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  1. I wouldn't be too concerned about "Spring Breakers". We've been on lots of cruises, from March through April. A long seven day trip seems to cut down on the "dreaded rowdy college crowds". Enjoy!
  2. I can't seem to sign in to the RCL site this weekend. Any others?
  3. Are the mini fridges in the cabins stocked, or not?
  4. The only time I booked the BTFT was when I had FTTF. There were no lines at the excusion desk, yet there were only three spots left for the second tour. So, I suggest you make a bee line to the excursion desk to sign up. (And YES, it was worth it!)
  5. I've done the cabanas twice, in the past. How much do they cost now?
  6. Last April, on the Dream, I ran into problems with scheduling for Trivia and such at the wrong time. Also, the Dinner menus were missing the entre page every day. So, keep that paper copy of the Fun Times handy!
  7. I miss the full silverware settings in the dining room instead of just a knife and fork.
  8. We received the Tervis tumblers last week on the Dream.....
  9. I carry my meds in a 7 day (AM,PM) pill box, plus printed sheets with their names, etc. I have never had a problem boarding airplanes or cruise ships this way.
  10. I just got off the Dream Sunday, and YTD was at the Crimson dining room, deck 3 mid ship (lower level). I hope this helps......
  11. I just got off the Dream Sunday, and our aft balcony cabin did not have the extra USB ports in the lamps or anywhere else. (As I mentioned earlier, I was prepared for this 🧐)
  12. Sailing out of NOLA and wondering how long I might have U.S. cell service . (Going and then coming back). Thanks in advance!
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