytime. We normally went down between 5:45-6:00 and always was seated immediately.
  11. We just went through this last year with my mother. She had a stroke 3 weeks before our cruise last year. That cruise was with NCL but that link posted previously was the same one I used for the NCL insurance. I just needed to provide all the required paperwork and was refunded quite quickly. This was the 2nd cruise we had to cancel. We also canceled one about 10 years ago when my Grandmother passed away the night before our Carnival cruise. Again no issues filling the paperwork and getting our refund. Praying that your mother-in-law recovers. My mother is now in an assisted living fac
  12. I couldn't directly answer your question. I purchase Carnival Gift Cards at either Meijer or AARP for a 10% discount using my Double Rewards Credit Card and pay for the cruise with my Gift Cards. Just before the cruise I cash out my Double Rewards on my credit card (which I pay for just about everything with and payoff in full every month) and use the cash for my spending money. I usually end up bringing half or more of my cash back with me and put in the bank to go towards paying off the that credit card.
  13. We saw dolphins sailing into San Juan and in the Gulf of Mexico one morning we saw thousands of jellyfish as far as we could see. Out of 20 cruises that is it. But I keep watching.
  14. IMHO When it comes to cruising nothing is really free. It is included in the price you pay or not. My niece has never cruised before and she and her husband got asked to cruise with friends next year. Yesterday she was asking me my opinion on the cruise their friends had selected since she thought the cost was kind of high. I agreed with her and helped her do some comparison pricing between the ship they were looking at and 2 others in 2 other lines. We looked at the same week since their friends were limited on when they could go, same Western itinerary leaving out of Florida for 7 night
  15. The only reason I would want traditional dining was if I was going with a group of friends and family so we could have a set time and place to meet for dinner. Otherwise I prefer the flexibility of eating when, where, and with whom I prefer. Anytime/Freestyle dining is one change in cruising, since we started cruising in 2001, that we absolutely enjoy and appreciate and has sold us on doing more cruises as a couple and with just immediate family.
  16. We take 20 oz SS insulated cups. We mainly use them at night. Filling them up with lemonade or ice tea and ice before retiring for the evening to place on the night stand. I get dry mouth a lot at night on cruises and prefer something ice cold to drink. At ports we usually just pick up a bottle of water at a local store if we need it rather than carrying our cups around with us. I sometimes fill up my cup with iced tea if heading to the lido or our balcony to lay out as well.
  17. Who said they were expensive? I just said they were in the middle. For me the middle is somewhere between $0 and losing $200 max in the casino (if we was losing, for both of us) or roughly $200 in gratuities (for 2). We rarely purchase more than 5-6 drinks between the 2 of us on a 7 day cruise and if I get souvenirs it is usually a piece of jewelry or some T-shirts. Sometimes not even that and rarely more than $100 between the 2. We are not big spenders on the ship. Especially now that the kids are grown and we are sailing more often on our own. I prefer sticking the money into better b
  18. I've sailed out of NY twice and both times the overwhelming majority of the passengers were from NY and NJ.
  19. To be quite honest I don't see much of a difference in the demographics and/or party atmosphere between NCL and CCL especially on 7 + day cruises.
  20. If I am losing then the Casino😏. If I am winning then gratuities😎. Drinks and souvenirs would be somewhere in the middle.
  21. We have driven anywhere from 14 hours (NY) to 26 hours (Miami) for cruises. We have flown just as often as we have driven. We always make sure to have a hotel room within 30 miles of the port the night before whether we fly or drive.
  22. Now that I do play and usually do hit on 21...although on my last trip to a casino it was my sons lucky 13 (he is my Friday the 13th baby) that hit for me.😁
  23. Not normally but I think I will play a little on that cruise 😉
  24. Hitting Platinum during our Mardi Gras cruise in December. This will be our 21st cruise overall (on 4 cruise lines)...21 is our lucky number. We met on the 21st and got married on the 21st and I am retiring early next year in January on the 21st.
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