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  1. Excursions are always open way early. I have one booked for an april 2020. Time for a new TA
  2. suesnake2002

    Remember when these were the BIG ships?

    I sailed on voyager when she was the biggest in the world!!
  3. suesnake2002

    Perfect Day in Coco Cay

    My trip is nov 16, and i just double checked and the swimming pigs are there now. I swear they weren't before. Thank you everyone
  4. Got one booked gor nov 19 You can check when u board the ship at the excursion desk
  5. suesnake2002

    MLIFE reward discount

    Recieved an email this morning from my TA, everything is settled and good to go. Hooray
  6. suesnake2002

    MLIFE reward discount

    Yes myth buster i recall that there where special perks. I will be diamond after my nov cruise 💎 Unfortunately my casinos of choice are mohegan sun, and foxwoods in ct. A beautiful drive thru farmland and wineries, with a ferry over to ct. Beats the heck out of a 4 hour drive to nj on parkways. I have never been to Vegas.
  7. suesnake2002

    Some HARMONY questions

    Make your disembark arrangements thru the concierge in the suite lounge. They literally walk you off past the crowds. And i believe the coastal kitchen opens at 12. When you disembark, i don't know about uber, but plenty of taxis and shuttles. I found the taxis leaving the port are more honest than leaving the airport.
  8. suesnake2002

    MLIFE reward discount

    Still haven't heard from TA, but i did get an email for a survey for my recent transaction. BIG MISTAKE With my cruise still in limbo it was not favorable. Good luck Maxwell, on your gambling and cruises.
  9. suesnake2002

    MLIFE reward discount

    Well we are on day two of trying to transfer this over to my Ta. I was told by Carol at casino royal "no problem" ha! Except the price keeps changing. This is from my TA yesterday: Hi Susan, I have been with casino department for about an hour now. The casino discounts and insurance felt off when the booking was transferred. Or though the casino discount was re applied the insurance cost increased. I am awaiting to hear back from a Supervisor for a resolution on this matter. I will advise you soon. I am still waiting for an update!!
  10. I booked a cabana for nov 2019. When you book your cabana you are reserving a certain type. I booked the chill island cabana. On my planner, also available is tha oasis lagoon cabana and the thrill cabana. The thrill cabana includes the water park. I am assuming you must recieve wristlet for that. So you wouldn't be able to have more people. Op which cabana did you book??
  11. suesnake2002

    What a ROYAL PAIN!!

    I try not to book directly with rccl, using a TA. But i recieved a great offer from mlife. When i called and booked thru casino I asked can I transfer to my TA. And Carol told me oh yes, no problem. So I contacted TA, and transferred my booking to him. Sending him my original invoice, with price i was given, prepaid gratuities, and insurence. Welllll we are on day two of him trying to get that exact price. First they just upped the price, then they changed the amount of the cost of ins. to up the price. Ugh
  12. suesnake2002

    Perfect Day in Coco Cay

    You got swimming pigs!!! That is not showing up in my perfect day coco cay options in nov
  13. I read in another post more workers were added to island to complete. I also got a great m price and booked for nov. The island is open, but who knows on what capacity it will be up and running Is cruise for end of june??
  14. suesnake2002

    Perfect Day in Coco Cay

    I have a nov cruise going there, and on the cruise planner there are no south beach or coco beach cabanas to book. So im guessing that they will not be done in time
  15. I live on long island ny. We got alot of beaches. When i go on cruises i look foward to beach days. I like beaches!! I would never not do something cause some one said they don't like it. Doesnt sound like a "friend" to me