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  1. emmaasher

    Diamond Princess Japan? My questions

    The buffet will have a mix of eastern and western cuisine as will the main dining room. I noticed that the portion sizes were smaller in the main dining room. When booking excursions you will see the same excursion listed twice one for English speakers and one for Japanese speakers. Just make sure you book the right one.
  2. emmaasher

    roll call missing

    When I look up the sapphire princess roll call for feb 15 and 18th 2019 that I created it doesn't appear. If i go to one of my old notification emails I can access the thread but when I try to share the link with someone they can't access it. Do we know when this will be fixed?
  3. emmaasher

    The ig60

    You may have better luck posting this on your roll call for this cruise. They will be the ones who will need excursions.
  4. emmaasher

    Advice needed on inside cabin

    Pro: dark, quiet, cheap Con:dark, smaller than balcony. When I travel solo I always get an inside room. I don't spend much time in there and when I do it is night and the dark is a good thing. I'd rather spend the money on excursions or souvenirs instead. But it is all personal preference.
  5. emmaasher

    Transfers from Yokohama via Princess

    When i was disembarking there, their was a local bus service put on that went from the ship to the closest train station. Can't remember how much it was but I remember it being reasonably priced.
  6. emmaasher

    Bangkok - tours

    My roll call has booked a tour called Bangkok highlights through Travelhub. It is a really good tour that includes lunch and a boat ride as well as visiting the main temples. They pick up from the cruise dock. Have a look at them.
  7. emmaasher

    no upgrade button at booking

    Hey . Booked a new cruise yesterday and was suprised when after i chose my room that there is now an option to say whether you are ok to be upgraded or not. Is this new? i booked online just for clarification.
  8. emmaasher

    Gambling currency

    I was just clarifying the comment that implied to me anyway, that all the Princess' ships run on usd. People other than the OP read these threads as well.
  9. emmaasher

    Gambling currency

    Not quite. Cruises in Australia/New Zealand and the Pacific islands out of Australia run with Australian dollar as the currency on the ship.
  10. emmaasher

    Singapore so far -- comments?

    Looks good so far. Would suggest the cable car from mount faber to vivo city for incredible views. There's also a beautiful walking trail at mount faber. Another possibility is visiting the Merlion and take a water tour of the city. There are two companies that offer them. One in a modern boat and one in the old-fashioned type boat. It sounds like you may be on my cruise. Feb 15th sapphire princess. If so i suggest you join the roll call. Emma
  11. emmaasher

    Shuttles in Australia and New Zealand

    There is a shuttle in Brisbane Australia but there is a small fee attached to its use. I can't remember how much sorry. Melbourne the easiest option is to use the public tram which has a stop right outside the port. Sydney if you are at the main dock you are right in the city so you dont need one. Same with Auckland nz the port is right in the city.
  12. emmaasher

    Japan August 2018

    I can only speak to Kyoto but it my opinion it ia a full day trip. I would grab a high speed train from osaka(where I assume you will dock into.) Then grab a full day bus pass and use that to get around. The bus was great very easy to use and had good frequency. I would recommend Kyoto imperial palace and nijo castle. Which are in the middle of town and the golden pavilion. If you have time head down to fushimi inari shrine which is right next to the fushimi train station.
  13. emmaasher

    Question For Past Japan Cruisers

    I think layering is key. bring singlets tops and a lightweight jacket. So you can wear one to three layers depending on the weather.
  14. emmaasher

    Princess port in tokyo

    About 40 mins by car or an hour by train.
  15. emmaasher

    Princess boarding

    I have been on cruises where it hasn't been enforced and one where it was. This is in Australia though. But usually after the elite/platinum boarding it is first come first serve.