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  1. Yes. My ta called. That is how i know they are aware that they owe money from april. Which while a small amount on the one cruise is completely ridiculous.
  2. I think the title sums it up perfect. I am still waiting for the balance of one of my april cruises. We are nearing 6 months. Oh royal realizes i have a balance due and i should get it in a few weeks. SMH God only knows when I am gonna get my refund for my second cruise in April. I originally opted for a fcc. But after waiting months for that to be applied to a march 2021 cruise. I gave up. And asked my ta to change it to a refund. I was afraid the fcc wasnt gonna get applied til after final payment date. So with that happening with a sad heart i cancelled my march 2021 cruise. Now this cruise was booked onboard. So i had a reduced deposit $200. But when i cancelled they wouldn't give me a $200 fcc. They kept $900, and gave me a $900 fcc. Because that's what the deposit would have been. Royals creative math. But i only paid $200 !! Well haha on royal. Cause i have a paid off oct 2021 cruise. So i have TA apply the $900 fcc to this cruise, and royal now has to refund me cash now. Why does it have to be a game, and 100 different small refunds. To try and confuse?? I'm not booking anything til we all start sailing. And I get all my money back. I don't mind paying more if it will avoid this fiasco.
  3. We did a lift and switch for our oct 25, 2020 cruise a while back. We had the extra big balcony in central park. When we got our room assignment on for the 2021 cruise it was a regular room. Checked web site. And extra big balconies still available. Quick call to our TA and we were switched to a big one.
  4. First good choice on ship. I feel the oasis class ships gives you the biggest bang for a full suite. I have stayed in a one bedroom grand suite on harmony. And i would prefer another grand suite. Here are my reasons why. First it's just me and hubby, so it's plenty of room. And it is the cheapest sky class, so you save money. Arthritis in my knees and lots of drinking, so i don't want steps in my room!! I have stayed in a corner aft suite on a smaller ship(grandeur) And it was a long walk to our room every time. I cannot imagine how long that walk is on a bigger ship. And when I go to my room, I want piece and quiet. A little solitude. So that would definiately rule out the aqua suite. If I was to do bigger it would be an owners suite. Sometimes the novelty of what you are looking at is not what you expect. This is my opinion.
  5. I've done a gty before. Wasn't a problem. And this was a non refundable deposit. I included the ship in post, because on vision there are only 2 deck of suites. Deck 7 & 8. So not too much inventory. After careful checking. I forgot about my prepaid grats and ins. So there wasn't a big price drop. Just was curious if royal would just keep you in your room.
  6. I have found booking as soon as itinerary opens will offer best prices. Meaning we book 2 years out. You have plenty of time to get any price drops. Including excursions, and packages. You also have plenty of time to pay it off, and make travel arrangements.
  7. Hoping we go on our cruise begining of march. Was doing a price check for drops. There is a big difference between you pick room and they pick room. When I originally booked we picked our room. When looking for price drops can I switch to they pick my room? It would mean an over $500 drop. This would be on vision of the seas, junior suite. Thank.
  8. I'm still waiting for the rest of my refund. From my march cruise!!
  9. Had a b2b in mid April. STILL have not received all my money back. And to make matters worse, I took an fcc on the first leg of b2b. Got the certificate. Asked my ta to apply to a future cruise. And that still has not been processed.
  10. April 19th and then 25th. A b2b. My numbers arent as big as you, but the still owe me over $500. Will not book s single thing til i get ALL my money back.
  11. We paid 300 something for our chill island cabana. Just me and hubby. We both had deluxe drink package. Told attendant just stock cooler with beer. Will make both our lives easier. Hubby can drink it like water. She brought us funnel cakes, when she hubby leaving to get it. And brought us lunch. We tipped $50.
  12. My addiction is being weaned, and my bank acct grows!! I only have 2 cruises to look foward to. An oct 2020 lifted and shifted to 2021. And a march 2021. By now we would have had more booked. Can't justify booking more, when I am still waiting for refunds.
  13. I know alot of people knock prices of rccl tours. But I had booked a couple of tours from another cruise web site. First tour canceled one week before cruise. Saying overbooked. Kinda pissed, contacted vendor directly. They say they stopped using this vendor years ago. Next tour never showed for pick up. Yes I got my money back. But 2 wasted days. Now I make sure to book right with vendor or rccl. Plus canceled cruises never recieved refund of deposits from day resorts.
  14. I will be one of those who wear a mask, at least inside,like the theater. When cruising resumes. Required or not.
  15. My big problem is i can't get royal to apply fcc to march 2021 cruise. TA says be patient. I am gonna dump it all for refunds if royal can't apply by final payment date.
  16. Canceled item june 23, refund july 4. Lifted and shifted cruise just before holiday weekend.
  17. I'm with you,partially. I do not plan on booking anything til cruising starts again. I am frustrated by the refund policy, or lack of. I can not understand all this piece meal refunds. I have multiple refunds of $11.80. And the lack of them applying my fcc to a future cruise. Why couldn't they just refund everything in one shot. Go one by one and do refunds. Completely. How can it be time saving and cost effective to give me 10 refunds(on 2 cruises) and still owe me a balance. If they they did it one by one completely, the hot topic would be what date are they on for refunds. And you could almost guess when you were gonna get hour money.
  18. Oh gosh, if they cancel all the way to march 21. What a personal mess that will be for me. That cruise will have payments from 3 diff fcc's. Not all covid related.
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