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  1. I have so much sympathy for the crew on board who were looking forward to seeing their families. Several of the crew are from the Philippines and from having spoken with them on past cruises, those who are working on ships that travel to their home area are thrilled beyond belief to have the opportunity to see family members while the ship is docked there. Now that opportunity no longer exists and they must carry on until their contract ends. So for the passengers affected, please accept the changes and remember that you are traveling on a Viking cruise with a loved one. What could be bett
  2. We were in 5111 last year. The room itself is the same as all DV staterooms. We loved the view off the aft facing veranda and would select that room again. It was so quiet back there that we never saw anyone coming or going from the rooms around us over our 15 day cruise. The supply room for the room stewards is directly across the hall, but do not let that worry you. You will never hear any noise from them. We actually like seeing several of the stewards there in the morning getting ready to start their day. It gave us the opportunity to talk with several of them and they were all a jo
  3. You can almost always find chocolate cookies. They will be in the World Cafe at lunch and dinner or at the Viking Bar on deck 1. As mentioned above there is also chocolate gelato available at lunch and dinner in the World Cafe. In the main dining room or Manfredi's there is almost always a chocolate option for dessert and if not, head up to the World Cafe for dessert. Also there are chocolate bars in your mini bar which are replenished daily depending on your room category. We had a wonderful chocolate buffet one evening, but that was on a Christmas cruise, so not sure if that is always o
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