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  1. Welcome home......and another GREAT review.......see you on the other thread!
  2. That line is INSANE.....someone needs to be held accountable for the mess!
  3. Holy crap so sorry, hope you are home soon and on the way to a full recovery! Must be an omen in all of this, you need to be home recovering to work on the review. Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.
  4. WOW that's a LOT of chocolate! As for the kids in the hot tubs, yikes, guess no one with Carnival was minding the store.
  5. Great pics....the Inspiration looks amazing after her upgrade. Please be sure and tell Patti she looks FABULOUS! Not sure what she did or what her secret is but WOW and I like that she allows herself pina colada and other tempting treats!
  6. No say it ain't so you can't leave us yet! How about continuing on with life in Atlanta to keep the thread going, you are so entertaining!
  7. Sid you have no idea how much your reviews are appreciated. As having cruised ONLY with Carnival and wanting to branch out, it is eye opening to see up close other cruise lines. We are not "dress-up" folks and it looks like we'd fit right in with NCL. This ship looks amazing! When is your next cruise so I can watch for your next review. Wish your reviews could continue on and on!
  8. We did our first 14 day cruise in November, OMG we couldn't wait to get home! Too long. We will stick to 8 days is a good length of time. When we were working cruising was our escape from corporate world, now that we are retired, we continue to cruise and we love cruising. As we've "aged" we now enjoy less people, which means smaller ships. We're with you regarding fellow cruisers, not moving in line, or having such a sense of entitlement, meaning "I paid of this cruise I'm going to do what I want when I want". Love your reviews, hope you can work it out so you can cruise more and get paid to cruise as you do such a fantastic job of reporting on it! Susan
  9. Yikes that's a lot of food! Looking forward to reading more and more and more!
  10. Enjoy your Monday off work, sleep in.....we'll wait for more!
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