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  1. Thanks, uktog, for your reports. We had been wondering about the new ownership wrt food and entertainment...sounds great! I was wondering about the fitness centre....do you need to sign up for a time? Are classes offered (stretch, pilates, zumba)? We're on the Dec 23 cruise, and are optimistic about it sailing!
  2. Air is also cancelled. I got airline credit that can only be used by booking through Flights by Celebrity again (essentially the TA).
  3. Months ago my fall 2021 TA was canceled by Celebrity, and they offered $200 OBC for a new booking. We're now on an October Infinity sailing.....who knows at this point. If canceled by Celebrity, have they been offering the $200 OBC for a new booking? Will we be able to keep that other OBC? So many unknowns! Thanks in advance.
  4. We've got an Infinity cruise booked for October. Who knows if it will go! If it doesn't, we thought of a land trip (Portugal and Spain), conditions permitting. Flights are booked with Air Canada. Would we still be able to use them?
  5. Although it's not much less, the discount should apply; from the Celebrity website for loyalty benefits: "10% off beverage package upgrade to Premium pre-cruise" Our benefits have been eroded with the Always Included, so we should use this one. Glad to hear that you could use OBC.
  6. Can you use your Celebrity OBC (available on cruise planner) to purchase the upgrade before the cruise? I assume VAT would be charged on a Mediterranean itinerary if I wait until on-board.
  7. I have a question for those that have successfully done the lift and switch. Does your original booking date still apply, or is it switched to a current date? I ask because of potential travel insurance issues.....any travel booked now would not be covered by my policy due to the Canadian travel advisory.
  8. No cruise ship (with over 500 people, including crew) will be allowed to Canadian ports until July 1. Wow.
  9. Global Excel insurance will NOT cover medical expenses, so we must cancel. Our cruise is in April, and will hold out for a couple more weeks in case the travel advisory for cruises is lifted. Chances are probably slim...
  10. Lack of shade at Sunset bar, post-revolution, a definite negative. But mostly loved the changes.
  11. If there are a number of available staterooms in the category bid on, and you are assigned an undesirable location, can you request a switch? My fear is being in a balcony on deck six (S class) over the smoking area.
  12. I also had it booked for next year, so I contacted shorex. Here's their reply: Thank you for contacting the Shore Excursions Inquiry Team.I'll be glad to help with your inquiry, at the present time they do not show listed, this does not mean that they are sold out or that they won't be available, its just that since we are more than 90 days away from sailing the list is not yet completed. You can keep checking every now and then on the website or wait until we are 90 days away from sailing since the complete list of excursions and amenities will be available by then.
  13. More thanks! Successfully changed 4 excursions over 2 cruises and saved a lot....especially good for Canadians with our exchange rate!
  14. I saw Rocketman in the main theatre in the afternoon of our last sea day, returning from Bermuda, in September.
  15. We were on the Summit in September with 7 people. The tables at the Sunset bar area aren't as good for eating as they used to be. And there is less shade. We put a couple of tables together near the stern of the Oceanview cafe....that worked well for us.
  16. Another question: in Select Dining on the Edge, is it possible to share a table, given that reservations are recommended? Thanks for the comprehensive overview!
  17. Sights to see.....NimPot, the store for traditional textiles, near the arch. Amazing variety, plus other items. And inside the McDonald's, and their outdoor eating area! Enjoy a Guatemalan coffee....delicious. Avacados and/or guacamole...so fresh!
  18. We (Canadian couple in our 60's) spent a few days in Antigua this past February, before the start of a land tour. We felt completely safe, and loved it. Great people, food, weather, sights. You will often be offered items for sale by locals, but a polite no gracias works fine.
  19. Also from Ontario! You know to avoid March Break, I hope. Since it's all about getting out of winter for a while, I'd recommend the regular balcony. Nothing like looking at the beautiful ocean blue from your own private space in the warm air! That said, I haven't been on the Edge yet. I hope that you enjoy whichever one you pick.
  20. Car rentals....there are many companies in the Canada Place area that I found to be less expensive than the airport.
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