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  1. Before we went on the Celebration we'd been on a huge Costa ship, P&O and Cunard. Yes, the Celebration is small in comparison and a bit shabbier, but the staff are brilliant, we found the food decent (great in Mistral and the Indian) and the whole atmosphere was excellent. We subsequently went on her again, and enjoyed it just as much. I always cruise for the itinerary and price first, ship second. TBH, I've not had a cruise I didn't enjoy.
  2. Hi Nolongerworking - glad you've got your cabins sorted. It was our first time in the Caribbean too and we really enjoyed it. The best tour we did was with Cosol tours in St Lucia, just a fabulous day. Have a look for them on tripadvisor/website. Sadly, the original owner has died so I'm not sure if it is still as good. We did a ship's snorkelling tour in Martinique, also good. The rest of the time we did our own thing, either getting taxis at the ports or just visiting the towns, trying a beer & some local food. I liked Barbados very much, and also Antigua. Enjoy!
  3. Hi, we had an outside cabin on Deck 2 (0649) for a 2 week Caribbean cruise last year. It was an excellent location, great for getting on and off, as the gangway is often on Deck 2. After a hot day ashore, it was brilliant to be able to go straight to the cabin,and drop our gear before going in search of a cuppa or a beer! Also quiet at night, and felt very little movement. I'd say any inside cabins in that area would be fine.
  4. isn't there a difference between "taking your passport ashore" and "showing your passport to go ashore"? The latter implies queuing up to get through whereas the former is carrying it in case you are asked to show it while you are out and about. I thought that was more the issue - having to show your passport to go ashore, like in the US. Hopefully if that happens for cruises in the EU, it will just be the first port of call in the Schengen bloc, and that will be deemed sufficient.
  5. it's a great service isn't it. I did mine last month. I'm a bit peeved they've stopped adding the "extra" months on though, so you now lose out if you renew before it was due. My main beef is that my previous one is also our wedding date so I could always remember it
  6. We're going on this cruise in July this year, some great ports and we are very much looking forward to it. A couple of questions, if that's ok - did you try the Indian restaurant or the Chef's table? And do you have any reports of the excursion to Tresco gardens in the Scilly Isles? Thanks EB
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