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  1. elmsliebev

    Cap'n Pugwash/Brooklyn pizza

    many thanks for the replies, we will definitely try pizza in Brooklyn. BigMac - next time you are in contact with Jim, please pass on our best wishes. We (Bev & Paul) met him on our honeymoon TA in April 2009. He was travelling with his son - Sam I think?
  2. elmsliebev

    Cap'n Pugwash/Brooklyn pizza

    ooh thanks, Grimaldi's it is then!
  3. elmsliebev

    Cap'n Pugwash/Brooklyn pizza

    Not strictly cruise related but I remember Cap'n Pugwash talking about a pizza place he used to go to in Brooklyn when he was doing TAs. Can anyone remember it please - we are going to NYC in Spring and wanted to go to Brooklyn. I've tried searching but nothing is coming up. Many thanks EB
  4. We are doing this cruise in July 2019, glad to hear it was so good. Going to Tresco Gardens is one of the main reasons we booked it, along with Rouen and Honfleur.
  5. Just jumping on this thread - do they have draught beer/lager on board. Couldn't see that on the bar list, and if so is it included in the drinks packages? Thanks.
  6. Someone on the Celebration FB page has said that they have just returned and there was no credit card surcharge when they settled their onboard account.
  7. Interesting if they are still charging onboard - they are an EU owned company aren't they (Germany)? Just booked an excursion for our upcoming cruise on Celebration and the website stated no credit card fees. I'll report back on the 2% question!
  8. elmsliebev

    Train or coach from London to Southampton?

    If you have a look at times and prices via Trainline, there should be a link you can sign up to which will email you when the advance fares are available. You might have to do a dummy booking to get it though!
  9. Small selection which you can take out. I usually take some secondhand paperbacks to read on the flight/early in the holiday, then leave them there and use my Kindle the rest of the time.
  10. elmsliebev

    2 Intense Tom and Maris

    We join you on 24/1 for 2 weeks, I've heard this duo are excellent, looking forward to seeing them, Not long now!
  11. We cancelled a bike tour that we'd booked on line because is was so hot in Greece in July 2016. The money was refunded straight to our onboard account.
  12. elmsliebev

    Celebration packed lunch.

    Is this in the Caribbean please?
  13. No charge, though there were supplements for certain dishes eg steak, lamb chops. However on at least 1 night, steak was on the main menu, so no supplement that night. We tried Mistral which is an extra charge restaurant and the food was excellent, well worth the extra cost (about £20pp I think). We go again in January and will be trying all 3 extra charge restaurants!
  14. we did our 1st cruise on the Celebration last year (Adriatic) and enjoyed it so much we have booked for the Caribbean in January. Yes, she is older and smaller than many ships now but the staff, food, entertainment and friendliness make up for that. Getting on and off was so quick and easy, especially compared to a cruise on a Costa megaship 3 years ago! I found the age group to be slightly younger than the Cunard/P&O passengers and I think that will be similar n the Caribbean (we are 55 & 56). The cabin (Deck 2 outside) was smaller than we've previously had but very clean and a very comfortable bed. Can't wait for our next adventure!