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  1. I don't have any one specific line in the sand. I treat my approach to sailing with Royal the same way I treat my approach to anything else I spend money on. After it's done, did I get my money's worth? I'm a somewhat sporadic visitor to these forums. I tend to show up when I have a cruise within the next 6 months, and then I read a bunch of stuff to see what's changed. And like clockwork, I start thinking "yeah, if everything that's being said here happens to me, I'll probably book another line next time." But then I get on board and have a great time, and often end up booking another one before I get off the ship. Part of that is that I'm relatively easy to please. Put a ridiculous drink in my hand and stick me in a lounger in the Solarium with a Kindle, and intersperse that with regular feedings and I'm pretty happy. I avoid most of the money traps. I only walk through the promenade on my way from one end of the ship to the other, and I don't stop at the stupid watch "sale," nor do I buy gold chains by the foot because I am not (regrettably) Mr. T. Basically, I tend to avoid a lot of the stuff that generates complaints around here in the first place, and so it doesn't impact my vacation one way or another. My chief complaint is that I have yet to find a Royal bartender who can make a decent Old Fashioned. 😉 To get me to stop sailing with Royal, they'd have to reduce their value to me below what I paid for the trip. They're getting closer to that point with every sailing, but they haven't reached it yet. As they tend to sail full, I'm probably in the same boat as most of their customers - at some point they will drop below a value point and a whole lot of us will book elsewhere, and then Royal will bump things back up to recapture us, which may or may not work.
  2. Hah! I completely forgot about those guys.
  3. Excellent. Thanks! I knew having to have my own mask for prescription lenses would come in handy some day. 😉
  4. They should rewrite their sales copy then, 'cause the website doesn't reflect that. Annoying. Thanks for the info gang.
  5. I've been overly busy since my last cruise so I haven't kept up. Is it really any coffee drink as advertised or are they pulling the 1 shot = 1 drink nonsense?
  6. I wasn't brought up on it, but I do enjoy it when I can find it. Which is rare, unfortunately. But then I *was* brought up on menudo which most people seem to think is disgusting, so a little blood in a sausage isn't going to faze me.
  7. I see there's an all-day snorkeling "excursion" for 35-odd bucks. I assume that's just "here's your equipment, there's the beach, go have fun?" If you bring your own equipment, do you still have to get the excursion to snorkel? TIA
  8. Snorkeling was fun last time I was there. Mainly because the tour operator was a hoot. The snorkeling itself is so-so. There's better in the Caribbean for sure. Otherwise, it's a good opportunity to hang out on a beach.
  9. Remember that children are defined by Royal as under 16, so some people that ordinary humans consider to be children are adults for the purpose of solarium access.
  10. Yeah, I have some trouble believing that the staff just dumped 'em at the pier and ran away. I'm guessing it went more like "We need to get you to a hospital right now." "No." "But your life might be in danger. We'll off-load you here and call you an ambulance." "No." And after enough no's, for liability purposes they had to tell them they'd just have to leave and take responsibility for themselves because if the woman was about to die, and they let her stay on-board under their doctor's care, and then she died, they'd probably get sued for exercising bad judgment. And the reason I suspect that is that they've just been "tossed off the ship" for internal bleeding, and instead of going to a doctor to get checked out, they decide to take a long cab ride, then a long plane ride, then another long plane ride before going to the doctor. That seems fishy to me. No matter how angry I am at a vacation getting short, if I'm bleeding internally and a doctor tells me I need a hospital, I'm going to the hospital immediately. The end of the article also made me roll my eyes -- the "what would people who can't afford to drop 3 grand on plane tickets do?" bit. They'd have travel insurance like every other responsible adult who goes on vacation, and insurance would cover it.
  11. They care enough to abuse the waiters if the waiters get a bad review, which is defined as anything less than perfect. They may or may not "care" enough to contact each person who mentions a complaint. When you think about it, they're sending out thousands of surveys every week. If only 10% of their customers fill out surveys, that's more than 10,000 surveys *per week* they'd have to read in order to respond to each one. It's far more likely that they're taking random samples of surveys to review by hand, but letting a computer tabulate the numbers from the vast majority of them.
  12. You still could, at least in the 90's when I worked there in high school. No grill slips, but you just told us what you wanted us to do and we'd do it. That was the McDLT. Famously advertised by Jason Alexander before he was cast in Seinfeld and stopped having to take bad gigs. 😉
  13. Why be hurt by a comparison to McDonalds? McDonalds is the most successful quick-serve restaurant in history. It pulls in more than 20 billion dollars a year. Other businesses wish they did as well as McDonalds. And, much like Royal, people whine about the food but keep coming back nonetheless. 😉
  14. The "coffee shop" drinks at the Cafe Promenade on Liberty (mocha/latte/etc) last winter were quite good, I thought. If they're using Illy, that explains why. That's good stuff.
  15. It tells me 3 people were being polite. More than 34,000 people signed a joke petition demanding that President Obama order the Pentagon to build a Death Star. If you can't get more than 3 people to sign a petition on the internet inside of 10 minutes, it's a lost cause.
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