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  1. We have a Havanna aft balcony on deck 7 booked for Dec 12, 2020 on Horizon 8 day sailing out of Miami. So looking forward to the Havanna area pool and bar!
  2. We cruised on Vista and experienced the same crowding, too many passengers for our cup of tea. I vowed the only way I'd sail that class of ship again would be in a Havanna cabin. Yes more money but since I am a pool gal I'll have less people and the guys can use the bar there by the pool. We will only have to deal with the crowds evenings. We are booked on Horizon 8-day in a Havanna aft balcony for the Dec 12th cruise. We will see how it goes. We just cruised with HAL for the 1st time and we absolutely loved it.
  3. Cove balcony over reguarl balcony anyday! Just wish more ships had them.
  4. Quick question, if you have time, how is the atmosphere on the ship? Back here on land it is full blown panic being presented by the media, schools closing, shows cancelling, sports venues cancelled, stock market tanking, what a MESS. We just cruised 2/29-3/7 and now I feel like we just got in on time with no issues at all. It has become a nightmare here on land, can't even have any media news on the TV. Very sad indeed. Enjoy the remainder of your cruise, we are doing Aruba & Curacao in December on Horizon.
  5. Our Horizon cruise in December has a price drop and OBC, which we did not receive when we booked ES in a Havana cabin, submitted the form. Will wait and see.
  6. FORMER Harley rider....gave up Harley's moved over to Goldwing and retired from riding two years ago. We now have a Honda side by side we absolutely love and I feel much safer. It was not the bike I had issues with it was the other folks on the road that I no longer felt safe. Call is an "age" thing now that I'm retired I want to hang around and enjoy it for a while. We know too many people who have had bike accidents from crazy drivers etc. It's been a win win for us! We live full time in our toy hauler RV and travel all over US summering in the Black Hills of South Dakota!
  7. Yes they did have an Orange night.....party continued in BB King's and it was fun seeing everyone in Orange....the bass player was wearing an orange wig. We did not do any shore excursions, we never got off the ship, our choice.
  8. BINGO we are right there with you......medicare age and retired for both of us and with 20+ Carnival cruises under our belts we were looking for a change. We are Floridians so we have always cruised out of Florida ports. We are wintering in Yuma, Arizona this year and I found a 7-day HAL out of San Diego and we tried it. Since we were newbies I booked an ocean view obstructed room. WOW we were blow away and we loved the ship and everything associated with the cruise. Our room was as big as a balcony room on Carnival. Too many pluses to list here.....I have a list two columns long! We are booked on Horizon for December 2020 in a Havana aft balcony cabin. After sailing Vista and fighting the lines and crowds the only way I would sail that class of ship again would be in a Havana cabin. These cabins book early and are difficult to find and we were blessed to get a booking. We will be cruising with our friends and I plan on spending the majority of my time in the Havana area pool & hot tub away from the crowds. Being retired has its advantages we don't have to utilize vacation days and we can cruise any time of the year and we try and avoid school and college breaks. Cruising is not anything like it was when I started cruising back in the 90's, but just my opinion. Whatever you choose enjoy and stay safe! Thanks again for taking the time to share your experience with us.
