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  1. Seventy million got bamboozled into believing that Mexico was going to pay for the wall. Ah the gullible!
  2. I am due for my 2nd dose of Moderna in 17 days. What I miss most: **Daily 1 hour walk around the full Promenade Deck starting just before sunrise. **Mid-afternoon chocolate chip cookie and hot cup of tea at the Great Outdoors. **Being totally disconnected from my cell phone. When I board, I set it on airplane mode. Put it in the safe and don't take it out until the night before disembarkation to charge the battery. I just don't like the bother of having it in my hand or pocket. Freedom from the phone.
  3. As a solo, the answer is the great rates for regular cabins.
  4. Ship! I only cruise the Jewel Class ships so I look to see where they are going. Then I eliminate any cruises that are less than 10 days.
  5. I have no credits and no cruises booked. I may be one of the few not suffering from cruise withdrawal. I'll wait for reviews of the initial restart cruises to decide when it may seem enjoyable to return to the sea.
  6. I love New Zealand and Australia. I am registered to get my vaccine. However, I don't relish having a test swab push down my nostril. Just thinking about it gives me the creeps. So will wait until confirmation of vaccination is the only requirement to enter.
  7. * Your first 3 paragraph are relevant to cruising. The last one is just a political red herring.
  8. I don't like any of the larger ships. Too crowded during normal times. More insane when everybody is indoors during inclement weather. Any of the 4 Jewel class ships is a favorite: *Walk daily around the Promenade deck. Too bad the newer ships have gotten away from this traditional wrap-around deck. *Great Outdoors. I like sitting out there. *Complimentary steam room just off the gym *No reservations for to see shows in the main lounge. *Better space ratio.
  9. For the simple reason that it sails Hawaii with an American crew. First world countries have first access to the vaccine. Just read that the NFL is giving 7,500 free tickets to healthcare workers for the Super Bowl. ONLY those who have been vaccinated will be eligible for tickets. 👍
  10. Good move! The crew would be vaccinated as soon as enough vaccine becomes available for poorer countries. Pride of America crew should be vaccinated a lot earlier than the larger source members from Indonesia and Philippines.
  11. . Like AOC, I think that some sports stars (i.e. NBA) should get vaccinated on TV to encourage reluctant people in certain demographics that have suffered disproportionately from COVID-19. I know of several people who are so distrustful of the government and vaccine, they will not get it. The quicker more people are vaccinated, the sooner ports of call will reopen.
  12. . Some of us prefer to be at sea breathing fresh sea air instead of auto fumes while looking at blacktop driving from city to city. Vaccine or bust!
  13. Well, I hope the naysayers are all retired or work for the government. Many private employers are considering making the vaccine a condition of employment. So it is not just leisure travel but food and a roof over the head consideration.
  14. . I got Zostavax a few years before the newer Shingrix. I had similar side effects like you from my first dose of Shingrix. However, the second dose was mild. Since I was aware of what would happen, I got mine on a Friday so I would be laid up over the two weekends.
  15. CDC director Dr. Redfield said he can see the likelihood of health care, long-term care facility and airline personnel requiring proof of immunization for staff and consumers. I can see cruise lines following similar protocol
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