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  1. I have the last oasis trip booked in oct out of bayonne. Considering that oasis was coming up north for a couple of months, i don't think this cruise will happen.
  2. Had the same thing happen for march cruise on vision. Was like $72, and now down to $43. It's an 11 night cruise so for 2 people it is still $1,100. Problem is i am getting surgery this july. And then another surgery this fall. So drinking will be out for a long-time. I dread to call for us to purchase the deluxe and soda pkg.
  3. Maybe they can start a waitlist option. A cruise is booked at 50% They will take a 10% waitlist. At 89 days everyone is notified if there on sailing from waitlist. You then have second option to waitlist til 30 days out for finaln openings.
  4. Sometimes it is just for that cruise. I was on 2 different grandeur cruises. One the viking crown lounge was jumping, one it was dead.
  5. Yeah but what about the poor Romanians. We had a female Romanian bartender on i think rhapsody. She was so funny, with a dry wit. And made the best old fashion.
  6. I am very glad you recieved your refund. I had my girst b2b scheduled for april. First leg opted for fcc, got that. But haven't recieved port,taxes,excursions etc. The second leg i opted for full refund. Got nothing yet. I do find it interesting in both our cases royal canceled you got yours, even for cruises after mine. So I'm guessing they are not going in date order. Are they going by ship?? Or perhaps our name in alphabetic order if our middle initial. Lol I will wait til the end of the month before i reach out.
  7. Carefully read your fcc letter. I thought i was short. Long story short, i used a TA. What was the listed price was not what i actually paid. I paid much less. That explained the obc from TA. I was quick to look at numbers snd not what letter said. Please know, since you are a NET Travel Agency, and charged your clients a bundled deal that was not disclosed to Royal Caribbean, their credit is based on the total cruise fare amount paid on their cancelled reservation with us. It is our hope that during this unprecedented global circumstance, you will be able to amend the amount and make your clients whole. this is what my letter said, and why my #'s didnt add up.
  8. I love the beach. That's how we choose our cruises!!
  9. So tree skier whose your favorite cc member 😉
  10. Not a 100% sure, but when you cash in your chips you will get a code. And i believe you have to book thru casino. And theres a limited window if cashing in and booking. Best bet is to call the my vegas.
  11. No refund yet, but recieved my FCC. And the math does not add up. Actual cruise cost $898.50. That is the charge per person for cruise only. Additional $87 pp grats, and additional $274.71 taxes and ports. I recieved a fcc of $973 per person. Only $74.50 more. $898.50 x 125%= $1123.12 $898.50 x 25%= $224.62. Looks like royal got creative with its math. Same as phoney sales.
  12. Me and hubby have been on smaller, rhapsody and grandeur. And on big harmony and anthem. We too like the smaller ships a little bit better. I have been on voyager. I really like that class of ship. And if you like the smaller ships this would be a good option. I know adventure is going to galveston. They have a royal promenade. But you don't have to make show reservations. I fell voyager class is a good compromise between big and little.
  13. That far out usually only a few shore excursions or spa treatments. Make sure you double check the date. Wouldn't be first time someone messed up the year. Other that that maybe royal just needs the money.
  14. I also recieved that letter. And i recieved a letter the day before fore my cancelled april 19th cruise that my fcc was sent to my TA.
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