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  1. 7 hours ago, CyberTag said:

    If you cancel using CWC and booked using Flights by Celebrity, what happens to your airfare?  Anyone have experience with this?

    Air is also cancelled.  I got airline credit that can only be used by booking through Flights by Celebrity again (essentially the TA).  

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  2. Although it's not much less, the discount should apply; from the Celebrity website for loyalty benefits:

    "10% off beverage package upgrade to Premium pre-cruise"

    Our benefits have been eroded with the Always Included, so we should use this one.   Glad to hear that you could use OBC.  

  3. I have a question for those that have successfully done the lift and switch.   Does your original booking date still apply, or is it switched to a current date?   I ask because of potential travel insurance issues.....any travel booked now would not be covered by my policy due to the Canadian travel advisory.

  4. I also had it booked for next year, so I contacted shorex.  Here's their reply:


    Thank you for contacting the Shore Excursions Inquiry Team.

    I'll be glad to help with your inquiry, at the present time they do not show listed, this does not mean that they are sold out or that they won't be available, its just that since we are more than 90 days away from sailing the list is not yet completed. You can keep checking every now and then on the website or wait until we are 90 days away from sailing since the complete list of excursions and amenities will be available by then.

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  5. Sights to see.....NimPot, the store for traditional textiles, near the arch.  Amazing variety, plus other items.  And inside the McDonald's, and their outdoor eating area!  


    Enjoy a Guatemalan coffee....delicious.  Avacados and/or guacamole...so fresh!  

  6. We (Canadian couple in our 60's) spent a few days in Antigua this past February, before the start of a land tour.  We felt completely safe, and loved it.  Great people, food, weather, sights.  You will often be offered items for sale by locals, but a polite no gracias works fine.



  7. The notice that cruisestitch posted is exactly what I heard onboard three weeks ago was coming (for most ships, but I don't know the lounge situation on the Edge).  And the dining rooms were not to be included for voucher use.  I think that one could easily carry in a glass of wine.  This system is better for those of us sharing a cabin with a non-elite.

  8. We just did a btb from San Juan on the Summit.  We did have a meeting,  with written and verbal instructions, our transit pass for use if we wanted to get off the ship, and draws for wine, laundry and Qsine.  On turnaround day, those not getting off the ship met in the forward lounge to get beeped out (so they know that the whole ship has been cleared), immigration officers did a quick check, we received our new sea passes and had another photo taken.  We were in the same cabin, but did not have access to it until after 1.  No problem, just take the stuff you may need with you.  The lunch in the MDR was nice.  


    The itinerary was 4 different islands, and a repeat of Barbados.  We did phone our TA a few months after the initial booking to ask about the b2b discount, after quickly received 50$ per leg on our credit card.


    Our only glitch....we were offered a 30 % discount for the turnaround day for Tuscan Grille, which we took.  We didn't know about the 10% sales tax since we were in US waters!  





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