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  1. NCL Dawn ... Canada-New England August 31 - September 11 NYC to Quebec City ................ Eleven (11) Days Sail Away Solo inside $399 ... plus p/t $285
  2. I enjoy these tipping threads. Good entertainment. 🙂 It's fun reading how the generous tippers get their underwear all in a wad trying to coerce the other side that prefer to tip only "for service above and beyond" or nothing at all. I hope the suggestion above for a sticky is never adopted.
  3. 11 Days ... Australia and New Zealand .... Norwegian Jewel December 11 - 22 SailAway Solo inside $899 plus fees $273
  4. I usually cruise about 4 times a year. I believe I've only been asked 2 serious questions on re-entry. **Once the customs/immigration official asked if I had anything to declare? I said no and that was it. **The second occasion, I was asked if I was travelling alone. I said yes and that I am divorced. All other times it was pleasant comments or just handing me my passport back. Where I entered a foreign country to begin a cruise, they either asked how long I was staying or simply just stamped my passport and handed back.
  5. 15 day South America Explorer *** Miami - Santiago, Chile Norwegian Star December 6 - 21 Sail Away Solo Inside $599 plus fees $564
  6. 7 day Alaska Southbound Norwegian Jewel September 2nd Sail Away Solo Inside $436 plus fees $235
  7. 21 Day Cruise *** NCL Bliss *** Los Angeles to New York City November 3rd to November 24rd Sail Away Solo Inside: $1,499 .... plus fees $506
  8. . . Maybe it's called voluntary sharing or redistribution of wealth 🙂
  9. ; ; NCL prefers to handsomely compensate important employees and those at the bottom of the totem pole, from their perspective, are left for passengers to pay through the DSC and extra cash tips.
  10. The docking space must have gone to another ship. Those islands are very close so the Epic will simply be going in circles for the extra sea day.
  11. .. .. To take it a step further on the bolded text, I always felt that the whole tipping system is such. To me it makes a worker grovel to get paid. If the employer was paying the wage, it would not be that master/servant scenario. The system is antiquated and should be nixed. With all that said, I find the DSC system simpler than having to take all that cash like in the past when I started cruising in the late 90's.
  12. NCL Star ... 14 Day TransAtlantic November 22 - December 6 Barcelona to Miami Sail Away Inside: $824 OV: $899 Balcony: $1124 Taxes & Fees: $137
  13. I always sign up for Dinner with the Officers right after muster at the Cruise Next desk. I have attended 4 or 5 dinners. Last cruise on the Pearl in April, it was cancelled because of shipwide norovirus. In January on the Gem, I originally had dinner set with two other solos at a specialty restaurant. They were kind enough to change dates so I could attend both. We had the Staff Captain and the Spa manager who is from the UK. Every time it was in the MDR with complimentary wine.
  14. ... ... Maybe it has something to do with that song: "Don't bite the hand that feeds you" 🙂
  15. . . Good for you! That's an advantage of being within driving distance of the port.
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