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  1. SLSD, you're right, it turns out that is exactly what they did! Seabourn's recommended alternative leaving the same day from Barcelona as our cancelled 14-day cruise looks like two 7-day cruises of very different types stuck together, each starting in Barcelona. They dropped 4 of the best of our 12 original ports, cut Casablanca down to one day, and substituted in mostly resorts or beach towns and that crossover day needed in Barcelona. The first segment is now basically resorts and beaches. They kept some historically interesting cities in the second segment, but they cut Seville, Granada, Gi
  2. Sunviking, I'm sorry your cruise was affected also, and for your 50th anniversary too! Was this for August 2020? That makes at least 3 Ovation cruises they have cancelled. I wonder if there are others. Yes, they have handled this very poorly. I don't have any details for my "alternative cruise" either - just a map which shows the ports they substituted, and the same 2 week deadline as you to decide. This is so untenable, not at all what I expected from Seabourn.
  3. Yes, MySeabourn still shows my original ports and itinerary too. I would call your TA tomorrow - the email came to her. I called Seabourn directly, who confirmed the cancellation and pointed me to my TA. They also transferred me to Guest Relations, where I got voicemail.
  4. SLSD, There are no Ovation cruises listed on the Seabourn website now from April 25th to May 23rd 2020, so all I can go by is the map they sent in the letter. They dropped Gibraltar, Motril/Granada/Alhambra and Cadiz/Seville in Spain, and Porto in Portugal. They substituted St Tropez (in addition to Le Lavandou 45 minutes away), Portovenare and Portofino in Italy, and Palamos and Valencia in Spain. It is also likely they cut one of the two days in Casablanca to accommodate the extra port, but until I can actually see the new itinerary, that is a guess. So 4-5 of our
  5. Our May 9, 2020 Ovation "Spanish and Moroccan Sunsets" cruise Barcelona to Lisbon just got cancelled. It was almost fully booked already, with a great set of ports! Has anyone else experienced this, i.e. is this normal for Seabourn to cancel a published full cruise nine months out? Here is what they said: We are writing to inform you, this sailing has been canceled. We have changed our European itineraries to enhance the guests experience and to allow for better allocation of guest capacity for our 2020 season. What does that mean? This would have been our first cruise
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