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  1. I bought 100 shares at $20.64 last week and it's over $42 now. I will continue to ride it out.
  2. As much as we plan to cruise over the next few years, absolutely. We have two booked now giving us $350 OBC already. BTW, the stock is up over $25 a share currently. I'm confident it will be fine.
  3. I bought 100 shares today for around $20.00 a share. I will make my money back in OBC alone.!
  4. We have been on every Celebrity "S" class ship and they have a Cigar smoking area next to the Sunset Bar on deck 15 aft portside. I think it is the same on the "M" class but I have only been on a couple of those so I am not 100% sure. As for the Edge class I can't remember smoking a Cigar on that cruise. 🤔
  5. What a wonderful idea! Unfortunately we won't be able to get our own stationary before we board tomorrow however, we will before we do our B2B2B on the Silhouette this summer! Thank you for the wonderful review. Cheers!
  6. Hello Paul, Thank you for the wonderful review! We will be boarding as you disembark so we are very excited to see what is instore fore us. I hope the rest of your cruise is as lovely as the first part!
  7. The first time I sailed with Dan France he was on the Norwegian Dawn as an activities director. He was the best thing on that cruise. Jump forward a year and I was sailing on the Summit to Bermuda and to my surprise Dan was the CD! I have also sailed with him on the Equinox and have never been disappointed! He is a great CD. A little side note. When I first met Dan on my first, last and only Norwegian cruise Kristine Gacula was working with him and now she is a activities Director for Celebrity too. I have sailed with her on the Equinox and she Is currently on the Eclipse. Another great asset to Celebrity. Cheers!
  8. It will be Eddy Jenkins. I spoke to Lewis today and he is still on the Edge assisting Maarten and preparing for when he takes over the CD spot in January. Cheers!
  9. My understanding is that BLU is for Aqua class only. The last time we were booked in Aqua we ate in BLU once as it wasn't the type of restaurant we enjoy and in the MDR the rest of the time. We are Aqua on our upcoming Alaska cruise so I think we will give it another shot.
  10. I am on that same cruise! Hopefully I will have the pleasure to meet you in person. Cheers!
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