  9. Thanks for taking the time to write this review, very informative. Grand Turk was amazing when it first opened, now IMO it has become too crowded and commercialized, we don't even get off the ship if that is a stop. St. Thomas is nice, thought still has not recovered 100% from the previous hurricanes. We have gone over to St. John on our own and that is a wonderful day. Then we discovered, Secret Harbor, thanks to CC boards and we usually go to this beach on our own, quiet and great snorkeling! We just returned from our first cruise on Holland and we are hooked after 20+ Carnival cruises we needed a change and we were blown away by the food, entertainment and service. Like a previous poster, we have sailed Vista and the crowds and lines are awful. Only way I would cruise that class of ship again is if I could sail in Havana cabin. Well we are booked on Horizon December 2020 in a Havanna cabin so we will see how that goes! Again, glad you had a great cruise and thanks for sharing it with all of us, great review! Susan
  10. Have really enjoyed your review! Fabulous pictures. We were on the Oosterdam same time frame as Panorama but we did ports in reverse. Two sea days, PV, Mazatlan then Cabo and one sea day returning to San Diego. No issues for us with debarkation. Our 1st HAL cruise and we loved it, nice change after so many Carnival cruises. Hope you can enjoy the remainder of your vacation and safe travels home. Looking forward to following along the rest of your journey, stay safe. Susan
  11. We are seasoned platinum Carnival cruisers looking for a change. We are wintering in Arizona and found a 7-day Mexican Riviera cruise on Oosterdam out of San Diego so we went for it......I was nervous as I had read and heard the usual HAL comments.....cruises for old people, very snooty, dressy etc. We usually cruise out of Florida as we are Florida residents so I knew nothing about parking or cruising out of California. I opted to drive in the day before the cruise and we chose a park n cruise option at Comfort Inn. Comfort Inn is a small hotel, older, but very clean and well kept. It turned out to be a gem of a find for us and we utilized our time well. We walked across the street and enjoyed walking up and down the Harborside Boardwalk on Friday afternoon and a great meal at Mitch's for dinner. After a complimentary breakfast at the hotel, we relaxed in our room until we were ready for our complimentary shuttle to the port. Great service and we left our vehicle at the inn for the week. In a nutshell embarkation and debarkation were a breeze, they have it down pat, smooth as a baby's bottom! No treating the virgins like second class cruisers. Since it was our first HAL cruise and I wasn't sure we booked an obstructed ocean view room. We were pleasantly surprised that we could access our room when we boarded and wow the room was spacious for sure....win win for sure. We knew ahead of time that we had no plans to get off the ship in any of our ports. We were leaving our options open though just in case. We wanted to enjoy the ship! We walked around and we couldn't stop commenting to each other how beautiful everything was and everyone was so friendly. No waiting on elevators, no pushing and shoving, no running up and down the halls. The food the entire week was over the top, so many choices. We ate in the dining room once, by choice, for gala night on Thursday. I had the surf n turf while my partner had the duck breast. The lobster was melt in your mouth and the filet had great flavor. The duck breast was a hit as well. The remainder of the week we ate on Lido. There were so many choices and we loved the way they served your food ILO serve yourself...less waste and safer for sure. Oh and the ice cream with waffle cones was an extra added benefit. The desserts were all very tasty, the banana cream pie reminded me of what my mom made when I was a child and the no sugar added chocolate mouse was silky smooth, the key lime pie was just like what I make! The breakfast and lunch choices were just as plentiful and the employees all worked together as a team so well, all with smiles and asking you if needed anything else etc. We enjoyed all the shows we attended, two Post Mordern Jukebox; comedian; magician; combo comedian & magician. Billboard Onboard was packed every night and both gents were very talented. Our favorite wound up being BB King's All Stars...we were there every night. This group of musicians were so talented and they really love what they do. They got the crowd out there dancing and clapping along with them. An added bonus was on Friday there was a Meet & Greet with the All Stars so we got to know them more which was very interesting. We loved Happy Hour each day, buy one drink get the 2nd for $2. There was only one thing that we would say was not as tasty as we've had on Carnival and that was the Dive In burgers do not match Guy's Burgers but hey I can have a burger at home anytime so no deal breaker there. Overall we are now hooked on HAL. Not sure about the larger HAL ships but we will give them a try. Oosterdam was the perfect size for our tastes. We met so many nice folks and we enjoyed chatting with all of them. We saw whales and sea lions right from the ship and the views from the ship while we were in all three ports were picturesque for sure. Now I just have to find a TA for future cruises I booked this direct with HAL. Any questions, ask away, I still need to unpack but we have tons of great memories! Susan
  12. Saint Greg will keep an eye out for you. We are sailing HAL Oosterdam 2/29 out of San Diego, same ports as Panorama is visiting. We wanted to try something different as we have only sailed Carnival 20+ times! From what I read it can be windy and the seas rockin n rollin on sea days....but any day on a ship is a good day IMO! PS - just signed up for your web site as well. Have a great cruise and travel time! Susan
  13. Greenpea.......glad you made it onboard.........have way too much fun, you have earned it. Can't wait to see where you take us....following!
  14. Such talent, please don't stop, keep this thread rolling with daily updates, you are AMAZING!
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