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  1. We had that in a Cove Balcony on the Magic. Luckily no one was sitting on our balcony or had anything sitting out there when it happened (we were inside and saw it happen) or we would have gotten soaked. It was a beautiful sunny sea day and we couldn't use our balcony for a few hours after that because everything was wet.
  2. When we do this we usually stay at Embassy Suites in FLL and then get SAS transportation as our shuttle to Miami.
  3. We tend to mix it up. Each year we are up to 2-3 larger vacations (week long +)....hoping to expand that after I retire in 2021. My favorite types of vacations are a combination of land and sea. But we also take strictly land and strictly sea vacations as well. It all depends on the time we have available, where we are going and who is going with us.
  4. IMO cruise line rewards are not enough to keep me loyal to one line. I refuse to limit my choices because of them. We have been on 4 different cruise lines in 20 cruises. When other cruise lines meet our wants for a cruise we are looking for, then I am sure that number will go up. Each vacation has our own different set of wants. I look for the ship that best meets those wants for a price I am willing to pay. Cruise lines loyalty perks have never played into those wants.
  5. Our next cruise isn't until next year December on the the Carnival Mardi Gras. I am looking forward to discovering a new ship with new venues, turning Platinum, and our Aft Balcony room.
  6. We do all of the above as well. We are debt free. Drive our cars for 10+ years. Shop sales and use all the discounts I can find. I put both kids through college debt free as well...however, I also earned 2% back for every dollar I paid for their tuition buy charging it on my credit card and paying my credit card the following month. That alone was enough to pay for a couple of nice cruise for all 4 of us after each of them finished their senior year. It sounds like you have discipline. I am confused as to why you don't allow that discipline to earn you money? To each his own
  7. Card games like Uno, puzzle books, triple outlet extender with night light, small flash light, binoculars, mesh back pack
  8. That opportunity cost is only a risk if you lack the discipline to manage your expenses. If you feel you lack this discipline then that is the correct choice for you. For those with the discipline, credit card rewards are an excellent benefit. I charge absolutely everything I can to my credit cards and always pay the balance in full the following month. I think the only things I can't charge at this point are my property taxes and hair cuts/pet grooming done by my nieces. I keep just a small amount of cash on me for extremely small purchases. Everything else earns me vacation spending mo
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