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  1. It was the 2nd night when we sailed in June. Sent from my iPad using Forums mobile app
  2. vball09

    freedom 5 night cruise

    Anybody know when formal night in MDR might be? It's usually first sea day, but that's the last day on this itinerary.
  3. Can't wait. We set sail in 7 days!!!! Woo Hoo!!!! It will be our 2 yr old DD's first cruise.
  4. vball09

    Dinner Suggestions in New Orleans LA?

    [quote name='Britbrie']The Red Fish Grill is by far my favorite! I live in Louisiana, and the waitstaff there is AWESOME![/quote] I agree!!! We were there for a conference the first of May & our server was FANTASTIC!!! I also like Acme.
  5. [quote name='The Islander']Do you want to snorkel? Food/drink... would you prefer a restaurant or is to-go food ok? Do you know how many ships are in port that day with you: you ok with large groups or trying to avoid them? --Islander[/quote] We don't care about snorkeling. Just want to spend some time on the beach hanging out. Don't have to have a full meal just appetizers if we want to snack, so a bar on the beach would work. We are on the Dream in July & I think the only other ship in port is the Oasis. I'm ok with some people being on the beach, but don't want to be packed like sardines either. My husband & I have been to Magen's Bay before if that makes a difference.
  6. Thanks! Which of the beaches would you recommend to visit w/ a 2 yr old? We would want chairs, shade, clean bathrooms, & a place to get food/drink. These are the options. [FONT=Arial]Magen’s Bay Beach, Secret Harbor Beach, Coki Beach and Sapphire Beach.[/FONT]
  7. vball09

    Off the Dream yesterday-Ask Away!

    Do you remember if the pools were open when you got on the ship? I honestly can't remember. :D
  8. We will have a 2 year old in our group, so I need to book a tour w/ a car seat. I've been in contact w/ them through email, but wanted to see if anyone on here has actually booked w/ them recently. I don't want to do any of the open safari type vehicles.
  9. vball09

    British Colonial Hilton Price Increase

    What email address did you use to contact the BCH?
  10. vball09

    Early Saver Works!

    I love early saver!!! We just got a drop of almost $250 total off our July cruise. Woo hoo!!
  11. Has anyone stayed in the rooms near the elevator? How much sound...please be honest. I'm looking at 3577 & 3579.
  12. Just had to share! I just booked our first family cruise since we had our daughter. DH, DD, grandma, grandpa, & I will be on board the Dream next summer. I didn't go on my first cruise until I was 24. DD will have one under her belt at the ripe old age of 2. Can't wait!! Only 11 more months to go.:D
  13. vball09

    Seamiles booking question

    Thanks! I actually emailed my PVP today & she said to give her a call b/c there are several ways I can book. I'm going to call her tomorrow.
  14. vball09

    Seamiles booking question

    Essiesmom, I'm planning on redeeming all of what we have too. Did you use the early saver rate? If so, did your TA tell you the price of your trip? Someone on another post said the TA they used would not tell them the price, so they didn't know how to watch for price drops.