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  1. Yes you should be able to get the discount, just provide your MSC Voyagers Club #
  2. Can't wait to hear more PLEASE PLEASE post pictures of the yacht club area Thank you in advance
  3. I think I'm bringing a box of latex gloves and hand sanitize
  4. Thank you for all the posts. I've been hesitant about booking but I'm going to try it. And we will be on the Seaside so I will do my best to book with Maja
  5. Beamafar, I have a question regarding the room you're in. Is there a place to plug in a Cpap machine by the bed? Thank you for all your posts of the Yacht club. Can't wait.
  6. DLA57


    Which ship will you be on we will be on Seaside.
  7. There are several I've been looking for transportation to Miami from Ft. L and here are a couple I found http://www.lauderdaleexpress.com/. https://www.gojiffyjeff.com/rates/ and http://www.cruiseshuttleflorida.com/other-destinations/ Haven't used them but I will be using one of them in Nov. 2019
  8. So enjoying your review with pictures Thank you
  9. Thank you for the review and the tips they have been very helpful. Can't wait for our 2019 Christmas cruise
  10. so tell where did you find the menu, please?
  11. If you go to research and then ships, type in MSC Meraviglia you will find in the right corner a link to pictures. They have pictures of all the different levels of rooms. They also have pictures of Seaside if you research that ship.
  12. I really admire people who do their diligence. I totally agree with you. I don't know what pzsdd6 has against MSC but I find it difficult to believe all that was said. As far as the status match we received it no problem. Can't say what will happen regarding the drink package on our next cruise as we have not sailed yet. If something changes, it is what it is. My cruise is not all about drinking. We can't wait for our next MSC cruise on the Seaside, then another on a TA with MSC in 2020. Just relax, breath in the ocean air and enjoy!
  13. You will be sailing before us in the YC when you do will you please verify Thank you
  14. Did you ever think that maybe just maybe someone on the ship had turned them in? That the ships officers were told to let the police handle it for the safety of the passengers? Just saying unless you are privileged to ALL the information regarding the case you are simply making a lot of assumptions.
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