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  1. I have taken 8 Seabourn cruises as a solo traveler. I was booked for my 9th Seabourn cruise in April but it was canceled. I have not booked another cruise yet. I always accept the invitation to have dinner in the dining room at a hosted table. I like that their seating arrangements separate couples so that everyone gets to talk to someone new. I agree that Seabourn cruisers are friendly and welcoming. The staff is very accommodating. I did one Silver Seas cruise and it was pretty good, but then I started with Seabourn and here I will stay.
  2. The Yellow Fever discussion! I had been booked on the Quest cruise from Manaus to Miami in April. I was very concerned about getting the vaccine because I am 78. Then I found my original proof of the vaccination and learned that it was good for a lifetime.
  3. Fletcher, thank you for this link. I took 2 Ponant cruises several years ago. Small ships and therefore easier to implement the protocols, in my opinion. I expect and support similar protocols from Seabourn, but it certainly changes, maybe forever, my view of cruising as an exciting, fun, carefree, pampered experience.
  4. The Seabourn website has had that information. Seabourn cruise pause through October, November 2020.
  5. My cruise date was April 5 (not April 15) the same Quest cruise as Mauzac
  6. I was booked on the Quest April 5 Manaus to Miami cruise. Seabourn canceled that cruise as stated on their Voluntary and Temporary 30 Day Operations Sailing Pause memo dated March 13. My TA called Seabourn on March 14 and requested a refund. She was told by Corine it would be 4-6 weeks. On May 28, my TA called and was told refunds are being processed but it was taking time because of fewer staff available. On June 9, my TA called and was told they now had more staff working so my refund should be processed very soon. On June 15, my TA called, said she was tired of excuses, and was told they would expedite my refund. On June 17, my TA called and politely but firmly said Seabourn needed to follow through on their promise. I got my full refund posted to my Amex credit card the next day, June 18. 96 days
  7. I was booked on the April 5 Quest cruise from Manaus to Miami. SB canceled it on March 13. My TA requested refund on March 14. No refund yet.
  8. What April 5 cruise were you booked for? My April 5 cruise was on the Quest Manaus to Miami. SB canceled it on March 13. My TA submitted request for refund on March 14. No refund yet.
  9. On March 14, SB told my travel agent that my refund would take 4 - 6 weeks which meant April 11 - April 25. I am reading posts from others which indicate up to 12 weeks.
  10. My Quest April 5 cruise from Manaus to Miami was canceled yesterday. Seabourn said they will credit my American Express card in 4-6 weeks. Full refund.
  11. Earlier today at a press conference in Geneva, WHO Director General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus declared coronavirus a global pandemic.
  12. Worldometers.info lists UAE with cases also Bahrain, Oman, and Kuwait
  13. I am following worldometers.info Countries with coronavirus cases are listed. Saturday there were 28 countries Sunday 33 countries Monday 37 countries Italy had 229 cases plus 72 new ones 2/24 Quote giving opinions from WHO and others: The tipping point-after which our ability to prevent a global pandemic ends-seems a lot closer after the past 24 hours.
  14. In light of the U.S Centers for Disease Control Level 3 travel warning to China issued January 27, 2020, Seabourn has canceled a scheduled Seabourn Ovation call on Xiamen, China, scheduled for February 3. Instead, the sailing will include a visit to Sandakan, Malaysia, on February 10. USA Today
  15. scottie920 Your "copied paste" is what prompted me to get that info from Seabourn. It was not sent in an email but I was told how to find it online on my Seabourn account. Our preliminary documents are available for review and printing. Your Voyage. 20 pages. Under Travel Planning is the Vaccination Requirements Yellow Fever statement.
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