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  1. I filed in Feb cruise was April 2020, I have looked on their website still processing. You're not alone my friend. Janet
  2. Saint Greg loved the pool pictures with your beautiful sun in the background. Janet
  3. Thank you for posting the menus for dining room every day, I am planning out what and where to eat dinner each evening , so thank You so much for this. Keep posting. P.S its sunny here in dallas today weve had rain and glummy skies the last 2 days. Janet
  4. Saint Greg, I see you are in my neck of the woods, Hard Eight best bar b que only the one in frisco though, the others we tried in plano was not nearly as good, Frisco, every time knocks it out of the park. I am so excited to hear of your next expedition in life and I will be following along in your footsteps in 47 days as it will be my first SOLO cruise and a little nervous but so excited. Carry on and have a ball. Janet
  5. Hello I am loving your vlog thus far I am going solo in April on panorama first solo trip for me as well, but I am getting excited. Janet
  6. I am turning 50 on first solo cruise in 78 days nervous, I am excited also so many mixed feelings regarding this. Janet
  7. If you have menus I would greatly appreciate them thank you janet
  8. I am looking for a link of a 7 day carnival main dining menus I remember the first day is that awesome fried shrimp and fried rice, 2nd night is fancy night Im going to steakhouse but after that Im lost with what menu is next would appreciate the menus this is on panaroma. Than You Janet
  9. thank you hooked, I'm anxiously awaking your experience. Janet
  10. Thank you all for the replys I booked it aa at 1130 going to hustle my way off boat to a uber and throw my dice, lol I will report back to this thread on the 18th of april if I made it or not. Again I thank you for the advise and quick replies. Janet
  11. cruising Panaroma 4-11 returning sat the 18th I am platinum will carry off my own suitcase, what time to book airfare home ubering to LAX, Please advise never traveled this route, I no LAX can be crazy at times but this is Saturday morning. There is a return flight at 1130 on AA is this too early? Thank you janet
  12. Need advice booked for 2 my son has been offered a new job unable to go now I booked early savor, do I call them and now tell them 1 or just leave it alone and he do a no show? cruise is 4/11/2019. Thank You for any advice and help to those who have experienced this issue. Janet
  13. Jimbo you were right had to wait to check at work this morning printed my docs and I am platinum thank you for you all’s expert advice Janet
  14. Booked a last minute cruise 5 day dream thanksgiving week, I have 71 cruise days still gold, this trip will put me in the next group will I get the platinum perks or will I still be gold this trip? Thank You janet
  15. so excited for you and me and I'm not even there a solo perspective I am interested in this version due to this purpose I am hoping to be doing the same. Thanks again Janet
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