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  1. We have gone for aft suite after lots of helpful advice on here. Only 13 months to wait now 🙂
  2. I have no problem taking a sunbed if no one is sat on it. I don't blame P&O staff for not wanting to get involved as the way these chavvy passengers shout at them when they get back is disgraceful. You sadly will never help people who lack any kind of class or manners in the first place. If we all looked out for one another it be a lovely pleasant cruise.
  3. Also doing first TA Britannia October 2020 and few of us booked in the group setup for it. See you there.
  4. Yes we never usually eat in buffet for dinner but were recommended the Indian buffet night. Wonderful curries and sides and even the yoghurt Indian pudding was fantastic.
  5. Utter rubbish that it is frozen food cooked up. Fresh ingredients and having done two ship tours the food is all fresh and continually taken on at certain ports. The staff are lovely and tell them what you like and they'll cook it just how you like it. I do agree with one poster who says nothing is that spicy hot.
  6. Have booked F730 for Transatlantic next year so be interesting to see how it shapes up to the many reviews.
  7. You can head straight for the Buffet until cabins are ready and they are announced on tannoy. Those who are in higher tiers can head off for a sit down lunch in MDR with free wine and champers :)
  8. Never had a bad meal in Beach House and think the food is superb value. The steak is lovely and enjoy the way it comes out and keeps on cooking whilst you eat it. The seafood hanging kebab is also amazing as are their desserts. It is a great break from the MDR once in a while and we usually do it in lovely ports and you sit and eat whilst sailing away like we did in Lisbon. Beats sitting inside in MDR every now and again and is a great experience.
  9. Many public places such as airports, train stations have defibs but they are not necessarily left on public view. In cases of a medical emergency the person starting CPR would request a member of crew to go and fetch a defib ASAP and they would know where they were located. I can 100% guarantee P&O and any other cruise ship would have a supply of them, particularly due to the increased risk of heart failure due to the ages of passengers and frequency of such events.
  10. This is the point when people moan about P&O standards slipping. Cruising is becoming much more popular and P&O are keeping prices affordable for the average person/family. If you took their prices from the 1990s or 2000s and increased by inflation, then prices would be an awful lot more than what we are paying now. It is a competitive market now and the ships are twice or even three times as big and they are incredibly affordable. Those who want silver service and what you were once accustomed to can still get that but you will pay more for it and have to use another cruise line like Silversea or Cunard etc. P&O like any modern company are having to adapt to be relevant to their market. As for Butlins, I go twice a year and love it there on the adult weekends but then again I do enjoy reliving the 80s and it is a shame the drinks prices are not 1980s. Anyone who remembers Butlins from the 1960s needs to get with the times as they are modern and mainly all modern hotels now rather than chalets. Happy cruising first timers and you will love it.
  11. What a pointless survey in all seriousness. It is akin to doing a survey on which car is best and a Porsche coming out on top and a ford fiesta in 21st place! You cannot compare apples with bananas. Event cruise company offer something different and suit different people. Some are 5* and some others go for the mass affordable market and you can't expect silver service ..... As another poster mentioned we get everything we need from P&O and are more than happy. Why do others keep sailing with P&O and constantly moan about them? There is so much choice out there so just go and use someone else ....they are probably the people who have the time to complain on these said surveys!
  12. I notice poor old Oriana brokedown and left everyone with no facilities or hot food after leaving Tenerife. It's managed to crawl back into Lisbon where it is being fixed but should've been in La Coruna today and may well not be back in time for Panama and Caribbean cruise Sunday.
  13. Can this thread be shut down? I find it utterly pointless arguing amongst ourselves when none of us know what will actually happen. Debating it causes bad feeling on a friendly forum and the whole topic is utterly devisive. Can we not keep Brexit off the cruise forum until hard facts are actually known.
  14. Don't book in advance just go along morning of day two as they do prize draws and then you can book up then. You can buy series of treatments and chose dates as you go along. Often bargains on port days as they quiet.
  15. Well well....Had phone call from P&O and he spent over ten minutes convincing me that on his screen he could see that we have had the full discount. I said that is all very good but that should be showing on our invoice so we know it has been done fairly and above board which he agreed with. Seems I had a much tougher stance and got no offer whatsoever......That will mean a further complaint seeing that people are being treated unfairly when some get extra OBS and others are fobbed off!!!!
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